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From Harry Mason <>
(Note - Most of the entire first hour of Joyce Riley's explosive 8-31-00 interview with Jeff was not available on the net. We don't know why. Please note: we will be re-broadcasting her important interview this Sunday, 9-3-00, beginning at 8pm Pacific. We expect that it will be properbly archived on that date.)
Dear Jeff,
It is Friday the 1st of September here in Perth Western Australia and I am listening to your Real Player archived August 31st interview with Captain Joyce Riley.
She was talking about US Army personnel doing only training in urban warfare and gun confiscation war games, and other info suggesting an iminent mobilisation of some 90,000 special US Government-Military personnel in late September-Early October. The following observations re: recent events in Australia might interest you.
As many US citizens probably know, our Australian private ownership of most types and calibres of guns was made illegal and they were "all" confiscated a year or so ago - following immediately on from some "convenient" terrible gun massacres in Tasmania (and similar events in Scotland, UK about one month earlier).
Our SAS special forces then suffered a major incident involving the collision of fully-armed personel laden Black Hawk helicopters on a night time mission in Queensland. Many key troopers were killed and maimed in this incident. At the time these men were involved in a low level high speed interdiction training exercise attacking an isolated farm house involving a scenario of a force of "terrorists" holed up at the farm. Such rapid deployment scenario exercises having been common here for some time. I am informed by serving and retired Australian service men (with good internal military contacts) that virtually all Australian army personnel training in recent years has concentrated on taking out isolated farm houses full of 'armed terrorists.'
The recent UN Police action in East Timor came as quite a shock and required a major effort on behalf of our now severely depleted regular forces. More recently the SAS and other army personnel have been involved in intensive urban warfare training in all major Australian cities with abseiling out of helicopters etc. This training is publicised as taking out terorists that might try to attack the Olympics. One such training exercise caused significant explosive ordnance damage to a sports venue in Sydney.
Now the Olympics commences in Sydney on the 14th of September and runs for several weeks. There will be many international visitors. Sydney is conducting training exercises such as rapid evacuation of trains or stations if suspicious packages are found. All of this is comendable given the current state of humanity, however the long term Australian Military training exercises re isolated farmhouses and the confiscation of our guns has made many here wonder just what is really going down.
The gun confiscation laws were rapidly introduced to Parliament and rigourously enforced on doubters at local political meetings prior to their actual adoption by Parliament. The Press hollered loudly via "overwealming public poll results" FOR the confiscation of guns. Many ordinary Australians were made to feel and seem to be pariahs by media coverage for having an interest in guns. Many prominent persons were heavied by others higher up the "democratic" control structure to adopt public pro gun confiscation stances. State Ministers went to Canberra "determined" to get this new gun nonsense changed. They soon came back much subdued but suddenly quite vocal now FOR pro gun confiscation laws. Public gun club meetings were heavily controlled even as far as turning off the sound system power to prevent dissenters being heard. Thousands of such dissenters turned up for these meetings - the biggest gun club meetings ever seen - but the club management control freaks were already in place - having been offered choice party jobs such as parliamentary candidatures etc. - (not honoured eventually !!!), or simply heavied by the Police Commisssioners, to keep the lid on. Queens council lawyers stated that Magna Carter and the Rights Therein of the Populace to bear arms were examples of BAD Laws that were no longer enforced by the legal system. [Arbitary acceptance or disqualification of existing laws now seems to be the norm for our society down under]. It was as if there was a strict timetable and that "they" would brook no counter intention to the removal of the peoples guns.
Very recently some new laws have been mooted here. They have been rushed through Parliament - again with almost zero public comment or protest time. These laws have, or are about to be, ratified by our Parliament and hence made legally enforceable.
1) A law whereby they can confiscate your bank account and assets and you must then prove that you obtained them legally. Publically stated to be the answer to rich Australian business criminals sequestering their ill gotten gains into trusts, or drug dealers etc. Recently a man died before going to trial. His assets were then confiscated under the new law inspite of his never being convicted of any crime. Thus you are now guilty unless proven innocent .... Two thousand years of British laws and freedoms won by the battle death of many have just been thrown to the winds.
2) The few remaining gun stores here are to have enforced very restricted inventories of guns and ammunition. Presumeably to prevent mass burglary of large arsenals. Boy, are "they" worried ....... Probably recent popular uprisings and associated events in Fiji and the Solomons Isles have given our government room wallahs for thought.
