The Golden Road To Unlimited
Totalitarianism- Part 7
By Diane Harvey <>
How far has secret government technology stealthily sped on ahead of our rigidly enforced peasant-level comprehension of it? We follow after almost entirely obliterated footprints, read the signs of ancient passages on the path, and examine musty old droppings left behind. Extrapolating from the archeological evidence, we hope to gain an idea of just how large, wily, armed and dangerous the techno-beast has become by now. Occasionally stopping to brandish our spears and mutter a few pithy slogans, we resume the endless effort to track the progress of the thing. Are we really fifty years behind the fabled fast-morphing beast that is up ahead there somewhere, invisible in the jungle of our ignorance, lurking, bristling with unimaginable weaponry? Sure we are. Is it even now wriggling its antenna array at us, able to do weird things from a distance? Sure it is.
The dizzying flight of the techno-beast has left behind more than spoor and flattened undergrowth. It has left behind entire previous incarnations of itself, and these scraps are what we are using for building our huts, trading our baubles, and whiling away the long nights. Our entire civilization is now composed of pieces of a gargantuan broken eggshell, and very few of us are concerned about looking around for what on earth emerged. The majority of people find the leftover castings of technology so entirely entertaining and comfortable to dwell in that no thought of the morrow need apply. But of course tomorrow is already here, up there ahead, far in the distance, where techno-beast is up and running.
There are many more ways to manage our predicament here than we are taking advantage of at present. We are not entirely lacking in resources to protect ourselves from the invisible machinations of those using remote electromagnetic means to tweak our settings into compliancy. Our worst problem is the current mass social agreement to live in a near-continuous state of undiscriminating adoration of beast-remnants. Fawning uncritically over our little cast-off techno-toys, we don t on the whole care where it all came from, what it does to us, what it means, or where it is going without our knowledge, agreement, or understanding. So willing and wholesale is this passionate attachment to the exciting aura of the techno-beast, that the most well meant energetic attempts to shake people awake meet with annoyed looks of complete incomprehension. Most people have already been successfully programmed to accept that technology is far too lovable to rudely question. But the overall social addiction to burying consciousness six feet under in beast-leavings is no reason for any individual to toss his or her own precious mind into the unexamined techno-dungheap. We are still free to do our own persnickety picking and choosing &aren t we?
Let s turn our piercing human intelligence, whatever we can muster up, to the boring old topic of television one more time. Yes, yes, I know: tv bad, no tv good. Anything else? But yes, in the light of it as the greatest sample of a giant beast-dropping we have around, we can poke a stick into this stinky matter once again. Bringing out the useful magnifying glass of root definitions of words, we find that tele comes from the Greek root meaning operating from a distance. Right here is a prime-time beast-clue. Technology by definition operates on us from a distance. (Think wriggling arrays of antennae , think electromagnetic wavelengths , think spooky invisible pulsations causing strange things .) The word vision comes from the root word meaning to see , and although we often give it a positive spin, it really means anything imaginable, hellish to heavenly, which can be seen. String all this together and a television is a beast-part operating on you from a distance, by a host of materialistically savvy people, who work for a small group of devoted acolytes from inside the techno-beast s secretive mind. The little group behind the curtain wants us fat, dumb and wide open to suggestion, and they know exactly how to do this. It is all nicely accomplished by implanting vicious, violent, and insanely inane visions directly into our subconscious. There s a cause-and-effect alteration-of-consciousness business here which ought to terrify the hapless addict, but which does not. Humans still foolishly imagine that what they see and hear is out there somewhere in their rooms. But for a fact, it is not. It is deeply embedded inside the passive watcher, all of it, slipped in past the now-tranquilized guard of conscious discrimination.
Television, tiresome subject for rumination though it may be, is still the best place to observe the direct and deliberate slaughter of refined and alert self-consciousness in the human race. Its content is a highly organized attack on the soul, the self-aware, untamed and creative individuality. Homo sapiens is being reduced to Homo sap. The method works by endlessly reiterating a level of sight and sound so devastatingly ugly to ordinary self-awareness that poor consciousness actually retreats from the assaults. Over time, consciousness lowers itself so far down, so often, that it can never bounce back. Permanent loss of acuity is then a fait accompli. Zoning out and mindless vulnerability is firmly established in the poor forebrain of the victim as enjoyment and a form of relaxation . What is being relaxed here is the actual material substance of the brain-mind connection between the human being and higher consciousness. Eventually this results in a definite reorganization of the human spirit into a mere pale reflection of the techno-beast s will. Presto change-o, you have been carefully revised downward into a very ingeniously passive-mode only edition of yourself.
