Debunking Chemtrail Debunkers -
The Government's Quisling Shills

Letters to the Editor
By Julian Penrod

Dear sirs:
As disreputable as it can be to engage in the unethical and underhanded, it can be as vile to know about the unscrupulous, and not acknowledge its existence.
The past few years has seen an unusual occurrence in the skies over the country.
Several or more times a month, jet planes, flying overhead, would start leaving unorthodox trails in the sky. Instead of the normal kind of contrails, usually accredited to jet aircraft, which stretch for a short distance behind the tail of the jet, and dissipate, as the sun warms and evaporates the ice crystals in the tails, these would stretch, generally, from horizon to horizon. Jets would fly overhead, spouting white, straight, thin clouds behind them, but, instead of disappearing quickly, they would persist stubbornly, forming a long path across the sky.
The lane of cloud laid, then, would start to spread, side to side. Over the space of up to several hours, it would hang in the air, expanding. As it spread, it would thin, but not enough to completely evaporate. Indeed, apparently, never does a chemtrail actually evaporate! Instead, it would form a haze, sometimes even oily in appearance, from one side of the sky to the other, marking the path the jet took, but many, many times wider.
As the substance left behind by the passing plane slowly spread across the sky, it would come to be joined by one, then another, then another, as other jets covered the same area of sky. Eventually - in a very short time, in fact! - the entire sky could be covered with a wispy haze, and what was once a crystal clear day, now wouldn,t show a single patch of blue! And what sun did manage to shine through could, often, be accompanied by an oily, multi-colored reflection from the substance now lying thickly overhead.
This has been a commonplace in the United States, and apparently, numerous other countries, as well, for about six years now! Those who examine these phenomena have termed them "chemtrails", to distinguish them from contrails, and to emphasize the evident presence of foreign substances in the clouds. Since about 1997, these tracks have been a constant presence in the skies of the country.
Sometimes, they can be in parallel lines.
Sometimes, there can be several.
Sometimes, there can be many, all at once.
Sometimes, they can be curved.
Sometimes, they can form "X",s.
Sometimes, they form "H",s.
Sometimes, they can form more elaborate patterns.
Sometimes, they will form the collections of lines called "spider webs" or "grids".
Sometimes, they will form what is called the "fan pattern".
And, often, strange and even abnormal and bizarre effects can also be observed.
And, when the trails appear, they can cause many different effects, besides ruining the appearance of a day.
In some places afflicted by chemtrails, it is reported, for example, that, shortly afterward, heavy rains, likely induced by the trails, will form. But these rains, often, will rain down strange materials, evidently from the tracks in the sky.
Some rainfalls will produce a thick, viscous, reddish material covering trees, cars and houses. Sometimes, a fine, spider web-like substance will be evident everywhere. And, often, residents living below the clouds will begin to experience serious symptoms, from headache to muscle aches to nausea to difficulty breathing to bloody noses! Many describe the symptoms as similar to flu and, indeed, in areas over which the chemtrails are formed, it is reported, advertisements for volunteers in a study of flu will appear in local newspapers a couple of days before the onslaught of chemicals in the sky.
Attempts at analysis have been attempted by numerous individuals determined to find out what is being done to the people, and frequently opposed by evident betrayers of the public mandate. The analyses that have been attempted have yielded constituents of the chemtrails ranging from ethylene dibromide to aluminum chaff to barium oxide to pseudonomas fluoroscens and pseudonomas aeruginosa.
Ethylene dibromide is a compound which, due to its fire repellant properties, has been added to JP-4 jet fuel to produce JP-8 fuel. It is a potent pesticide, which has also been listed by the EPA as one of the deadliest chemicals known.
Aluminum chaff is powder, as fine as talc, used to scramble enemy radar.
Barium oxide is a crystalline compound purportedly useful for reflecting radio signals, supposedly making it possible to transmit over the curve of the earth.
Pseudonomas fluoroscens is a bacteria capable of producing potent, flu-like symptoms. Pseudonomas aeruginosa, on the other hand, is considered one of the deadliest pathogens known.
These are only a few of the unusual materials found in abnormal abundance after chemtrail appearances in many parts of the country! In their wake, numerous theories have been advanced for their presence.
Aluminum chaff has been suggested as being used to prevent terrorist communications from being successful in the country.
