Has The War Begun?
By Rayelan Allan
Publisher - RMNews
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PRESS CONFERENCE BY THE PRESIDENT--April 18, 1995--Addressing reporters in the East Room this evening, President Clinton expressed his and Mrs. Clinton's condolences to the families and loved ones of the eight Americans killed in the crash of an Air Force plane in Alabama last night.
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PRESIDENT'S STATEMENT ON THE C-21 PLANE CRASH--April 18, 1995-- President Clinton stated today that he and Mrs. Clinton were "very saddened" to learn of the crash of an Air Force C-21 aircraft near Alexander City, Alabama last night, with the loss of eight lives. "Our hearts and our prayers go out to the families and friends of those who were killed," he said
Air Force Report On Learjet Crash
Eight Die In C-21 Crash
WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- Eight people were killed when an Air Force C-21 Learjet crashed into a wooded area near Alexander City, Ala., about 6:30 p.m. CST April 17.
The aircraft, assigned to the 332nd Airlift Flight, Randolph AFB, Texas, was flying from Andrews AFB, Md., to Randolph, but was diverting to Alexander City Airport, Ala. -- 35 miles northeast of Maxwell AFB, Ala. -- after experiencing an in-flight emergency.
Among the dead were Clark G. Fiester, assistant secretary of the Air Force for acquisition, and his military assistant, Col. Jack Clark II; Maj. Gen. Glenn A Profitt II, director of plans and operations, Air Education and Training Command, Randolph AFB, Texas; Maj. Hubert B. Fisher, who was assigned to the Pentagon; Capt. Paul Carey, instructor pilot; and 1st Lt. Paul M. Bowers, aircraft commander.
Also killed were retired Air Force Maj. James K. Horne; and a U.S. Army sergeant, both space available passengers. Army officials have not released the soldier's name pending notification of next of kin.
Fiester and his official party were on their way to Brooks AFB, Texas, to present an acquisition reform briefing to personnel at the Human Systems Center.
"We are deeply saddened by the loss of the eight people who perished in the C-21 accident in Alabama," said Secretary of the Air Force Sheila E. Widnall and Gen. Ronald R. Fogleman, Air Force chief of staff, in a joint statement. "Two of the Air Force's senior leaders were aboard the plane -- Clark G. Fiester and Maj. Gen. Glenn A. Profitt II -- and we are grateful for their contributions to our nation and those of the other passengers and crew aboard the aircraft."
As assistant secretary for acquisition, Fiester was responsible for Air Force research, development and acquisition activities. An experienced manager of electronic defense system organization, he had 38 years' experience in design and development of advanced intelligence, electronic countermeasures and imagery systems. He is survived by his wife, Christine, and their two children.
Profitt, a command pilot with more than 6,000 flying hours, began his Air Force career in 1965. He was responsible for developing and implementing operational plans, programs and policies for AETC undergraduate flying training, EURO-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training, survival training and combat crew training for fighters, airlift, tankers, and special operations crews.
Secretary of Defense William Perry, a close personal friend of Fiester and also a Penn State University alumnus, expressed his personal condolences to the families of those killed in the crash.
The C-21 has been in the Air Force inventory since 1984 and there are currently 80 aircraft in the fleet. The only other Air Force C-21 crash occurred in January 1987, also near Maxwell.
The last Air Force general officer killed in an aircraft accident was Maj. Gen. Winfield S. Harpe, 16th Air Force commander, who died in an F-16 near Torrejon AB, Spain, in December 1988.
An Air Force board has been appointed to investigate the cause of the crash.
On April 17th, 1995, I received a telephone call from my husband, Gunther Russbacher. He said, "The war has begun!"
I asked him what he meant. He said a Learjet had just crashed in Alabama. On board were 17 Admirals and Generals. They were on their way to arrest Bill Clinton.
All the military men were killed.
That same day, Sherman Skolnick was told the same thing by one of his sources.
The same day, Oswald LeWinter talked to a reporter for a major New York newspaper. LeWinter told the reporter the same thing -- and it was published -- April 19, 1995.
No one paid any attention to the story because in the early morning of April 19, 1995, the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City blew up.
In other words, the people who had the goods on Clinton and his cabal were making plans to arrest all of them. All these men were blown out of the sky and murdered.
To keep their murders from being investigated -- the Murrah building was blown up and 168 additional men, women and children were murdered.
For the last few months, Rumor Mill News has been receiving information that foreign governments are investigating the United States. Many of these investigations started due to Echelon. But once the investigations started, they were propelled by the fuel they discovered.
These investigators are just about to release their information -- It could come out any day now --
Or will it?
Today two small planes collided over New Jersey. One of the planes was from theLakehurst Naval Air Station and it was on the way to Pax River Naval Facilities. It was carrying 8 or 9 civilian government employees.
Pax River is important because this is the installation where a new super secret spy unit was to be based. The new spy unit was to be named DIS (Defense Intelligence Services). It was supposed to be the umbrella that oversaw the operations of 26 intelligence services.
