Do Palestinians Possess
3 Suitcase Nukes?
By Chris Todd
GREENSBORO, NC (WebToday) - Chilling new allegations of nuclear blackmail now surround the, as yet, fruitless negotiations over the final status of Jerusalem.
Speaking to a crowd of Bible prophecy students in Greensboro, this week, Messianic Rabbi Michael Rood quoted an intelligence source close to the peace process who claims Yassir Arafat's Palestinian forces have purchased three Russian nuclear "suitcase bombs" on the black market.
The source, who was not identified, told Rood that all three weapons of mass destruction have been concealed in Jewish neighborhoods within Israel.
Rood, who runs New Moon Publishing of Two Harbors, Minnesota, believes the devices are being used as part of a high-stakes gamble intended to coerce Israel into ceding a portion of Jerusalem to the Palestinians. So far, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and his negotiating team have held out against Arafats demands.
Both Barak and Arafat face intense political pressure from their constituencies, which could limit their ability to compromise on the issue.
Arafat had publicly stated the Palestinians might unilaterally declare an independent state on September 13th if a final peace deal with Israel cannot be reached by that date. However, in his most recent comments, Arafat indicated a willingness to consider delaying such a declaration in order to achieve a negotiated settlement.
Rood indicated his belief that Arafat may end up detonating one or more of the nuclear devices in Israel this fall, prompting a swift and decisive retaliatory strike by the Jewish State against surrounding Arab capitals.

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