Barium oxide has been proposed to be being employed to facilitate American military and governmental broadcasts across the nation and overseas. It has also been linked to the generally obscure, but technically public, HAARP project. HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It resides on a site apparently more than a mile square, near Galcona, Alaska. The purpose of the site is an almost 30 acre array of 180 antennas. They represent their intent to be to develop methods of using the earth,s aurora to facilitate communication and as an espionage tool. Barium oxide crystals are believed effective in this.
Ethylene dibromide and the numerous pathogens often found in abundance after massive chemtrail presence over an area have led to considerations that everything from eugenics to wholesale destruction of populations is an aim of the apparent campaign of serial spraying over the country.
Other theories such as weather manipulation and control of global warming have been advanced for the spraying in the skies over the nation. The fact that rainstorms are often claimed to result from chemtrails in the Pacific Northwest can relate to this, but, in that area, many of the instances of severe sickness after chemtrails have also been reported.
In fact, though, it is often possible to raise objections to each theory, and that fact is frequently employed by those who call themselves "debunkers" to criticize, demean and even baldly ridicule those who want an answer to the issue of chemtrails! It is possible to counter each theory, it appears, because, in fact, no one is universally correct! It appears that many different purposes are being served by chemtrails, and, for each, different substances are being sprayed into the air. To claim one unique purpose for every case of aerial spraying is to run the risk of not identifying correctly what is being done in each particular area.
For example, in the Northeastern part of the United States, chemtrails have been a prevalent sight for some time, now. However, there, they rarely, if ever, precipitate a rainstorm. Indeed, in that part of the country, the purpose of chemtrails seems to be to forestall rainfall.
Since at least winter of 2002, that part of the country has experienced massive drought. Reservoir levels are down almost to record lows, if not actually below them! Yet, in that time, chemtrailing has been very frequent! In fact, it had become a pattern that forecasters would predict showers or even thunderstorms a couple of days ahead, then chemtrails would be seen in abundance in the sky, and, afterward, the predicted precipitation would not come! The region would be lucky if it got a misting on days when, previously, thunderstorms were forecast. This went on through most of the winter of 2002, and has begun, again, the past couple of months.
The reason for this seems to be that, in the Northeast, the purpose of chemtrails was to disturb the process that can generate a rainstorm.
In general, a rainstorm can occur if warm, wet air rises particularly quickly into an overlying cold area. This can result in the rapid cooling of water into clouds like thunderheads. The sudden, uncontrolled invasion of wet air into cool air seems to spawn many of the systems that give rise to rainstorms.
What chemtrails seem to have been used to accomplish, for at least the past year in the Northeast, has been to steadily gently mix the air at the boundary layers between air masses. Flying in the border between wet and cold air, the chemtrails seem to have been intended to control the rate and degree of mixing of the air, allowing cloud banks to form, but not swiftly and suddenly. Wispy but not stormy cirrus clouds were the inevitable result, each time, the sky hazing over into a sheet of white, but never cumulous clouds.
Among other things countering the "arguments" of debunkers that chemtrails are only normal contrails, and not some kind of controlled program on the part of government, is that, when chemtrails formed in the Northeast, for at least the past year, cumulous clouds never formed! If chemtrails were harmless and innocuous paths of water vapor from random jets, there would have to have been at least one case when cumulous clouds formed, following such an onslaught.
But they never did.
The only reason any relief was seen in the past year in the Northeast was that chemtrails were not always laid immediately prior to an expected storm system. For a period, near the end of winter 2002, and into the beginning of spring 2002, chemtrails were not laid, just before storm fronts were expected.
When a storm was predicted, and chemtrails were not produced in the sky, the storm, generally, occurred.
Chemtrails have come to be watched for, reported and examined by a number of people. There have even been a number of web sites devoted to the subject. They include sites such as, and
In the last of the letters we sent, we outlined the means whereby chemtrails could be used to prevent rain and promote drought.
Immediately following them, the chemtrails slacked off in the Northeast, rains picked up and the drought lessened significantly.
The connection is not easily deniable, if at all.
But a deliberate, planned nature of the phenomena is eminently apparent.
Certainly, the chemtrails utilized in the Northeast, for about the last year, follow a pattern apparently geared toward controlling the mixing of air layers.
Once they begin, they generally last for between four and six hours. They can occur twice in a day, but not often. They have been known to occur at night, also.
Not only do they evidently prevent cumulus clouds from forming, these chemtrails almost never occur on a day when there are cumulus clouds in the sky! Once the clouds characteristic of the kind of chaotic mixing of air masses, that produces rainstorms, are present, it seems the purpose of the chemtrails in the Northeast is obviated, so they aren't attempted.