It is not known if DIS was exclusively made up of United States intelligence services, or if other allies were/are members. Sherman Skolnick has speculated that only 13 of the intel units are from the United States, and the other 13 are made up of our allies.
In light of the information that our allies are conducting the investigations, this makes sense.
Is the collision of these two small planes an attempt to stop the investigators from releasing information that will rock this government to its core?
I think today was round one in the war --
Other things that are happening --
+ The Rumor Mill News webpage is being hit hard today by government agencies. So is Surfing the Apocalypse and other similar webpages. My computer is barely running -- and I can barely stay on the Web.
+ Sherman Skolnick reported that the Arkansas area code is constantly busy -- in other words -- no one can call Arkansas.
+ Skolnick also said that many people have called him and reported that when they send faxes -- the faxes emerge on the other end in a DIFFERENT FONT. This can happen if they have been intercepted by a computer and then resent.
+ Skolnick also said that he has been told that the Vince Foster investigation is heating up again -- He has been told that the investigators have hard evidence that Foster was murdered.
+ Skolnick reported years ago that Foster was the equivalent to a three star general in NSA
+ Skolnick also reported that Foster has sold the Israelis national security secrets.
+ Rumors is Israel state that late today or tomorrow could see a riot at the Wailing Wall which could escalate into a war which could possibly see damage done to the sacred Moslem site, the Dome of the Rock. This could be the prelude to Armageddon.
+ Other sources have told RMNews that the huge metal trusts that RMNews has written about are just about to be broken. These trusts have had liens and lines of credit on them. As a result -- the trusts had to stay in tact.
The money that was received from the liens and lines of credit was put into the United States stock market. If these liens and lines of credit are paid off, it means that the money has been taken out of the stock market. If all the money from all of the lines of credit and liens is pulled out at one time -- THE MARKET CRASHES
+ The timing of the pullout from the market depends on who is winning the war.
+ If the Bush supporters are ahead or more in favor -- the pull out will come right before the election.
+ If the Clinton people can somehow hold on to power -- the crash will come after the election -- Gore will take the fall for it -- and Senator Joseph Lieberman will become President Joseph Lieberman. If Hillary wins the senate seat, she will be appointed Vice President.
+ One source stated that Lieberman is only the "token" being thrown to the liberals. He stated that there was no way that Gore was going to win the election, and the Democrats knew it.
In 1984 Geraldine Ferraro was picked to be the first female chosen as a candidate for Vice President of the United States. I called a contact on Capitol Hill, who worked for a powerful Democratic Senator. I was telling her how wonderful it was that a woman had been picked by Walter Mondale. Her reply crushed me.
The high ranking political appointee said, "Ferraro is just a token woman. We know Mondale can't beat Reagan, and so we decided to do something that will bring more women in to the Democratic Party."
The high ranking political appointee used the same word that the RMNews source used: TOKEN
Lieberman is the TOKEN JEW just as Ferraro was the TOKEN WOMAN
Will the American people have time to wake up are realize the games that are being played? Or will something similar to the Oklahoma City bombing occur in the next few days or weeks to insure that our attention is focused elsewhere?
Remember "Wag the Dog"! I have the horrible feeling that a domestic "Wag the Dog" is just about to take place. And this domestic "Wag the Dog" will keep the American pubic from ever finding out what the foreign investigators have uncovered.
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Confirmation Of Crash
From G.L. Warner 8-10-00
My friend sent me your article last night regarding the piece that you have on yoyur site titled "Has the War Begun"? I read it with great interest and did some research last night with no luck. Today, I read a comment at the bottom of the page questioning the authenticity of the incident and your posting of it. I did more research and this is waht I found: I went to this address: and entered the following search criteria; plane crash and the dates of 4/19/95 to 4/20/95 and ran it through several papers including the Baltimore Sun.
This is the results of the search:
Published on 04/19/1995, THE BALTIMORE SUN
High-Ranking Officials Dead In Jet Crash
ALEXANDER CITY, Ala. -- Investigators recovered the black box recorders yesterday from the wreckage of a military jet that crashed in flames, killing eight people, including an assistant Air Force secretary and a two-star general.
Your search terms appear 4 times in this article.
Complete Article, 459 words
I didn't bother to buy the entire article but it does fit the bill for the article which you referenced.

From William Burke <
I am very familiar with Rayelan Russbacher and her myriad pleas for financial assistance, and all you have to ask yourself is, "is there a Lear jet on Earth that can, or would be desirable, under the circumstances (to "arrest Bill Clinton")?
She may not be able to handle the truth about her former husband's involvement, but can she possibly expect us to imagine a huge coterie of high military officers, sitting on one another's laps, on the way to arrest the POTUS?
This is laughable, and Ms. Russbacher is deserving of our sympathies, but not our credibility.

From Murray Rosner
The article says that a Lear Jet with Generals and Admirals crashed on April 17 1995.On what planet did this occur? I have searched 4 data bases and cannot verify or find any references to it. I love your site but ya gotta separate the wheat from the bullshit.
Murray Rosner
Las vegas NV
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