Is Israel Really America's Friend?
By Hal Turner

Elsewhere on this website, I have collected many articles by Western journalists, Jews and Israelis, and human rights organizations all of whom condemn Israel's policies in Palestine. I have also provided evidence that Israel is an apartheid state. I believe that all of this should be sufficient reason for America to stop supporting Israel - we should stand up for justice. But even if you don't find this a compelling argument, we can look at whether Israel has really been a loyal ally to the U.S., or whether the U.S.-Israeli relationship is costing America. Is Israel really America's friend? Examine the evidence below.
A friend wouldn't:
* spy on America
* sell American military secrets to America's enemies
* pirate America's technology
* stockpile weapons of mass destruction
* attack an American naval vessel in international waters
* stand by and let Americans be killed

Israel has done all of these and continues to do them. This is not "Muslim propaganda". All reports are taken from American or Israeli news sources and journalists.

Israel's Espionage Against the U.S.

Allies and Espionage, by Jane's Intelligence Digest
Art, Espionage and Cover Ups, by Alan Simpson
Art Students or Intelligece Agents? by Paul Rodriguez
Damage Caused by 'Friendly' Spies, by Stephen Green, and Israel's 40-Year History of Espionage Against the United States, by Stephen Green
Despite Coverup, Israel Caught Spying in Washington Again, by Richard H. Curtiss
An Enigma: Vast Israeli Spy Network Dismantled in the U.S., by Sylvain Cypel
FBI Probes Espionage at Clinton White House, by J. Michael Waller and Paul M. Rodriguez
Is Israel Spying on the U.S.? A Fox News Report by Carl Cameron (note: this story was removed from the Fox website, but all four parts were mirrored at the link above)
The Israeli "Art Student" Mystery, by Christopher Ketcham
The Israeli Art Student Papers by Justin Raimondo and Suspicious Activities Involving Israeli Art Students at DEA Facilities by the DEA
Israeli Spy Ring Story Makes the BBC
Israeli Spy-Ring Uncovered in U.S., by Iason Athanasiadis
A New Pollard Affair? by Jeffrey Steinberg
Report of Israeli Eavesdropping on White House Telephones Gets Varying Media Treatment, by Richard H. Curtiss
Revelation that Shamir Bartered U.S. Secrets Is Part of a Lifetime Pattern, by Leon T. Hadar
Spies, Or Students? by Nathan Guttman (from the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz!)
The Spies Who Came in from the Art Sale, by John Sugg
Spy Rumors Fly on Gusts of Truth: Americans Probing Reports of Israeli Espionage, By Marc Perelman (note: this is a report from a Jewish magazine!)
Spying on America, by Charles R. Smith
Urban Myth, My A**, by John Sugg
U.S. Arrests 200 Young Israelis in Spying Investigation, by Ben Fenton
U.S. Busts Huge Israeli Spy Ring, Says French Paper, from Reuters newswire
U.S. Deports Israelis Amid Warnings of Espionage Activities, by Ted Bridis
U.S. Police and Intelligence Hit by Israeli Spy Network, by Charles R. Smith
Was Israel Involved in Los Alamos Espionage? by Carl Limbacher
And here are some links specifically about the Jonathan Pollard spy case:
Another Look into the Murky Depths of the Pollard Affair, by Amir Oren
In the Pollard Case, Israel Dishonors Its Mother and Father, by Andrew I. Killgore
Israel Finally Admits Pollard was Its Agent, by David Makovsky
Israel Should Admit Its Responsibility to Jonathan Pollard, by Victor Ostrovsky
Israeli Make-Believe: Jonathan Jay Pollard Did Not Damage the United States, by Andrew I. Killgore
Jonathan Pollard Was No Jewish Patriot, by Eric Margolis
Pollard and Beyond, by Richard H. Curtiss
Pollard in Perspective, by Michael Saba
Pollard is Only the Tip of the Iceberg, by Joseph Sobran
Pollard Should Not Go Free, by Joseph E. diGenova
Report: Pollard stole 10-volume intelligence 'Bible', by Batsheva Tsur