They generally do not occur, too, on very windy days, but they occur more during windy days than on days with cumulus clouds. On windy days, there, generally, isn't an air layer overlying another, so the object of chemtrails seems nonexistent, for the most part, then.
They also seem to occur more often on warm days, than on cold, or on the warmest day in a span of days.
Chemtrails in other parts of the country may be for other purposes, and so may not be laid in the same patterns as those in the Northeast - those in the Pacific Northwest, for example, may be intended to facilitate the operation of the HAARP project, only a short ways north, in Alaska - but the serious drought conditions that afflicted the country, this year, seem to indicate that that was a purpose for many of those observed in the last few months.
There seems little plausible reason - if any - to doubt that chemtrails are deliberately produced, and not normal contrails.
Unsurprisingly, however, though, there are those who seek to oppose the assertions of those who contend that chemtrails are abnormal, and should be stopped. Apparently calculatedly, they term themselves "debunkers", to inculcate the perception that concern over chemtrails is, more than "misguided", an out-and-out hoax or fraud! Indeed, a number of them have used the term "hoax" in describing the concern over chemtrails - evidently suggesting that those who address the issue are actually pulling a prank on themselves - and even accused some who pursue the issue of doing it purely for personal profit.
As if someone choosing to try to make a profit off a situation suddenly makes that situation not exist.
Many have tried to hawk fake nostrums to eliminate the symptoms of the common cold, but that doesn't make the common cold nonexistent. Moreover, the "debunkers" regularly tout the software, Flight Explorer, to "identify" aircraft using routes where chemtrails form. Not only do they, apparently, wish to negate the existence of chemtrails by simply calling them contrails, they seem to want to convince the public that they arise from innocuous, harmless aircraft simply because unidentified, unverified information a piece of software displays on a screen says it does.
They try to "counsel" people against using the guidance of their eyes and their common sense in chemtrails; they, instead, apparently, want them to blindly obey "the official story".
Indeed, such faulty "reasoning", coupled with an attitude of guile and contempt, seems universally to characterize the chemtrail debunkers.
As their own "explanation" of the phenomenon, they carp the common line that "under certain precise conditions of temperature, pressure and humidity, water vapor from jet exhaust will act as the nuclei for condensation of water in the air around the jet" The preciseness of the conditions, evidently, is intended to "explain" why all jet trails are not the elongated, long lasting sight that chemtrails are. But, within at least the last year, days with chemtrails constitute no less than about a third of the entire year! In many cases, we woke up to already hazed over skies, indicating that chemtrailing had been done before dawn, or deformed, but elongated, wispy clouds would be present in the sky, indicating that chemtrails had been laid elsewhere, and drifted to where we were. As a result, chemtrail days constitute no less than one third, and, sometimes, no less than 40%, of the days! Far from a "precise" set of circumstances.
If you add in the fact that, even after chemtrails may have passed, persistent haze can remain in the upper atmosphere, turning the sky a sickish white, or limiting the blueness of the natural sky that is permitted to show through, you have that no more than two or three genuinely blue sky days are permitted per month, anymore! Chemtrail opponents list this as one of their primary complaints with chemtrails, as well, the simple fact that they are being systematically robbed of their blue sky.
Only a few decades ago, summer could guarantee weeks worth of clear, blue days. Now, to have just one is an event, at least in the Northeast. During the past summer, in Northern New Jersey, there haven't been more than five or six days, all told, that were bright blue.
Nor is this an insignificant thing. Substituting bright blue days with heavily overcast, low-hanging skies, or persistent mists, instead of the kind of rain that will clear a sky of haze, produces a listless even despondent atmosphere. Over time, it can depress individuals and even sap them of initiative.
Experiments during the Seventies and Eighties, in fact, suggested that certain colors can promote certain types of responses. Pink was found, in some, to have a calming effect; brown and orange were found to stimulate appetite; and bright, light blue was found to promote imagination. Isolation cells in a number of jails, as a result of this, were painted pink, and the prevalence of browns, oranges and reds in the color schemes of fast food restaurants, during the Eighties, is testament to an evident unscrupulousness in their "marketing" tactics! Withholding clear skies from the populace seems, also, targeted at controlling the people's initiative and foresight.
Someone in government, it appears, doesn't want the people to think for themselves about what they see going on around them.
As reliable as the provability of tenuousness in the debunkers, "arguments" - and the eminent apparent danger in chemtrailing - is the debunkers, coming up with yet other attempts, at discrediting those who oppose chemtrails.
