Slouching Toward
Armageddon - Israel
Becomes Formal
'Strategic Ally'
From Mid-East Realities
Israel Becomes US 'Strategic Ally' Next Week
Clinton Paying Back The Israeli/Jewish
Lobby Campaigning For Hillary
It's the equivalent of a kind of military/strategic rape.
But then the Arabs are rather used to such things by now, and hardly even able to manage a wimp protest. Having been abused for so long; having been co-opted, paid-off, infiltrated, and yes politically raped, for so long; the Arab representatives seem like deer caught in the headlights as the huge American Israel truck barrels down on them one more time.
Next week President Bill Clinton will formally promote Israel to the rank of "strategic ally". Heretofore this was a status only major nations such as England and France and NATO countries could aspire to. Now, Israel, the only country in the Middle East region to be so designated, is being brought under the American umbrella of military protection and regional domination de jure, not just de facto.
Before he departs, Bill Clinton is paying his campaign debts to the Israeli/Jewish lobby with this further elevation of Israel to formal "strategic ally." He was brought to Washington with their considerable financial and political help. Indeed, the President of "the lobby" privately bragged during Clinton's first campaign that he has "infiltrated" the Little Rock headquarters with a dozen of his people and when Clinton got elected he would "be their man".
And sure enough, it came to pass -- with most of the mainstream media either afraid to raise the issue or themselves top-heavy with Jewish and Israeli-involved personalities.
Now Clinton prepares to leave office and he has debts to pay, a wife to elect Senator, and a loyal VP to push into his old job. The continuing financial and political support of the Israeli/Jewish lobby is crucial to all of these efforts.
What does this new "strategic ally" status for Israel mean practically:
Israel essentially now has a defense treaty with the U.S. Any and all threats will be countered not only by the Israelis, but by the Americans; and not only by American money and arms, but by the CIA, the NSA as well, and American military forces if need be.
American money to build up Israel's military will increase still further, from just less than $2 this year to nearly $2.5 billion next.
The U.S. and Israel will work even more closely together on intelligence matters; the CIA and the Mossad now more involved in the area than ever, especially when it comes to putting down the Palestinians and keeping the despotic regimes in Riyadh, Amman, and other Arab capitals in place.
The U.S. is now committing itself to help provide the Jewish state with an anti-missile system and real-time space reconnaissance survelliance.
Beyond this "strategic ally" designation, Bill Clinton has also promised "to review" two more very important matters for his Jewish supporters. Will Clinton push forward the move of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, where a plot of land has already been selected? Will Clinton pardon Israel's spy Jonathan Pollard?
Clinton has already publicly indicated he will be reviewing both of these matters. A good guess? If Gore is elected in November, expect Clinton to probably do both before leaving office. If Bush is elected, probably just Pollard.
And all this is regardless of what happens to the Palestinians, to the "peace process", to U.N. resolutions, to the millions of refugees....regardless.
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