Caveat emptor: Let the buyer beware . What are we buying, and buying into? In order to beware, it is necessary first of all to be aware. Ready or not, we are facing a level of totalitarian imposition not only beyond our wildest dreams, but unhappily, and more to the point, beyond our normal daily life consciousness as well. If meanwhile we are still paralyzed by the crudest manifestation of electromagnetic warfare, which is television programming, then how can we expect to learn the wonderful techniques for personal self-defense that are available? The first step in arming against more advanced predations of the techno-beast is to remove oneself from the most blatant levels of being controlled at a distance. If a person cannot do this, then the logical conclusion is that contact with higher consciousness has already been effectively short-circuited. Of course, many people pride themselves on being able to remain in control and on top of this. They say they only watch television by conscious choice, know where the off-button is, and how to press it. Maybe so, but it might be well nevertheless to scrutinize what implants are underway during viewing hours. Is only a wee taste here and there of passive stupefaction all that innocuous?
What all this adds up to is that each of us had better begin to take our own electromagnetic nature quite personally and seriously. We are currently living, most of us anyway, in deep ignorance of the electromagnetic spectrum and our own existence as a part of it. The average person barely knows the difference between X-ray and X-rated, electrons and elections, or a photon from a photomat. What we don t know is being used against us, and this kind of intimate tinkering with our mechanisms, without our knowledge, is only going to become more devious, intrusive, and pin-pointed. What we don t know is already hurting us and the damage is only intensifying. At the rate our ignorance is falling behind the curve of conscienceless cleverness, we will never even know what hit us. We do not however have any obligation to remain docilely in abject ignorance of our own electromagnetic potential. Despite the initial confusion when confronted with all this, it is a demonstrated fact that we do have the power to learn to protect ourselves considerably in these new levels of technological totalitarianism. It s possible that the worst problem we may be facing directly is our own mental laziness and reluctance to raise self-awareness to the necessary new pitch.
The level of reality we are obliged to concern ourselves with now is that every substance, emotion, thought and motive is also an electromagnetic frequency, which can be measured. All these phenomena exist as frequencies that can be discovered, amplified, diminished, and replaced by higher or lower vibrations. This is not so intimidating as it sounds however, since it has always been the case. We are already somewhat familiar with this even without the exact language to describe it. The primary example is the ability we all have, if we use it, to observe if we are basically in a positive or negative condition. We usually think of this as based on mood , or how we feel, although there is much more to it than that. It s a good place to start noticing in any case, because it s obvious. A negative mood is a negatively charged electromagnetic condition. However much people think of anxiety, fear, depression, anger, sadness, or feelings of hopelessness as normal , it still adds up to a fundamentally negative charge. These states may be normal in the sense of usual, but we are going to have to reconsider what normal means if we are to escape being available to external manipulation. The first premise of electromagnetic life is that a negatively charged state can be easily manipulated, and a positively charged state is not nearly as easily overwhelmed. This is a critical observation and the basis of all future protection against incoming electromagnetic insults to our individual integrity.
How do we achieve and maintain a positively charged existence in the physical, emotional and mental bodies? This necessitates arousing the spiritual nature into fully functioning activity. There are innumerable books written about all this, from the most ancient teachings to the best of modern discoveries. The problem is not how to , although Caveat Emptor applies here also, and much discrimination is required. There is a god-like power in all of us which, when awakened and trained, radiates outward and resists imposition from external forces quite well. The problem is that most of us see no particularly urgent reason to go to all this bother . We often don t even want to look at what we are doing, let alone to go to the trouble to transform ourselves up and out of negative conditions. Yet what we actually have available to counteract the techno-beast is spiritual technology, and the latent powers within us we don t bother to develop. It isn t really any trouble to take spiritual existence seriously: the real trouble is negative states, and these are now becoming dangerous in entirely new ways. And the forces of darkness are counting on the vast majority of people being too busy, too dull, too tired, and too lazy to take any of this seriously.
All great spiritual teachers throughout time have demonstrated the existence of miraculously creative spiritual energies latent within the human being. There is a saying about spiritual technology that very much applies here: Miracles are merely technology which we don t yet understand. Most of us have no idea yet who and what we really are. We have heard the rumors though, and we refer to these as religions. It doesn t usually occur to us that the Founders of all religions are demonstrating, for our benefit, our own actual potentials. We usually prefer worshiping-from-afar to the hard work of dedicated self-transformation. We admire the saintly and the highly spiritually evolved as if they were of a different species than ourselves. But the times we live in suggest that our sole recourse to manipulation from evil external sources is the rapid development of just those inner qualities and capacities we have heretofore ignored.