They couldn't deny the existence of days when huge numbers of chemtrails clutter the skies, because innumerable photographs to the contrary exist. If that wasn't the case, there is little doubt they would try to utterly and baldly deny their existence, altogether. Initially, though, they did, apparently, try the wheeze that "aircraft exhaust can,t alter the environment"! That has since been overturned by a number of studies indicating that, at the very least, the obscuring effect of normal contrails was enough to lower the earth's temperature by at least 1º Fahrenheit.
Equally as determinedly posited was the assertion that, even if long, environmentally-altering trails were being laid, it wasn't deliberate. Countering that is the revelation that numerous patents and proposals for using aircraft to affect weather have been filed, in the past few years alone! "Cloud seeding" is the least of the methods; preventing global warming was a major goal of many. Recently, too, even the military published a proposal to the effect of using weather control in wartime as a "force multiplier" against enemy troops. They termed their proposal "Owning the Weather by 2025"
In the face of these demonstrations of their evidently patent falsehood in opposing chemtrail followers, debunkers have taken up the line that, even though jet exhaust can affect the environment, and even though there are plans to utilize that to control the weather, jets never release anything other than normal exhaust into the air. In the recent past, however, CNN aired a report of military planes, among other things, releasing egg whites into the air to test radar methods for, putatively, tracking drug planes! It is questionable what aspect of the situation the debunkers will attempt to attack next.
And the debunkers have shown every determination to oppose suspicion about and examination of chemtrails as much as would be necessary to end questioning about them! They have taken out whole websites devoted to opposing chemtrail suspicions; they have even launched mirror sites of websites, to provide as much a saturation of the internet with their evident propaganda as possible! They run the gamut from an individual that calls themself "ChickieDeb", and identifies themself as "a housewife from Indiana" - ChickieDeb being one of those who launched three websites devoted to debunking - to an organization given the frankly questionable name "New Mexicans for Science and Reason - suggesting they see "science" and "reason" to be two totally separate and unrelated things.
Jay Reynolds, who seems proud to oppose the assertion that chemtrails are not normal contrails, and who also sponsored three separate sites to mirror his assertions, likewise states, on his website: "the real state of things that agrees with facts and reality." Meaning, presumably, that, for Mr. Reynolds, "facts" and "reality" are two totally separate and unrelated things. Before struggling to oppose investigation into chemtrails, the debunkers, it appears, should attempt developing a pose that doesn't come across as that of an incompetent poseur.
The nature of the debunkers, refutations, however, is consistent with the stock in trade of those without a leg to stand on. Pre-eminent among their "tools" is out-and-out derision. Jay Reynolds titles his mirror sites "Contrails or Trails-CON?" One of the devotees of chemtrail examination, William Thomas, he terms a "snakeoil salesman".
On ChickieDeb's site,, she quotes Jay Reynolds as characterizing those who mobilize the movement to study chemtrails as "X-file wackos", and ChickieDeb openly agrees. Larry Lawson, whom ChickieDeb identifies as a "chemtrail perpetrator", is also referred to, by her, as a "pipsqueak".
On the same page, incidentally, ChickieDeb condemns "religious fundamentalists", like she models Mr. Lawson to be, who "think that God is unable to take care of things by Himself". ChickieDeb seems of the opinion that people should just sit still and do nothing, leave it all to God - or whatever she tries to pass off as a deity - to do things in the world. She seems intent on coercing others into a willing complacence and disinterest in taking action in the world. The title of another of her websites devoted, apparently, to deceiving people about the reality of chemtrails is "DO YOU WANT TO STOP BEING AFRAID?"
Apparently she couldn,t be happier if everyone agreed not to be concerned about what is being done to their environment, and just let their rights and interests be run roughshod over! Even an atheist would accept that God would not have created man just to sit and watch the world; a purpose for creating man was so that man could do things and not leave it to God to "take care of things by Himself". Having people stand up for themselves, however, seems anathema to what ChickieDeb has in mind for them.
The debunkers seem never at a loss for disparaging names to call those who seem to threaten the government secret they work so hard to hide, or a boundless store of contempt for others.
The evident attempt to vilify suspicion of chemtrails is also a commonplace on debunkers, websites. ChickieDeb titles at least one of her mirror sites,, "CHEMTRAIL HOAX - The Best Kept Secret In the World". On that site, ChickieDeb gives space to an article by Jay Reynolds, entitled "HOW TO RUN A CHEMTRAIL SCARE FOR FUN AND PROFIT". On one of the pages on one of ChickieDeb,s mirror sites,, chemtrail opponents are belittled for accusing debunkers of not using logic, yet it is said, of them, that "they refuse to recognize logic and rationale".
