The Republican Party
Leadership - Masters Of Deceit
By Joel Skousen
World Affairs Brief
c. Joel Skousen Quotations with attribution permitted.
To a great extent the lies and deception underlying the manipulation of conservative sentiment in the US by the Republican party exceed those of the Clinton Democrats--if not in quantity (it,s hard to beat Bill Clinton on quantity), at least in the level of danger. With Bill Clinton, most conservatives can easily discern his lies and are mobilized to action against him. With George W. Bush and Bill Cheney, almost all conservatives have been suckered into the false hopes of being saved by "true believers pushing all the right hot buttons--well,not quite all. A good portion of the Bush-Cheney statements are outright socialist in meaning as they cater to an ever-more benefit-corrupted majority of voters. Let,s look at Bush,s highly touted Convention speech in Philadelphia.
He spoke of principles and yet uttered a host of carefully crafted proposals that violate every conservative principle of limited government. They sound nice, but anyone with experience in government knows that to implement these proposals requires socialist federal programs, at increased cost to taxpayers. My comments are in parentheses:
"...extend the promise of prosperity to every forgotten corner of this country. (This is Marxist garbage thinking. There is no universal promise of prosperity in the free market--only freedom from interference as each person pursues his own interests, fulfilling the needs of others in the process. Every forgotten corner of this country, implies that the blame for poverty lies in lack of government attention.)
"We will strengthen Social Security and Medicare for the greatest generation (egregious flattery), and for generations to come...make prescription drugs available and affordable for every senior who needs them. (An honest, thinking conservative would try to wean people away from the damaging side-effects of prescription drugs and into natural health and nutrition. This Clinton proposal is a bailout for the big drug industry and is also a budgetary disaster.) To seniors in this country ... You earned your benefits (not really true--payback far exceeds input for most people--that,s why SS is a ponzi scheme), you made your plans, and President George W. Bush will keep the promise of Social Security (impossible! There isn,t any money in the trust fund--it,s been robbed by Congress every year to pay current government expenses) ... no changes, no reductions, no way. For younger workers, we will give you the option your choice to put a part of your payroll taxes into sound, responsible investments... (He,s playing the benefit-corruption music people love to hear--promising to continue the nearly unlimited future benefits of SS, while allowing young workers to pay into another private system. While the latter is the only good solution, by offering both Bush is going to transfer the future SS deficit to the general fund--and yet will promise tax cuts in the next breath. Clinton did the same shameless thing in his State of the Union address.)
"Too many American children are segregated into schools without standards (Bush intends to back national school standards, which will mean control), shuffled from grade-to-grade because of their age,regardless of their knowledge (true). This is discrimination, pure and simple (no, it,s permissiveness which Bush doesn,t understand and cannot cure) the soft bigotry of low expectations (it,s not bigotry at all, but a byproduct of liberal standards in credentialed public teacher training). And our nation should treat it like other forms of discrimination ... We should end it (he means by federal force and intervention. That is the danger of his allusion to discrimination--it implies the justification of federal force, which is very dangerous). Local people should control local schools (nothing he proposes does anything but require a larger federal role, at least in mandates to local districts. In the ultimate sense, he,s playing to a common ignorant conservative notion --that if we let our local officials undermine our rights and force our participation in the evils of public education it,s somehow better than if the feds do it to us) ...Make Head Start an early learning program, teach all our children to read, and renew the promise of America's public schools (there is no "promise of public schools except to take everyone,s tax money and then control values through a small cadre of credentialed professions. Using the Head Start program as an entry point into universal kindergarten is a long-time leftist strategy that Bush has embraced).
"We will give low-income Americans tax credits to buy the private health insurance they need and deserve. (Deserve implies a fundamental right, which health care is not. Pushing more people into the insurance trap only forces those people to rely on the establishment medical system rather than good nutrition and prevention. Tax inducements for employers to provide paid health benefits to employees is the foremost cause [after Medicare] for the catastrophic rise in health care costs in the US.)
"We will transform today's housing rental program to help hundreds of thousands of low-income families find stability and dignity in a home of their own. (This will involve a federal subsidy program which was started in Europe where low-income tenants are allowed to buy their units for pennies on the dollar. While it is true that people take better care of units they own, the heavy discount they receive at taxpayer,s expense is a violation of the rights of those taxpayers (us) who have to pay full value for housing.)
"Racial progress has been steady, if still too slow. (The inference here is that more federal intervention is necessary. Government cannot force people to accept others without trampling on the right to make exclusionary choices. Most conservatives don,t realize that the right to discriminate in choices of personal or business association is a fundamental right--not an amoral bias. Without this right to discriminate, we are slowing seeing almost every minority group from homosexuals to the obese being protected from negative judgment, all the while making it more difficult for others to be free from unwanted associations.)
"We are learning to protect the natural world around us. We will continue this progress, and we will not turn back. (This was code aimed at the environmentalist movement hinting that Bush will not sign any legislation cutting back on the onerous and radical environmental regulations that are hampering or destroying many American small businesses.)
"We will enforce existing gun laws strictly. (This statement has a double meaning. Many existing laws are now anti-gun and anti-second amendment. On the one hand, he is telling the liberals that he won,t try to repeal any of the existing bad law, while making conservatives think he is merely vigorous in attacking criminals.)
