US Opens First FBI Office In China

Beijing, Oct 24 (PTI) Claiming significant progress in the global war on terrorism, US today announced the establisment of the first office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in China to enhance bilateral cooperation in enforcing the rule of law.
The FBI office in China will facilitate cooperation and coordination of US efforts on counter-terrorism, trans-national crime, drug trafficking and will help enforce the rule of law, US Atttorney General John Ashcroft told reporters before concluding his two-day visit here.
"The US and China agree that the most important response to terrorism is that we act together swiftly," he said.
China had, in February, agreed to oblige US' request to open an FBI office when US President George W Bush met with his Chinese counterpart Jiang Zemin in Beijing.
The FBI office is to be manned by Tony Lau, a 20-year Chinese-American veteran of the bureau. FBI has more than 40 such offices world-wide, its website said.
"We feel that we have made real progress in the war on terrorism and a number of markers are evidence of that progress," Ashcroft said after concluding talks with senior Chinese officials on enhancing bilateral cooperation in the fight against terrorism and trans-national crimes.
"Progress comes as a result of what we have done to those who perpetrate terror but also how we have reconfigured our resources to avoid, disrupt and prevent additional terrorist acts," he said.
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