"Rationale", it could be mentioned, for ChickieDeb's information, means the "excuse" or "justification" one uses to "explain" their actions. It is not an accompanying quality with logic. What ChickieDeb seems to have wanted to mention - yet apparently did not have the depth of education to supply - was "rationality".
On the page,, ChickieDeb acknowledges that a term the debunkers use for chemtrail opponents is "Insane Cloud Posse".
Contempt is a large part of the debunkers, stock in trade.
When not engaging in determined vituperation of chemtrail opponents, the debunkers attempt a "validation" of their condemnation of chemtrail concerns, usually through patently indulgence in fraudulent double-talk and specious "demonstrations".
The endless, arch and professorial expositions on "temperature, humidity and pressure" is only one aspect of this tack. Even there, though, the debunkers find it difficult to work within the bounds of their own presentations. On, Thomas Schlatter, who passes himself off as a "NOAA meteorologist", contends that long lasting contrails can occur if the temperature is less than 70º and the relative humidity of air, compared to ice is greater than 100%, that is, there is more than enough water vapor to replace ice as ice dissolves in the sunlight. The apparent purpose of this seems to be just to give the impression that long lasting contrails are possible.
But it soon became evident that this was also describing an eminently unlikely - if not patently impossible - situation.
To, apparently, patch up this problem, ChickieDeb, on the web page,, apparently desperately and recklessly blurts that "contrails can occur with zero humidity if the temperature is cold enough". Leaving aside the fact that she conveniently says only that "contrails" - not long-lasting contrails - can occur under those conditions - which no one denies - on the web page the link she provides leads to, someone named Dr. Patrick Minnis asserts only that meteorological instruments reading humidity at high altitudes have been, supposedly, consistently wrong, so that, presumably, high altitude humidities are larger than expected.
Importantly, on the page, it also refers only to "contrails" forming, not long-lasting contrails. In what seems to constitute little more than what is termed "hand-waving", Dr. Minnis then goes on to state, without explanation or justification, that relative humidities have to be greater than 100% for "contrails to persist for very long", but, "at those cold temperatures, a small error in moisture measurement" can lead to "a large error" in the relative humidity. Supposedly, then, not only are relative humidities at high altitudes greater than previously thought, they, putatively, are even greater than they appear, because readings might have a small error that can translate into a massive difference in the actual humidity.
The "margin of error" the debunkers seem to want to lend to reality, to back their contentions, appears even larger and more encompassing that the actual situation.
Characteristic of other forms that the pedagogic patronizing of the debunkers can take is in the typically flippantly entitled entry "fun With Math", on web page
There, a "correspondent", who takes the name BEE, puts up the pose of "proving" that "there is simply no way physically for anything sprayed at the height at which contrails (or supposed chemtrails) are observed to reach any kind of concentration on the ground which would have any effect on people whatsoever".
He begins by considering a "worst case scenario" of a jet hovering overhead, at various heights, dumping different amounts of material, with wind going at various speeds. Among other things, though, he assumes a "source rate" for the spraying of "63 billion micrograms/second". This works out to 63,000 grams/second, or 140 lbs./second. That's almost 8 tons per minute! If BEE is willing to be so unreliable in even this early part of the "explanation", there is no reason to trust him in what he says later.
His conclusions are no less questionable. Proceeding from a supposed height, for the jet, of from 2 to 2000 meters above the ground, he reels off supposed "maximum concentrations" for the sprayed substance. He goes from 19.3 billion micrograms/cubic meter to .75 micrograms/cubic meter. The highest value is related to a situation for the plane 2 meters in the air, the lowest value, for one 2000 meters high. He evidently wants to "dramatically demonstrate" that the results from a "realistic" situation are very, very low.
An eminent problem with that, however, is that, not only does BEE look at varying heights for the jet, for each jet, there is also a different distance downwind looked at. The jet 2 meters in the air has a "maximum concentration" 60 meters downwind quoted, a jet 100 meters high has a value at 15,000 meter downwind given, and for the jet at 2000 meters, the concentration at 3.5 billion meters, or 2.2 million miles, downwind! It is unlikely, if not completely impossible, that material would drift for 2.2 million miles over the earth, before coming to rest.