Lastly on the negative side, he invoked many references to God, just like Bill Clinton. This is an evil habit of politicians. My research has concluded that the reports of George W. Bush,s womanizing, drug use, and lack of sincere religious feelings are accurate, despite propaganda recently published in the Washington Times showcasing Bush,s religious background. For him or Clinton to play up to God is very offensive to the Almighty, no matter how desperately conservatives may want to hear it.
On the good side, Bush said all the right things about reconstituting a strong military, defending America and cutting taxes. I think he is lying. He knows the PTB intend to give Congressional control back to the Democrats so that Bush will have an excuse not to carry through with this urgent necessity. Of course, even if he does build up the military, it will only be used to further UN "peacekeeping missions (intervention against any nation opposing the NWO). In the next breath he pledged to work toward continued nuclear disarmament. You can,t have a strong military without a credible nuclear deterrent, so his buying into this strong leftist agenda is telling. But Bush won,t have to take all the blame for breaking his promises to the military. We will have a depression during his administration which will force major budget cuts in defense anyway.
He also promised to protect the American people with a missile defense (just like Clinton). This is a lie of insidious proportions. The ABM system will certainly be the same type being pursued currently which will not be effective nor in sufficient quantity to do the job. Lastly, he promised a full round of tax cuts including eliminating the hated estate tax. But once again, it will be staged so far into the future that the coming depression will overtake these cuts before they are fully in effect.
THE VICE PRESIDENT: WHY DICK CHENEY OVER ELIZABETH DOLE? I have been tracking a statement by Dwayne Andreas (believed to be a highly placed insider with the secret coterie that controls the US government) that the next President and VP would be George W. Bush and "Liddy Dole. He said this over two years ago, before either had entered the race. I think it was clear that the establishment fully intended to push for a Bush-Dole ticket. The media promoted her at every turn and the establishment funded a large petition drive on her behalf, (which they did for no other VP candidate). I think there was a concerted attempt by the insiders to throw a bone to the radical feminist movement. However, with a majority of the US people favoring Democratic/socialist solutions, it becomes harder each time the insiders want to put the Republicans back in power. I don,t believe the PTB could have risked running a weak VP like Liddy Dole unless the Demos were also willing to put a woman on the ticket.
The media had hinted that both parties may pick women VPs. I,m sure they would like to establish this as a de facto "rule in politics, as in broadcast journalism, where every major anchor team has to have a female component. But Gore was faced with having to run with Diane Feinstein, which would have been a disaster. She would have easily upstaged Gore, who is a poor speaker. In addition, Feinstein may already know that the Gore ticket is going to lose and didn,t want to turn out like Geraldine Ferraro. So with Gore deciding against a female running mate, the Republicans couldn,t afford to risk it either. Dole is really looking her age too, and would NOT have looked good up against the younger Bush.
But the ultimate reason may have been the requirement that the RNC leadership give the conservative wing of the Republican party a token concession to keep their loyalty. The liberals suspiciously let the conservatives win a unanimous victory in the platform battles over abortion--a plank neither Bush nor Cheney has any intention of endorsing with any enthusiasm. But conservatives leaders in Washington allow themselves to be pacified by the Republican leadership if only on one big issue. The RNC gave them the abortion issue, knowing that the Supreme Court would stop anything from becoming law anyway. But the conservatives had threatened to leave the party if they didn,t at least get a firm stand on abortion. They got the verbiage in the platform but they won,t get any action. Dole was anti-gun and pro-choice and would have precipitated a conservative walk-out, perhaps lending support for Pat Buchanan. So the kingmakers gave them Dick Cheney--as phony a conservative as Geo. W., but more believable.
What Dick Cheney has is an image that looks very conservative, and indeed, he was fairly conservative as a Congressman from Wyoming (although he stated recently that he would vote differently now if he were in Congress). His wife Lynn (a Ph.D.) is also touted as a tough conservative on education issues. But beneath the surface, the conservative image unravels quickly. Lynn served as head of the liberal National Endowment for the Humanities, and failed to curtail its major funding of liberal causes. To her credit she did stop some of the worst specific abuses, but without hampering the overall system of liberal patronage. This type of leadership only reinforces the conservative flawed thinking that inherently evil institutions (UN, PBS, IRS, public schools, etc.) can be reformed and used for good. The Cheneys also have a daughter who is reported to be a lesbian and who the media will showcase throughout this administration.
Cheney himself is a long-time insider who has risen through the halls of power and wealth by his many establishment connections. Like Hillary Clinton, Cheney was rewarded with insider trading privileges allowing him to amass a fortune after serving in Congress. He served as Secretary of Defense during the Persian Gulf War and thus was co-conspirator in this internationalist scheme to build the NWO, cover for Russia,s secret alliance with Iraq during the war, and allow Saddam Hussein to survive for future Hegelian purposes (creating conflict so as to justify a more evil "solution). He was selected for multiple director positions at establishment corporations (US West, Morgan Stanley, Halliburton Oil, etc) which enhanced his wealth and allowed him to continue to carry out internationist orders. He went to China during the dispute over China,s military incursions onto Philippine territory in the Spratley Islands, and came out declaring that "China was not a threat to the world, and only had peaceful intentions. Cheney also was in charge of approving Chinese visitors to US defense plants during the Bush administration. I suspect that George Bush will not be able to play the pro-China card that Bill Clinton has played, and has chosen Cheney to carry on the secret rearmament of China that the establishment has embarked upon ever since the previous Bush administration. Cheney claims to be a fiscal conservative, but he recently came out for government price controls over energy resources.
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