DC Killings Done By A
Government Sniper Team

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From Ken McCarthy at Brasscheck
October 14, 2002

The probable make up of the Washington sniper team.

First of all, we are most likely looking at a TEAM of people.

I've glanced at the moronic news coverage which seems designed solely to baffle and terrorize the public.

Some of the things that were obvious immediately to anyone with a lick of sense and knowledge, but have somehow not been mentioned in the press:

1. Snipers work in teams (that's finally dawning on them) 2. Leaving death cards is an old Vietnam trick (intended to add to the terror of the situation) 3. In spite of their seemingly unsophisticated weapons, these guys are military-level practitioners

This is NOT simply a lone marksman and is quite possibly is more than just two people.


Being a sniper requires: 1) getting into position undetected, 2) maintaining cover while waiting for the shot, 3) taking the shot, and 4) getting away undetected.

You don't learn that at a rifle range and even law enforcement trained snipers (of which there are many) don't learn and practice the last, vital, trick and are not well trained in skills #1 and #2.

A standard sniper team includes a shooter and a spotter. The latter helps the shooter find the target and assists in the getaway. He's a second mind and pair of eyes in a very stressful and challenging situation.

Why do I think this is a team of more than two?

Common sense. One person to find the shot. One person to take it - and at least one person to be sitting behind the wheel ready to drive away at a second's notice. Neither the spotter nor the shooter are in a mental state to be able to do that last thing as effectively as these guys are doing. Can you imagine them running to the car, fumbling with keys (can't leave them in the ignition, can you?) etc?

There may be another team member - or three - to monitor police radio, plan and navigate escape routes (which probably change depending on conditions), and provide lookouts and diversions.

If the team is as big as I think it might be, it will have to have a leader, someone to be in charge of overall management and security for the group. They will also need some mundane things: food, places to stay - and they need to be controlled.

Speaking of providing diversions... the white panel truck. This team could also include additional vehicles, including a white panel truck, which would be noisily and conspicuously present at every shooting as a red herring.

So who is doing this?

A government. You need a lot of resources and a good sized pool of highly trained and well disciplined people to pull this off.

What government? Either our own or someone else's. There sure is a lot of motivation floating around right now, particularly after the Bush administration's announced 'one bullet' diplomacy initiative in Iraq.

Domestic motivations:

1. Casts further negative light on private ownership of guns, essential for moving the coup to the next level

2. Maintains the atmosphere of tension and terror Bush & Co. need to continue the ongoing coup at a relatively low cost

3. Blocks the headline space so that there is room for no news of substance to be reported

4. Conducts an experiment in social control

The fact that this operation is taking place in the United States and so near to the largest concentration of supposedly sophisticated law enforcement and intelligence practitioners in the country - and that this team has not been even close to getting caught - leads me to favor the hypothesis that this is a domestic operation, or a foreign operation that is being permitted to take place to serve the interests of the ongoing coup.

I sure wish this wasn't the case. It would be more comforting to think this is another lone 'gun nut,' but it doesn't add up. Even if such a person is 'apprehended,' I will have to doubt the veracity of the report.