What is more, for all the insistence, by BEE, that winds would dissipate chemtrail material, that has never been observed! They spread and combine with other chemtrails, but they have never been seen to be blown away by winds! In fact, it is their tendency to stay in one place, unchanged, except for spreading, for hours on end, which was one thing which brought them to the public,s attention.
If the purpose of the chemtrails was to stay in one place and, at least, physically affect the environment, such as causing a drought, or even form clouds and then let rainwater wash it down to the soil, contaminating people that way, then they are, apparently, doing exactly what was desired of them.
How easy it is for the chemtrail defenders - they shape up as little more than that! - to "exonerate" chemtrails of things no one said they were doing.
For that matter, too, all the supposedly legitimate physical calculations BEE presumably performed does not prove that there aren't substances which can affect, or even harm, people at concentrations of only about 1 microgram/cubic meter! Allergens work at very small concentrations, pathogens can be dangerous at those low levels, and various poisonous gases can be potent at even lower concentrations! Withholding important information can be as crucial as misrepresenting information, in promoting a fraudulent proposal! Add the fact that, on a day of regular chemtrailing, as many as 30 or more trails can be left in any affected area of sky, and there is a likelihood that huge amounts of dangerous material will be released.
And where displays of contempt and presumed exercises in sophistry do not succeed, the debunkers appear to rely on out and out fraud! A favored technique, for example, is saying that chemtrails are nothing more than normal contrails, then going through elaborate proofs that contrails are not unusual or dangerous and, because contrails are not unusual or dangerous - which, in truth, has not been proved! - then, what chemtrail observers complain about can,t be unusual or dangerous! Just about every chemtrail debunker site has at least one page devoted to "examining" and "explaining" contrails, then diffidently insisting that that,s all that chemtrails are - using even less proof than the chemtrail opposers use for their statements! - and "concluding" that, therefore, chemtrails do not exist, and chemtrail opposers are just chasing falsities.
The facts of chemtrails, however, do not bear out debunkers, insistences.
Among other things, the references to chemtrails began only around 1997. There are no references to unusual, persistent cloud trails before that date. Contrails didn't suddenly start to become long-lived under certain circumstances only after 1997. And it unlikely that people will have suddenly started to become aware of something as obvious, and apparently pernicious, as vapor trails that persist for hours, then spread and coalesce into sun blocking cloud decks only in 1997. The very fact that no complaints of long, spreading contrails before 1997 is sufficient to establish that chemtrails must be real, and not normal contrails.
Tellingly, though, and apparently not coincidental at all, is the fact that, in October 1997, the system of reporting visibility date, from the National Climatic Data Center, was abruptly reduced from the then standard maximum of 40 miles, to only 10 miles. To reduce visibility information that way only endangers such things as aerial navigation! To do so peremptorily, in that manner, was utterly incompatible with any consideration of protecting the welfare of citizens.
What it does seem geared for, however - what seems more important than the interests of the public! - is keeping the government from having to acknowledge that there was something out there that long range data would need them to report! Something, too, that seems likely to be nothing less than a hindrance to long-range visibility, as well.
There was something out there that the government didn't want the people to know about.
But the indications that chemtrails are real go beyond even that.
Debunkers, for example, could try to "argue" that, on days when chemtrails don,t appear, it,s because the weather conditions at the planes, height don,t permit them. The planes are there, they would demand, but the peculiar conditions that turned innocent contrails into extended lines in the sky simply weren't present. But, even at the height at which chemtrails are apparently laid, planes can be seen and heard slightly. Because they take a long time passing through the sky, that high up, they form a low rumble that can persist for many minutes.
On the days when chemtrails do not appear, neither the bright specks that the planes appear as, nor the low rumble are heard. More than that, not even normal contrails - which should form under just about any condition! - are not present. When chemtrails do not form high in the sky, it is because the planes that form them are not up there. The forming of chemtrails, then, is related more to the presence of special planes high up that particular day, and not, evidently, certain conditions affecting planes that are, putatively, present every day.
A phenomenon that chemtrail followers also point to to indicate the suspicious nature of the trails is what is termed the "on and off switch". Often, when chemtrails appear overhead, there will be a space in the trail, where what seems to be aerial spraying was turned off, for a time, then turned back on.
This does not happen, ever, for conventional contrails. Planes forming the short tails of contrail fog behind them do not go through periods when the cloud will disappear; the clouds themselves, even though they last for a short time, do not show spaces in them. Debunkers, unsurprisingly, dismiss these claims, insisting that there is nothing in the breaks in chemtrails that indicate anything out of what they term the usual.
