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According to scientist Tom Bearden, the leading U.S. expert on scalar electromagnetics, there is something much worse on the horizon about "the causes of disease." This is a new type of electromagnetic weapon called the "Quantum Potential Weapon" which goes beyond even the incredible abilities of the Longitudinal Wave Interferometers. According to his information it was tested in the Gulf War and is ONE of the causes (not necessarily the only one) of the Gulf War syndrome.
The Quantum Potential weapon, in short, can create ("broadcast") disease states over a large area by electromagnetics and cause the disease state to appear even without the presence of the usual disease organism. This is Biowarfare Beyond Biowarfare.
Bearden is unusually hush about about this new weapon, possessed by at least the Russians, and perhaps the Chinese. It is terrible beyond comprehension.
One of the main ways it is used is to compromise and weaked the immune systems of those in the target region by creating local space-time curvature "engines" bearing the quantum patterns of several diseases at once. By keeping the level of the broadcast at a low level "shadow disease states" are created in the body such that the immune state is triggered to try to fight them. The immune system is "fooled" and goes into overdrive gradually depleting it to a point where conventional biowarfare would be far more (10 times?) effective than otherwise.
Remember a while back all those sudden (and RANDOM) outbreaks of the so-called "Flesh Eating Disease?" Bearden believes this was another test of the Quantum Potential device.
This is physics at the very frontier and difficult for the layman to comprehend, but the fact that such weapons already exist and are deployed in at least two nations means we should try to understand as best we can. I will do some further research and try to report back in more detail. For now, here is one description of how it works by Bearden:
This is quoted in my artical "Scalar Wars" _____
How to "Broadcast" Diseases Longitudinal EM Biowars
Bearden explains how the new quantum potential weapons can be used to induce disease-at-a-distance in a population, or to "spread" the immune system so thin that a conventional bio-attack would be greatly potentiated. By "broadcasting" virtual disease patterns over a population, the immune system is so overloaded by the presence of the "shadow" diseases that its effectiveness is thinned out.
"In short, alter the internal wavestructure, and one creates a curved spacetime 'engine' that acts on mass in any fashion one chooses to design -- including initiate diseases . . . Now visualize one of these 'vacuum engines' or 'spacetime curvature engines' that acts on mass to generate the exact effects produced by anthrax. (Or any other disease one wishes) . . . Call the virtual state of a disease engine the disease pattern in the "shadow" state, just prior to becoming observable. . . .
"And the master cellular control system responds to "coming events that cast their shadows before". In short, it responds to the upper level of the "shadow state" of a disease, still in the virtual state! (Hey, virtual particles are real, virtual photons are real, virtual ST curvatures are real --- just very fleeting, only for another to immediately arise). The exchange of virtual particles is known to generate all forces in physics anyway! . . .
"So the cellular control system responds to "shadow state" disease patterns. Enter a QP weapon application. Place a quantum potential weapon "area" on the United States, so that the entire populace is in it. The slowly introduce and bring up in the shadow state, the necrotizing fasciitis disease engine. At some point, the cellular control systems will react, and order the immune system into action. In other words, immune system resources will be committed against this "immediately coming" enemy. Bring it on up a little, but still just in the shadow state. Voila! Humans form a bell-shaped distribution curve. And even if the structure of the QP fluctuates a little, fluctuating a bit stronger and a bit weaker, etc. A few of those targeted bodies will now actually develop necrotizing fasciitis. So far, just like the U.S. Embassy targeting, except a different "carrier".
"But now there is an exact signature that this is what is doing it, and not normal vector carriers of disease and contact or exposure infection. The few cases of necrotizing fasciitis that break out will be most puzzling. They will be randomly scattered across the entire nation, and so few that the vector carrier and contact or exposure explanation completely fails."
"And that one happened, right here in the U.S., not so long ago. Check it out.
"So carefully adjust the patterns for, say, 12 major terrible diseases, to that "adjusted and desired shadow state level". Now add all 12 patterns into the internal structure of the quantum potential. Now it has 12 shadow state disease engines in it.
"Place that one on a populace. The cellular control systems order the immune systems into action, and they now have to commit their finite resources to 12 different areas. This greatly thins the response an immune system can make to any one of those 12 disease patterns! In short, it "spreads" the capabilities of the immune system, which can be galvanized to great effort, but only can perform a small bit against each area.
"Suppose one of those "galvanized" areas in the targeted populace's immune systems is anthrax. And suppose the bad guys now hit one or more of those cities with a professional anthrax attack. A former OTA study showed that a professional anthrax aerial spray attack against Washington D.C., dispensing 100 kilograms of anthrax spores in the spray, will account for 1 to 3 million casualties. And that's in an "unthinned" set of immune systems. In the "thinned" set, one can at least double or triple, and even up to five times, that estimate. So conservatively, now there would be from 2 to 6 million casualties. And even mild anthrax spray attacks in other "thinned" cities would also be amplified.
"That one is being set up, or already set up, right now. There are other such "augmentation" setups also under way.
"So the weapons alluded to by the SecDef in 1997 are already being employed. WW III has already begun, and our populace (and our scientific community) is blissfully unaware of it."
Most of us can remember the strange outbreaks of the so-called "flesh eating disease." It seemed to break out here and there randomly with no known cause. Bearden believes this was a test of the newer quantum potential weapons which go even beyond the capabilities of the Tesla howitzers.
"The Kaznacheyev "disease induction by novel electrodynamics" work is also the basis for the spacetime curvature engines (not EM signals!) carried by quantum potential EM biological weapons for distant induction of diseases etc. into the population of an entire nation or area, such as the U.S.
"This quantum potential disease induction weapon -- capable of attacking an entire population of a nation or area -- has been tested several times in the U.S. at very low levels, in the shadow state only (we explain shortly) and it has a most peculiar signature. E.g., one test used necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-rotting disease) engines.
"The disease 'engine' was deliberately kept down in the 'shadow state' (virtual state, just below the observable state) so that only a tiny bit of the populace with depressed thresholds would "breach the observable threshold' due to the population forming a bell-shaped curve as to the threshold level. The major signature of the test was that the cases of the disease broke out totally statistically and randomly, spread all over, without any 'disease vector' in between.
"In short, it was not spread in any manner required by normal deterministic disease vectoring, but was a totally random set of occurrences. Several other diseases were also tested this way in the American populace, with precisely the same signature."
"Apparently one planned use of such an augmented clandestine BW weapon will be smallpox, e.g. As you know, the Russians did develop smallpox for biological warfare, and even developed a new strain against which previous vaccination is ineffective.
"The vast numbers of expected casualties, coupled with immune system spreading, are absolutely irresistible to the Russian mind. You can count on it that they have seen that the smallpox is already on site here, in the U.S. and in the hands of professional terrorist teams. Of course, the Russians/KGB will protest they have nothing to do with that! Yet likely the KGB will have flatly arranged it or at least assisted it. The capability for mass destruction of the nation is so lucrative and easy to achieve in advance, that they would never be able to resist doing it."
Bearden believes the Gulf War Syndrome involved the use of scalar technology to induce a disease state, as he stated in a 1997 interview:
"I'll say this flatly, and I won't answer any further questions about it; the Gulf War Syndrome was induced... It was induced with this stuff. All the rest... was contributing factors that everybody's talking about... There are some deeper signatures, if you look into it very deeply, that show you exactly how it was done and the fact that it was induced. It was a test. It was a test of a very special kind of weapon I have not talked about yet. You can use it to create diseases."
(Pictured here is a device of Bearden's design which could possibly counteract the QP disease states using longitudinal EM wave patterns... Click the link below to see the drawing)


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