Israel's Transfer of American Military Technology to Hostile States

CIA Asserts Israel Sold Arms Programs To Chinese Military, by Michael R. Gordon
Defense Relations Between Israel and India Have Grown So Strong That Some Say Israel is Replacing Russia As India's Main Arms Supplier, by Amnon Barzilai
Israel Denies China Planes Have U.S. Technology, But Do They? by Amnon Barzilai
Israel Selling U.S. Weapons to China, by Duncan L. Clarke
Israel Transferring Laser Technology, from IsraelWire
Israeli Defense Contract Illustrates How U.S. Aid Harms American Industries, by Shawn L. Twing
Israel's Unauthorized Retransfer of U.S. Technology Exposed, by Shawn L. Twing
Look Who's Arming Beijing, by Patrick Buchanan
Pentagon, GAO Report Israeli Espionage And Illegal Technology Retransfer, by Shawn L. Twing
Report: Israel Won't Stop Selling Arms To India, by Arieh O'Sullivan
Report: U.S. Slams Israel for Selling Arrow Know-how to India, by Douglas Davis
Strange Bedfellows: China And Israel, by Eric S. Margolis
U.S. Anger at Israeli Arms Sales, a BBC News report
U.S. Arms Sales to Israel End Up In China, Iraq, by Jonathan Reingold
U.S. Defense Sec'y Rebukes Israelis Bluntly on Sale of Radar Systems to China, by William A Orme Jr.
U.S. Had to Wage Long Battle Against Israel's Technology Transfers to China, by Donald Neff
U.S. Informs Israel of Missile Violation, from IsraelWire
U.S. Military Technology Sold by Israel To China Upsets Asian Power Balance, by Tim Kennedy
U.S. Upset By Israeli Arms Sales To India, by Arieh O'Sullivan
What the Cox Report Does and Does Not Say About Israeli Technology Transfer to China, by Shawn L. Twing

Israel's Piracy of American Software and CDs

Israel Among the Leaders in Pirated Computer Software, from IsraelWire
Israel Faces US Sanctions Over Software, by Judy Dempsey
Israel to be Fined $150 Million for Software Piracy, by Avi Blizovsky
US Industry Says Israel Major Source of CD Piracy, from IsraelWire

Israel's Weapons of Mass Destruction

Crash of Cargo Plane in Holland Revealed Existence of Israeli Chemical and Biological Weapons Plant, by Victor Ostrovsky
Does Israel Have the Neutron Bomb? from the Center for Non-Proliferation Studies
Does Israel Have Smart Germs? by Eric Margolis
Fears of New Arms Race As Israel Tests Cruise Missiles, by Uzi Mahnaimi and Peter Conradi
Hide and Seek: Israel's Nuclear Game, by Dr. Edna Homa Hunt
Israel Reveals Secrets of How It Gained Bomb, by Inigo Gilmore
Israeli Nuclear Stockpile Undercuts U.S. Credibility at NPT Conference, by Frank Collins
Israel's Covert Nuclear Program, by Eric Margolis
Israel's Nuclear Friends, from the Center for Non-Proliferation Studies
Israel's Nuclear Weapons, by Warner D. Farr, LTC, U.S. Army
Israel's Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Summary, from the Center for Non-Proliferation Studies
Israeli Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Threat to Peace, by John Steinbach
President Johnson Suppressed Reports that Israel Smuggled Nuclear Technologies from U.S., by Joseph Sobran
Special focus on the ongoing case of nuclear technology smuggled to Israel from the U.S.:
Background: What is a Krytron? from the University of Alberta's Dept of Electrical Engineering
Israel-Hollywood Nuclear Connection, by Robert Windrem
Nuclear Trigger Dealer Arrested, by Sam Kiley and Michael Evans
U.S. Man Admits Nuke-Linked Sale to Israel, by Hil Anderson
U.S. Nuclear Technology Smuggled to Israel, by Julian Borger
See also: The Great Krytron Caper, by Najwa Sa'd

Israel's Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty

America's Most Shameful Secret, by Eric Margolis
The Assault on the U.S.S. Liberty Still Covered Up After 26 Years, by James M. Ennes Jr.
Book Says Israel Intended 1967 Attack on U.S. Ship, by James Risen, and Israel's 1967 attack on U.S. ship deliberate, book says, by David Ensor
Even as U.S.S. Liberty's Heroic Captain Receives New Honor, Coverup of Israeli Attack on His Ship Continues, by Paul Findley
Israel: America's Deadliest Ally, by Jeff Elkins
Israel Attacks the United States, by David Paul
The Israeli Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, June 8, 1967, And the 32-Year Cover-up That Has Followed, by James E. Akins
The Liberty Cover-Up, by Charley Reese
The U.S.S. Liberty: A Demon That Won't Go Away, by James M. Ennes, Jr.
U.S.S. Liberty: The Cover-Up, by James Bamford
U.S.S. Liberty: Periscope Photography May Finally Reveal Truth, by James M. Ennes, Jr.
U.S.S. Liberty and Qana Massacre Compared, by Mark Genrich
U.S.S. Liberty: Questions Persist, by Thomas H. Moorer
The U.S.S. Liberty: Still Covered Up After 35 Years, by James Ennes

Special Focus: Did Israel Know About the WTC Attacks in Advance - And Fail to Warn Us?

