Between A Rock
And A Rock
By Doug McIntosh <>
"On that day, when all the nations of the earth will be gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem a rock too heavy for any people to remove, and all who try to lift it shall injure themselves."(Zechariah Chapter 12 verse 3) The summer of 2000 will be remembered for the failed Jerusalem summit. This summit failure will have broad ranging global economic, military and political effects. The "caviar and lobster" G-8 summit in Okinawa was a photo op. Camp David will decide whether we have another MidEast War. We've already had an October War; we could have a September one to go with it.
My essay will look at how our modern world can be brought to the brink of war over the fate of one city. The MidEast is the only region of the world likely to trigger a global war in our lifetimes. Sure, China can blockade Taiwan, or Pakistan and India can go at it. Bluntly, no one will really care unless there is a nuclear exchange. It's only in the MidEast that the mixture of politics, economics, religion and land reach the critical mass needed to terrify the rest of the world. During this American summer of SUV's and cheesy politics, America has forgotten just how rapidly the MidEast can explode into crisis. On September 13th, the day Yassar Arafat declares Palestinian statehood, we will get a refresher course. Unless there is some sort of settlement at Camp David, the stage is set for an armed conflict over Jerusalem's status. Any reasonable human being must see what I see. However, not a hint of trouble in the lap dog press coverage. The old "they're working on it" routine won't cut it this time. Here's why...
Yassar Arafat has no wiggle room on Jerusalem. If he accepts anything less than officially recognized legal status and rule over East Jerusalem, he will be executed upon his return to the MidEast. The stakes are that high. Arafat's followers will accept nothing less. His followers clearly intend to declare statehood and then to fight Israel over Jerusalem. Summer camps in the West Bank and Gaza are training teenagers how to use weapons during street battles. It's time to wake up from our summer snooze and realize what the world faces in September.
As for Barak, he's in no position to offer any concessions at all. He barely survived a no confidence vote in the Knesset; his government is weak; if he concedes legal control of East Jerusalem to Arafat, he will probably be impeached or even be shot like Rabin was. Politics in the MidEast reaches a level of intensity that we can't understand here in the United States. People are more than ready to kill each other over Jerusalem. It's about time we understood that. Arafat doesn't want the fig leaf of "administrative control"; he needs East Jerusalem as his capital. Or else.
Given these kinds of conditions, one wonders why the child king even bothered to hold a Camp David summit at all. I suspect the child king was genuinely afraid of what will happen in September and didn't want to be blamed for not making every effort. Or maybe he was sniffing around for his legacy. Whatever. We are now on the verge of a public collapse in the Camp David talks. We are now on the verge of a public admission that Yassar will declare statehood, declare Jerusalem as his capital and then wait for the certain Israeli military response. At which point, we get a global response. Maybe the 101st Airborne as Jerusalem Peace keepers by Christmas for instance. Maybe the creation of a permanent United Nations Army. Maybe the New World Order makes its move to pacify a terrified world. We'll see. We'll give the acid test for whether gold responds to a world political crisis or not. There is nothing like a MidEast crisis to see for sure whether gold prices still respond to political tension or not. Less than 60 days.
The job of State Department spokesmen is to make statements like, "Barak and Arafat are aware of the seriousness of the situation", "The process on Jerusalem is very difficult." etc. etc. etc. It's for people like me to draw the obvious conclusions. First, the whole Camp David Summit was a last ditch, desperation move to avoid disaster in September. Second, the publicly stated positions of Mr. Barak and Mr. Arafat are so far apart and so subject to internal politics, that they are wasting their time. Third, everyone involved knows this. Fourth, any admission of this knowledge would cause instant economic and political chaos. So, the players will continue playing right up until September 13th. And then they will point fingers when the inevitable violence erupts. Mr. Arafat may then plead for the UN to guarantee his state and crush Israel. A shrewd move, but a dangerous one.
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the odds of violent confrontations between armed Israeli soldiers and armed Palestinian police are high. Throw in mobs of enraged youths, Islamic fundamentalists like Hamas, enraged Jewish settlers- well you get the idea. A lot of enraged people in a relatively small area. Did I mention they all have weapons over there?
OK, you're saying, who cares? You will, when the television news fills with day after day of mob violence throughout Israel. You will, when the Arab world explodes into a new spasm of anti western hatred. You will, when the crisis expands to drag in the entire world. The world simply cannot tolerate sustained violence in the MidEast. If it can't be contained by Israel or the PLO, then the United Nations will be forced to get involved. The UN will be responding to a global fear of a more widespread MidEast war. If things get too far out of control, then Jerusalem's status will force direct military intervention by the rest of the world.
Of course, this perfectly logical action will highlight certain predictions in Christian prophecy.
Predictions about a superimposed peace upon Israel and the guaranteed status of Jerusalem I might add. The exact kind of political scenario that is increasing in attractiveness to our desperate world leaders right now. All of which has profound economic, political and military implications, apart from our current Jerusalem crisis. I know I'm giving you a lot of profound military, economic and political implications to think about during summer, but exists to give its readers a heads up before the crisis hits. An investment in gold, at $280 in July, could bring a very good return during a September MidEast crisis-assuming we don't blow up the world of course.
What we are seeing here in the waning days of summer Y2K is the birthing of the global New World Order. The precise conditions are being created that allow, even demand, a global response to preserve MidEast peace. Do not be deceived gold-eagle readers, assuming there is a violent confrontation in Jerusalem, the global response might be stronger and faster than any of us imagine. There very well could be United Nations/United States troops deployed in Jerusalem before year's end. Perhaps the chaos will be used to convince the world of the need for a strong global government. The world will gladly accept this, if the alternative is continuous warfare between Jews and Arabs. At least this is one possible scenario to my somewhat diseased mind. The other is some sort of agreement is bribed, er hammered out, and the game goes on for a while longer. Time is running out and the common people on the ground are losing patience. My gut tells me there will be an explosion of anger, but they might be able to patch the MidEast together for a while longer.
Many gold eagle pundits are telling us gold's price may explode this fall. It's entirely possible that September events in Jerusalem will have something to do with that. If Jerusalem explodes, and people start buying gold in earnest, just where will the physical gold come from to meet demand Mr. GreenSpan?

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