3) The Federal Government have introduced a new bill that allows for Federal Ministers to send in the Australian military to any trouble spot eg. Riots etc. in any State throughout Australia - without the approval or request of the relevant State government. This will be law next week. It has been VERY rushed - allegedly to be in place for the Olympics. Previously the State Police had to ask the State Government and they COULD request the Federal Government for assistance by our national troops. It probably only happened for the famous Eureka Stockade Miners rebellion in Victoria in the 1800's - if ever. That rebellion was our rough equivalent of your Alamo and was ruthlessly suppressed. A few survivors settled in Western Australia and created my home town of Jarrahdale.
Now we are wondering just what kind of situation could develop where any Australian State Government would NOT request military help but the Federal Government would need the legal right to enforce "help" control of the Australian population by the use of Australian troops ??? 4) The Tax regime has also been recently changed to include a 10% "GST" (Goods and Services Tax) with almost everybody now having to make monthly financial activity reports and provide all details of business arrangements and bank accounts. You now have an ABN (Australian Business Number = "Another Bloody Number") number to quote in all your transactions such that you can now be easily tracked across all Government computer data bases. Apparently (we are informed !) WE requested such a number to make it easier for us to interact with Government Departments.
Now after a few weeks of operation the Government Tax take is said to have rocketed skywards but most business is experiencing a 25-30% down turn in cash flows. Some are saying the last time they had to cough up 10% across the board on every transaction was during the Middle Ages to the Church - it got rich very fast. Of course you can claim some of this tax back. It took me and two others a few days to fill in the forms and collect receipts together for my small company. Yesterday we received a Government cheque for A$120. We feel incredibly rich. But as fuel just rocketed up from 80 cents per litre to around 100 cents per litre we will need every cent to survive. There is also a dog and pony show involving Andrew Peacock (our previous Ambassador to the USA) visiting all our cities holding meetings on what do the ordinary Australian population want to do with the Australian Defence Forces. I wanted to go to our Perth meeting yet it was not publicised in the press - until the day after the actual meeting - when we were informed that apparently most West Australians had requested we greatly increase the size and equipment inventory of the Australian Military !!!
Now, I happen to agree with this idea - given the nature of our neighbours we would be fools not to !!! BUT it actually comes over as a huge Spin Doctor exercise designed to prime Australians to view a massive increase in taxes for military spending as "wanted by most Australians". Whether or not we actually do want it !!! For Public meetings read: specially-invited interest groups .
Journalists here have begun to openly question the Federal Governments control of dissenting voices - on any issues - They have been cutting off supporting government grants to various committees designed to keep a watching brief on Government activities. The Federal Government is being accussed "that instead of listening and encouraging Free Speech it is shutting it down on all manner of issues". At times I feel as if I am watching a live Jonathon Swift Novel unfold in Brobidnag (Sp?) or some clone thereof - but believe it this is modern life in a Western Democracy !!!
The scene here is fast approaching that prevalent during World War Two when rigid control was enforced upon the Nation. From where I sit it looks likely we are heading rapidly into a totalitarian war footing. Possible scenarios include serious financial collapse of the US Dollar and surrogate economies (such as OZ), or the disintegrating Indonesian "Empire" situation, and recent activities in West Timor with border crossings by Indonesian Army trained and supplied "Militias' killing UN soldiers in East Timor. But my money is on more international scenarios such as that supplied by the normally very reliable London Daily Telegraph on August the 27th - about 700,000 Chinese troops massing in the Sudan - see below. Remember just across the Red Sea from the Sudan is Saudi Arabia and all of that oil, whilst Sadam Hussein Land is not much further away. Just who was testing cruise missiles across western Pakistan recently ??? I hope I am wrong but it certainly looks like something wicked this way comes.
The only thing that would really stir up Australians and require the sending in of Federal troops is the shutting down of all pubs and footy events - except war and/or totalitarian rule and/or economic collapse that is. Or, is this an arranged One World Government sort of thingy ???
Either way personal and civil freedoms appear destined for the scrap heap AGAIN - and it looks like we've got a major fight on our hands to "keep the work free".
Best Regards and Very Good Luck, Harry Mason
Western Australia
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