Chemtrails Over Germany
& An Alabama Man's Conversion

From JC

I downloaded this picture from "World Photos" - AP Yahoo! News Wed, Oct 09, 2002.
This is the URL
Strollers walk with their dogs on the river Rhine dike near Moers, western Germany, Wednesday Oct. 9, 2002 while sun continues to shine and condensation trails cross the sky. Weatherforecasters predict the same weather conditions in Germany for the next few days. In the vernacular October is called 'Gold October' due to it's clear light and mostly sunny weather as foliage changes to yellow and drops. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)
From Anndy
Jeff - I don't even believe in chemtrails, or, I guess I didn't believe in chemtrails but I was familiar with the theory. I try to keep an open mind and I really consider myself an objective down to Earth person.
I was in Alabama near the Birmingham area on the 8th of October, and you would not believe the sky. It was plane after plane - they just kept coming - and the sky was literally filled with long trails. You would look to your left and see like 5 close parallel trails, then look to your right and there would be a really long trail with 3 trails intersecting them. There were random trails directly above you, trails everywhere, really. I honestly couldn't believe it. Clear, blue sky and, as I watched on the trip to the airport, I saw the trails spread out to make it cloudy.
I'm sure its nothing you haven't heard before but I'd keep an ear open from other people in that area cause I have never seen anything like it before. Other little thing I noticed was that on the plane, while the plane was ascending after take-off, it looked like we were flying through really low smog or something.
Long story short, wow...I wholeheartedly subscribe to the chemtrail theory now.


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