Israel Spying on U.S.? - A Fox News report by Carl Cameron with Brit Hume. Cameron looks into evidence of Israeli espionage against the U.S. (see links above) and indications that the alleged spies may have known in advance about the WTC attacks.
Israel and 9/11 - An article by American commentator Justin Raimondo (Raimondo is a member of the Center for Libertarian Studies). Raimondo discusses other trouble Israel is causing the U.S. then comes to the question of whether or not Israeli spies could have known in advance about the WTC attacks. Note that Raimondo wrote this before the Fox News report was released.
Et Tu, Israel? - Another article by Justin Raimondo. Raimondo now reacts to the Fox News report and hopes that this will finally cause the U.S. to re-evaluate its special relationship with Israel.
9/11 ­ What Was Israel's Role? - A third article by Justin Raimondo. Raimondo examines further implications of possible Israeli involvement.
The 9/11 Enigma - Justin Raimondo continues to look at the question of Israeli involvement in 9/11, drawing together several other threads in the investigation, ones pointing to a very ominous conclusion.
The Secret War - Justin Raimondo looks further at the depth of the Israeli involvement and what context it gives the 9/11 attacks.
9/11: The Truth Comes Out - Justin Raimondo returns to the story in the wake of the news that Israeli spies have been deported.
The 'Urban Myth' Gambit: Apologists 'Spin' Israel's Spy Operation in the U.S. - Justin Raimondo examines responses to the Israeli spy ring story and analyzes the evidence.
Israel Versus America: The Secret War is Now Out in the Open - Justin Raimondo continues to explore the implications of this story.
The Truth, At Last: Leaked Gov't Report Exposes Israeli Spy Ring - Justin Raimondo asks some tough questions about the true extent of Israel's involvement in 9/11.
The Story of the Century - Justin Raimondo looks at the coverage of this story and again at its implications.
Spinning a Spy Scandal - Justin Raimondo examines attempts by pro-Israel commentators to minimize the story, and whether they are right to
America Awakes - Justin Raimondo examines the recent stories that the Bush Administration knew in advance, and continues to ask why Israeli foreknowledge is not being looked into further
Investigate 9/11 - Justin Raimondo calls for a real investigation into what was going on leading up to 9/11 including the Israeli espionage angle
Unsolved Mysteries of 9/11 - Justin Raimondo looks at various strange news stories surrounding 9/11 and who knew what when
Treason is the Reason - Justin Raimondo alleges that Israeli intelligence was working within the FBI to sabotage its investigations of terrorist cases, including 9/11. As he says, this goes beyond foreknowledge of 9/11 to active facilitation of it
9/11 Revised Edition - Justin Raimondo looks at the penetration of the FBI by Israeli intelligence and what role this played in 9/11
I Have in My Hands a List - Although Justin Raimondo's article is largely about the malevolence of the Israeli government, it continues to follow up on the Israeli spies story and evidence that the Israeli spy ring is directly connected to the 9/11 attacks
9/11: What Did Israel Know? - Justin Raimondo returns to the Israeli spies story yet again as the story appears in the BBC.
Not convinced? American commentator Joseph Sobran alleges that it's happened before. See Did Israel Deliberately Allow 241 American Marines to Die?.
Also: Lyndon LaRouche and his colleagues have been discussing the Israeli spy ring and its possible connections to September 11. You may or may not consider Lyndon LaRouche to be a reliable source; many people consider him a crackpot and/or an anti-Semite. I have provided links to these articles as an additional resource, so that people may see the different approaches that can be made to the same facts. The first article on the Israeli spy ring appeared in August with some novel speculations: Israeli Spies, and Who (or What?) is 'Mega'? by Jeffrey Steinberg. Subsequently, the theory of Israeli foreknowledge (and possibly a greater role) was explored in Israeli Spying in U.S.: Exposé Cracks Coverup of Sept. 11, by Edward Spannaus and Jeffrey Steinberg, and EIR Blows Israeli Spies' Cover in Sept. 11 Case, by Jeffrey Steinberg and Edward Spannaus. If you want to see LaRouche venture into some speculations into the "greater role", read Zbigniew Brzezinski and September 11. This essay actually covers a lot more ground than just September 11; LaRouche seems to be setting out his entire worldview. One thing is clear: LaRouche is not presenting this theory out of some love for Islam or desire to defend Muslims. Interesting reading, whether you believe him or not...

Further Speculations

In the days immediately following the September 11 terrorist attacks, there was some speculation that Israeli intelligence (i.e., the Mossad) was behind it, rather than Osama Bin Laden. There does not appear to be any evidence of this (although the evidence cited by Raimondo is a cause in itself for speculation). Nonetheless, it is very interesting to read the following reports about past Mossad activities. Both articles are by Richard H. Curtiss, a retired U.S. foreign service officer who was chief inspector of the U.S. Information Agency. His primary source on the Mossad is Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad caseworker and author of several books on the Mossad. See The Israeli Deception That Led to the Bombing of Pan American Flight 103 Over Lockerbie, Scotland and Is It Possible that Israeli Intelligence May be Framing Arabs for Terrorism?.




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