Tellingly, though, actual addresses of the issue of the "on off switch" are rare on debunker websites. In fact, only one site,, which boasts the title, "The Way of the Dodo", actually devotes any real space to an attempted "explanation" of chemtrail breaks.
In characteristically contemptuous and insulting fashion, the section begins, "Ah yes. These rare photos are a favorite among the believers." The originator of the site, who identifies himself as Skip Ernst, describes "the neanderthals running" spray operations as having "mistakenly turned off the spray for a few moments".
"Can you believe the government has hired a bunch of bumbling idiots to perform their top secrets operations?", Mr. Ernst adds, mockingly.
He posits that the breaks are caused by jets having "simply passed through a pocket of air where contrails" - carefully, he doesn,t refer to them as "chemtrails"! - "will not form. The air could be too warm or too dry to form the ice crystals which make a contrail visible."
It is eminently unlikely, if not patently impossible, that air that high up would be so warm, to begin with. The jets that form chemtrails typically fly at at least three miles high. Even if it was too warm, a trail, of sorts, of water vapor would be likely, following the jet. And, even if the air were very dry, a trace of the ice crystals from the jet engines, that supposedly form the "seed" for the chemtrail, should be visible, and it is not.
And that is leaving aside, entirely, the fact that there is little reason to believe that an isolated, tiny, patch of air could be so radically different from the overwhelming mass of air around it! If an area of warm or dry air were to intrude, it is likely that it would be no time before the rest of the air around it would bring it into equilibrium.
More than that, though, Mr. Ernst, will have to explain how it is possible for chemtrails with breaks, supposedly caused by differing air masses, to occur in close proximity to chemtrails with no breaks!
"I'll leave it at that and let you be the judge", he concludes archly.
If he's telling the absolute, incontrovertible truth, which he pretends to be, then he would be able to call it that! He wouldn't have to leave it to the reader to "be the judge".
That, in itself, all but brands the material on the Seawana site utterly untrustworthy.
Mr. Ernst also takes issue with, among other things, the observation that "most chemtrails seem to be created at altitudes above commercial flights", which can be taken to be an indication that chemtrails are not normal contrails, but the result of government flights.
"That is because the probability of a contrail being produced at a higher altitude is much greater", he retorts.
"Next please", he adds, smugly, evidently content that he has put any question of the formation of chemtrails to rest, firmly.
But, if the chemtrails are being produced at altitudes higher than commercial jets use, as he, himself, seems willing to accede, what is leaving them? It is apparent, then, that it is only government planes laying the trails, and that is far from something that discounts the likelihood of their being a government operation'
Moreover, how could Flight Explorer, which seems to record only commercial flights, attest to the flight plans of those jets causing the chemtrails?
Among the site's other demonstrations of the "character" of its developer, are a "boss button" - a switch which you click so that, if you're looking at the site instead of doing work, at the office, you can call up a realistic looking spreadsheet screen, to con your boss into thinking you're not gold-bricking.
"Surf freely with the security that comes from the knowledge that your boss remains clueless about your daily internet practices!", Mr. Ernst proclaims. Apparently, honesty and honor are alien concepts to him. But, then, in the "encyclopedia" section of the site, he proclaims he'll do just about anything for a bribe. Also in evidence are Java language banners in which Mr. Ernst regularly vents his bile at any of a number of common "pop-up" advertisements to be seen on many sites.
One such banner takes aim at "the f***ing X-Cam", the miniature camera you can hook up to your computer to see what's happening somewhere else. The site also includes a pretentious "encyclopedia" of "conspiracy theories", and a "news" page, both riddled with misspellings, and full references to those who follow those theories as "dopes", "morons" and "idiots"; and a page devoted to something called "Drunken Stumble" a game "that allows you to get rip roaring drunk - but with a purpose."
Mr. Ernst seems incapable of anything but viciousness, disingenuousness and antipathy for everything that exists.
Nor, indeed, is it only apparently "disinterested individuals" who have attempted to quell investigation into chemtrails. Branches of the government have taken it upon themselves to denounce the consideration that chemtrails were anything but ordinary contrails, and even gone so far as to officially term it a "hoax."
The United States Air Force web page on the subject,, for example, is entitled "The Chemtrail Hoax"
While it may be a purview of individuals to term something a "hoax" at will, a branch of the government is considered more bound by the law in its actions, so that, for them to term something a "hoax" is automatically to have it characterized according to the legal definition of the term. More than that, it indicates that sufficient examination has been carried out to back that characterization. Legally, a "hoax" is far more than just some kind of prank, gag or practical joke; it is a willful and malicious act of mayhem, usually for the aggrandizement of the "perpetrator".