Consider first the plight of the physical body. Healthy nourishment is being carefully eradicated and replaced with the comprehensive totalitarian food and drink program, nourishment s deliberately dire and debilitating substitutes. A population of engorged, chemically poisoned and exhausted bodies is easily manipulated on the physical plane in every imaginable way, including electromagnetically. Yet information about how to create a positive state of health and well being is extensive, and more is known about the care and feeding of the body than ever before. There is no reason yet to capitulate and give up on achieving radiant physical health, because we can still find the means to achieve this with a bit of effort. Many of us just don t fathom the necessity to assume control and rebuild the body to withstand the latest level of assaults. But the overall state of the body is broadcasting a frequency at all times, and this will either offer itself to multilevel invasion, or not.
Consider also the life of the emotional body. Human emotions are an awfully touchy subject. The habitual attitude in this country is all too often to believe that any emotional state is sacrosanct, as is, no matter what it is. We get away with it for long periods of time, as if we were helpless victims of circumstances, when we choose to be miserable, depressed, forlorn, bitter, angry or afraid as a way of life. Even to use the word choose in relation to individual emotional existence is already infuriating to many. We dwell in a time of wildly indulgent reaction to the previous generations of emotional repression, and any attempt to point out the necessity for self-control is often met with blank stubborn refusal. Yet no useful and protective spiritual power can be developed in a habitual negative emotional climate, whether we want to hear this or not. The eternal spiritual rules have not changed just because we are collectively going through a nightmare of emotional violence and extremes of all sorts. And again, there is a large and various body of literature available describing the process of managing and upgrading the emotional life. If we care to do it, the techniques are readily available. It could be argued too that a negative emotional condition is the most easily programmable and electromagnetically vulnerable of all. Fear, in particular, is a devastating wavelength to be broadcasting, and opens us up to all sorts of invisible attacks. There is nothing new in this, but the level of organized totalitarian assault is increasingly subtle. Therefore the level of our own emotional broadcasting likewise requires increased subtlety and refinement as a strengthening rebuff and countermeasure.
Our own mental powers are typically almost uncharted territory for most of us. Few of us actually produce our own thoughts, which is the definition of a positively charged state on the mental plane. Most of those fleeting things running around between our ears are imported productions. When free from work-directed concentration, our minds usually are an ever changing, disorganized mob of half-baked, pointless, implanted and contradictory thoughts, milling around aimlessly. Furthermore, our minds at work are seldom at work on self-realization. Our conscious awareness mostly finds itself superglued to material ends. This is a very weak state of awareness, divided, confused, and easily tampered with. In this condition, the right pinpoint technology can get right in there and sway the mind in a predetermined direction. Rather than causing fear, this realization ought to highly stimulate us to learn to do our own thinking. A continuous and clear emission of individual thought is a frequency very hard to meddle with from a distance at this time. We are mainly still imposed on quite voluntarily. We devote ourselves so habitually to the low-grade and low-rent realms of mind: the getting-and-having levels. And then there is the willing capitulation to the ever present, calculatedly mind-murdering offerings of totalitarian entertainments of various kinds. So long as the average person sits stupidly in front of the generic mind-mangling machine of television for hours every day, all is well for the dark powers. Precise mass mind control of other kinds still seems to require certain further refinements in order to be as effective as is planned. While they are working on it, we had better be working on ourselves, learning to broadcast who we are with focused and determined insistence.
The physical, emotional and mental bodies are woven together electromagnetically, and concentrate energy in whirlpools called the seven centers or chakras. These basic dynamos emit their own particular frequencies, depending on the level of consciousness. Taken all together, there is an overall wavelength or frequency which is our individual electromagnetic signature. Fortunately, the forces of totalitarianism do not yet know how to calculate precisely what this is or directly interfere with it, at least in any mass scale. You can only prove this to yourself, however, by knowing what contact with your own soul is like, and what kind of thinking ensues from that contact. The reason to make haste upwards to this experiential spiritual level is thus very compelling. And we can t imagine they won t try to cancel out this frequency if the techno-beast gets that far, can we? Of course they will, if they ever figure out how, and they are determined to get there.
The war for control of human souls is now being waged in higher, deeper, subtler and more organized dimensions than far too many of us are as yet willing to participate in. We do have the capacity to defend ourselves spiritually and therefore electromagnetically. From EMF protection to Remote Healing, from Prayer to Meditation and Yoga, there are any number of practices which shore up, protect and develop our electromagnetic existence. These spiritual technologies are the exact counterpart to the material technologies being used against us. They are what we have, they are all we have, and the honest ones work. Caveat Emptor: discrimination is more than ever exceedingly required in choosing any path of spiritual development. Spiritual and material technologies, opposite polarities on the electromagnetic spectrum, are facing off for a perhaps final confrontation. There is no neutral ground here. The broadcast frequencies that we actually are have no off button. Either we consciously grasp the fundamentals of all this as it applies to our own lives, or the dark forces will do it for us. Imagine the consequences.

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