Bizarre Interview Over
HIV-AIDS Connection With
SA Minister Of Health
From Niel Kruger
Hi Jeff.
I am pasting a mail that was sent to me by a friend. Interesting.
Thanks for a Great Information Site.
Niel, South Africa
John Robbie's Interview With The South Africa Minister Of health
Here is the actual transcript, it makes amusing reading, the problem is that it is totally true. Now, the ANC wants Robbie fired. Go figure.
This is the full transcript of the Robbie interview. I have posted it so that those people who didn't hear the interview can judge for themselves whether or not PrimeMedia had any place apologising for it.
Robbie: You have said that the policy of the ministry is well known. Do you accept that HIV causes Aids?
Tshabalala-Msimang: Why do you ask me that question today? I have answered that question umpteen times.
R: Yes, and the answer is?
T-M: Umpteen timesm I have answered that question. My whole track record of having worked at the area of HIV and Aids for the last 20 years is testimony. Why should you ask me that question today?
R: You haven't answered the question, Manto.
T-M: Why should you ask me that question?
R: To avoid confusion.
T-M: I have never said anything contrary to what you want me to say today.
R: So, therefore, you accept that HIV causes Aids.
T-M: You are not going to put words into my mouth.
R: I am not putting words into your mouth. I am asking you a question.
T-M: Yes, you are.
R: I am asking you a straight - now hold on a second - I am asking you a straight question, the minister of health of South Africa, I am asking you a question: does HIV cause Aids?
T-M: I have been party to developing a strategic framework and that strategy testifies what my policy understandings of the HIV epidemic are. If you haven't read that, please go and read it. And then you will understand where I depart from.
R: Manto, Manto. A simple yes or no is the answer I am looking for.
T-M: You will not force me into a corner into saying yes or no.
R: I am not forcing you into a corner, I am asking you a straight question - I find your reaction bizarre.
T-M: I would advise you to read the strategic framework. You have to analyse it. It is important for the media to inform the public about the positions of government ... It is time that when you interview people not on yes or no but on the tenets of the framework.
R: Manto, we have gone as far as we can go. I find your reaction to that question absolutely bizarre and that is my final word on it.
T-M: I am not Manto to you. Let me tell you I am not Manto to you.
R: What are you?
T-M: I am the minister of health and I don't even know you.
R: So, what must I address you as, Miss Minister or Ms. Minister or Mrs. Minister?
T-M: I don't know, whatever you address me, but I am not a friend.
R: How must I address you?
T-M: I don't know - but you have to read the strategic framework.
R: Bizarre.
T-M: And I ...
R: Oh, go away!
T-M: And I am ...
R: I cannot take that rubbish any longer. Can you believe it? I have never in my life heard such rubbish.
Here we have a situation where the Minister of Health sends out a document, amongst others, that is looney tunes, which suggests that the Illuminati have conspired with the aliens to bring about AIDS to reduce the African population. Now you get the minister on [radio] to explain this and see what happens.
"Given that the president has led, not just in South Africa, but a complete world controversy, where many people think this country has been held up to ridicule at an international conference over this issue and given the proximity of the two, I thought it would be a good idea to get the minister in on this issue ... "... the fact that she would not answer that question leads me to be very, very worried indeed. I find that bizarre. Anyway, I won't call her Manto again".
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