Chemtrails Over Suburban
Chicago And Lubbock
From Julie
LANSING, IL -On Monday morning, the cloudless summer sky was broken by over a dozen chemtrails, most stretching from one horizon to the other. As I jogged in my subdivision I watched two more laid down, noting that the east-west trails were strung as far as I could see as I looked southward.
I had noticed this phenomena two years ago, before a particularly virulent flu season that made headlines in Northwestern Indiana for reported cases of bronchitis and upper resperatory infections.
I've been reading up on them and watching the skies ever since, but the spraying today was unprecedented.
Feeling I had to do something, I stopped a woman walking her dog and pointed out the trails. Polite and interested, she claimed to have never noticed them. I told her I thought that something or someone was trying to poison us. ``Who can you call?'' she asked, still patient and concerned.
``I don't know,'' I told her, ``I just felt I had to point this out to someone.''
Chemtrails Over Lubbock, TX Late Evening
From Todd
Three silent planes at about 10,000 ft. going slowly back and forth across the city. Contrails stop and start at edge of city.
Haven't seen them during the day, maybe because of the famous west Texas winds that blow harder in the daytime.

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