By titling their page that way, the Air Force, then, officially accuses all the honest, straightforward citizens genuinely concerned about at least the affront of their skies being clouded over, and sunlight all but banished from their lives, as malingerers and frauds.
A common tactic of the guilty is to cast the first stone and blame the innocent, at least to try to buy enough time to shore up their defenses against justice.
As with all other "debunkers", the Air Force proceeds to declare that contrails can be caused to remain for very long periods, based on temperature and humidity. Like the other debunkers, they never once assert that the conditions that would allow contrails to persist - if at all - are conditions that are likely to, or even possibly can, occur on the earth, at the present! Unlike the other "debunkers", the Air Force, on their site, don,t include barometric pressure in the "explanation", an eminently glaring omission, utterly calling everything they say into question! Also unlike the other "debunkers", the Air Force does claim that "winds" can affect the persistence of contrails.
Too, and indicative of the fact that they may engage in the eminently questionable act of taking it on themselves to term suspicion of chemtrails a "hoax", but they are still bound by considerations of justice and fairness, the Air Force, on their site, declare that contrails can be caused to last long periods of time because of "aircraft exhaust characteristics".
The nebulous reference is, apparently, meant to downplay the matter, but, technically, "aircraft exhaust characteristics" includes what is being pumped out.
And it is precisely the contention of chemtrail opponents that high flying military jets are pumping unorthodox and irregular materials into the air.
In phraseology evidently intended to gull the unwitting into believing that normal characteristics of jet exhausts can, under the right circumstances, be made to last long periods of time, the Air Force, in actuality, seems to admit that unorthodox materials in their exhaust are what is forming chemtrails.
They fill out their "disproof" of the existence of chemtrails with a list of links to "debunker" web sites that no longer exist, and one link to a site in Denmark that "demonstrates" the non-existence of chemtrails by showing pictures of chemtrails and calling them contrails! It is instructive that this practice of "proving" something doesn't exist by simply calling it something else is taking place on a site operated by the Neils Böhr Institute.
If that is the level of "intellectual discourse" involved in "debunking" chemtrails, it is only further testimony to the truth of their existence.
If that is the level of honesty involved in the movement against chemtrail opponents, it strengthens the evidence that they are, indeed, an act of craven contempt for the people.
But contempt seems a given, both in the perpetrating of chemtrails, and in the apparent attempted cover-up.
Indeed, it is apparently inherent, how spiteful and disdainful the sites devoted to debunking conspiracy theories regularly, are to those who acknowledge their existence.
If conspiracy theories really were untrue, those who subscribed to them would be deluding themselves. They would be genuinely wasting their time. That is a tragedy, and would be approached as a tragedy, by those with genuine honor and the kind of concern and regard for others that would be consistent with telling them the truth. The arrogance and disregard to be seen among the conspiracy theory debunkers is that to be found in those incapable of the truth, or of any display of honor or decency. Their very malignance proclaims their assertions utterly untrustworthy and specious.
There is every reason to believe, indeed, that those who call themselves debunkers are, in fact, quisling shills for government, trying to keep the truth from the people. They willingly admit to being considered that by many conspiracy theory examiners, and just as quickly - and without proof - dismiss the accusation, but it seems very near the truth, if not the truth itself.
And this demonstrated malevolence of character, more so than much else, pronounces conspiracy theories far from unreliable; indeed, anything but unproved, or disproved.
And that includes chemtrails.
The evidence is that, not only are chemtrails real, there seems to be a dedicated movement to try to dissuade those who acknowledge the existence of chemtrails from following up on the subject.
In recent months, since our own sending in several letters on the subject, chemtrails in New Jersey have begun to take on a new form. Instead of stretching from one horizon to the other, chemtrails laid here have begun to take the form, only, of lines across part of the sky.
It seems intended to give the impression that chemtrails do not really exist, since these go only partway across the sky. But this has only begun recently, so it cannot be a demonstration of something which existed before. But it seems related to the fact that we recently began sending letters to the editor from here on this subject.
In the end, the people must take it on themselves to see that their rights and interests are respected by government. They must involve themselves, deeply and determinedly, in government. It is up to them to see that it is their welfare that motivates government.
Julian Penrod
4 Fairfield Avenue
West Caldwell, New Jersey 07006
973 220-1601


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