Logistics, it all boils down to logistics, and this looks like big league stuff.
On Speculations And 'Conspiracy'
From Ken McCarthy
For those who think my speculations regarding the existence of a sniper team (which would suggest involvement of a - but not necessarily OUR - government) are over the top, please recall that I was the first person to point out in 'print' the extreme rarity of inhalation Anthrax (especially in an office environment!) and suggest that the first Anthrax death was most likely the result of a deliberate attack against a US media company in an attempt to send some kind of message. That the first person to die (right after 9-11) from the Anthrax attack was a photo editor working at the largest circulation weekly newspaper on the world I found noteworthy.
On the sniper phenomenon...
I couldn't help but note that the day after the FBI employee was killed, a full and highly detailed bio of her life appeared front and center on the front page of the New York Times. Pretty fast and detailed journalism which managed to leave out her actual job description. (We sure learned everything else about her life though.) She was a terrorism analyst, studying threats to infrastructure including computer networks. That's all I've been able to find out.
How to create a team of domestic terrorists
You may recall - if you managed to somehow dig it out from under the mountains of disinformation regarding OKBOMB - that one of the groups that Timothy McVeigh passed the time with as he supposedly worked towards his Ryder truck bombing which turned concrete support pillars deep inside the Murhah Building to dust (sic), were a fairly successful group of White supremacist who paid their bills by team robbing banks across the Midwest.
These 'folks' plied their trade using Oklahoma's Elohim City as one of their hideaways. Andreas Strassmaier, a well-connected former German intelligence officer who was permitted to leave the US unmolested in spite of extensively rubbing elbows with McVeigh and the bank robbers he socialized with, was also an Elohim City visitor and sometime resident as well.
The skills a team would need to rob banks successfully would translate well to the current sniper operation. In fact, for people with such experience, the sniping might even be significantly easier.
It's possible that the team, if it is in fact a team, is made up of former military men with combat experience and/or experience committing garden variety crimes liked armed robbery.
What's not so clear is who would be funding this non-profit venture and why is it being allowed to run amok?
Historical note: When the CIA initiated its "Strategy of Tension" in post-war Italy in order to destabilize the country so as to insure that the right people were in power, they drew their terrorists from a coalition of of Mafia members, native fascists, and corrupt members of the Italian secret police.
It's entirely possible that the world has spontaneously gone mad in the last 14 or so months with mysterious, unnamed, and unfindable individuals suddenly - and independently - deciding (and able) to launch unique, high profile, and logistically sophisticated terrorist attacks on the US (9-11, Anthrax mailings, DC sniper)
I think it's at least equally possible that something else is going on. What law of history states that a terrorist strategy employed all over the world against democracy abroad - outside the bounds of the country using it - could never be used at home?


From Charles Tait

Dear Jeff,

My thanks to Ken Mccarthy at CounterPunch/Brasscheck, and to you for posting his analysis.

I'd like to add my two cents. I understand that indeed there is a 'coup' going on, and the preparations started sometime ago. The object is to turn the United States into a Banana Republic. It's happening on two levels - economically, and now politically. At this critical point in time, it only makes a kind of twisted sense to realize that our next national election may well be transformed by the kind of violence which is common in Banana Republics at election time.

The most flagrant example of this kind of 'campaign' was seen recently when Mugabe was re-elected as President of Zimbabwe. In fact, he's been using these same methods since 1980, while the rest of the world looks the other way. But that's another story, and it's thanks to that I learned about it. (Question: Where is Jimmy Carter to oversee democratic election procedures when it's people who need him, and not the IMF?)

So here in America, it's time to let everybody know in Washington, D.C., particularly Congress, just what kind of Voting Day lies in store come November. Yes, I know they all just gave Bush a blank check for war. But just in case there are recalcitrant consciences still to be reckoned with, this kind of Sniper-Enforcement is a lot less messy, say, than anthrax in the mail system. It creates the proper climate of terror at the same time.

So these killings intimidate their reluctant allies, while at the same time preparing the U.S. public at large psychologically for an increasing level of violence which may, in fact, give the Bush Administration an excuse to CANCEL ELECTION DAY.

The groundswell of popular opinion against the Bush Gang is growing at a prodigious rate. (Thank you, Michael Moore, for your new movie "Bowling For Columbine". I liked your book "Stupid White Men", or part of it anyway. I only wish you could get your life saved someday by someone with a gun, because maybe it would take that for you to wake up. Maybe you, too, have read this "DC Killings" article and are beginning to discern yourself that all the 'lone nut' boogeymen in recent the American history were only puppets with strings attached. There's hope for anyone like you, Mike, who has a nose for news and a nose for truth.)

Because Americans are waking up, one way or another, the potential dynamics of this must be freaking out even the control freaks. I'm not sure even their "vote scam" technology (as in the book of the same name published several years ago) could handle the volume of fabricated results necessary to swing results their way. I don't think they'd dare putting it in the lap of the Supreme Court again.

So welcome to the death squads in the USA -- now at a gas bar near you.

Now is not the time to scrap the Second Amendment.

Charles Tait


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