Chamish Calls For New,
Formal Investigation Of
Rabin Murder
From Barry Chamish <>
This morning, the following letter translated to Hebrew, was placed on the desk of Israel's State Comptroller Eliezer Goldberg. Later in the day, the documents, tape and picture were sent to him by registered mail. I have officially asked the State Comptroller to investigate vital aspects of the Rabin murder. We shall now wait and see if the State Comptroller is doing his duty as his mandate demands. - Barry
To The Honorable Eliezer Goldberg State Comptroller Jerusalem
Subject: Inconsistencies In The Official Investigation Of The Rabin Assassination
The following request for an investigation is backed by ample evidence in the form of authorized records, photographic and videotaped evidence. The first two documents are the conclusions of the Shamgar Commission Of Inquiry on how Yitzhak Rabin was murdered. Indicated on pages 24 and 31 of the Shamgar Commission findings are the conclusions that Yitzhak Rabin was shot twice in the back from the range of approximately 50 cm. These conclusions remain the official version of Rabinís death.
The third document is the testimony of Chief Inspector Baruch Gladstein of the Israel Police Crime Laboratory from the protocols of the trial of Yigal Amir. The police findings are very different from those of Shamgar. Laboratory tests prove that Rabin was shot from less than 20 cm. and again from point blank range, that is from 0 distance. The two conclusions are dramatically different and I request that the reason for the difference be investigated.
The Number Of Shots
The fourth document is the sixth page of Rabinís attending surgeon, Dr. Mordechai Gutmanís Surgical Report. This is the third wound he describes and it is a frontal injury. The bullet entered the upper lobe of Rabinís right lung and travelled in a direct path to his spinal cord where it shattered the vertebrae at D5-6. The path is from the front and such a wound cannot be caused by a shot from the back.
The fifth and six documents are the Surgical Review, prepared by Dr. Gutman later in the evening. If there is any question that Dr. Gutman was mistaken in his initial report, it is impossible that he made the same error twice. In the Review, Dr. Gutman again describes a third, frontal, shot which punctured the lung and then shattered vertebrae 5, 6 and additionally D7.
Document seven - Rabin arrives at reception with two gunshot wounds (GSW).
Document eight - In ER the two wounds are operated on. They are a shot from the right shoulder blade to a point under the skin at Mid-Clavicular Line (MCL) 3-4. In short, the bullet travelled from the shoulder blade to just under the right nipple in a straight line. The second shot enters the waist from the back and takes a path through the spleen, diaphragm and left lung. There is no mention of a wound from the right lung to the spinal cord.
Document nine - The operation summary tells a dramatically different story. Prepared by the Ichilov Head Of Nursing, Svetlana Slimovitz and approved by Drs. Gutman, Kluger, Ostrovsky and Yekirivitch, Rabin now has another wound in addition to the gunshot wounds reported in reception and ER. It enters the right lung and causes spinal shock, or a shattering of the spinal cord. Once again, a third wound is reported.
Document ten - At 2 AM, Nov. 5, the State Pathologist, Dr. Yehuda Hiss prepared a partial autopsy report and within, the wound from the right lung to the spine disappeared. Note clause 18, stating that there were no breaks to Rabinís spinal cord. The Shamgar Commission accepted this report as accurate despite the reports previously cited of six doctors and nurses that Rabinís vertebrae were shattered. I request that this glaring inconsistency be investigated.
Videotape Of Shimon Peres
I submit as evidence of a government misdeed, an interview of Shimon Peres that appeared on the Public Broadcasting Corporation (PBS) of the U.S.
Following is a transcript of the interview:
Stock footage of overhead shot of the rally. Rabin and Peres sing Song Of Peace on the podium.
Announcer: On the night Syria and Israel agreed to renew talks, a rally was held in Tel Aviv.
Peres: We sang, the three of us, the singer Miriam Aloni, Yitzhak and myself. Yitzhak and I are not great singers. He had the words of the peace song written on a sheet of paper. After we sang, Yitzhak folded it and put it in the pocket of his jacket.
Peres opens the left side of his jacket and puts the imaginary sheet inside the pocket.
Announcer: On the way to his car, he was shot dead by an Israeli extremist.
Peres: Three bullets went through his heart and through the songsheet.
Eitan Haber announces Rabin's death outside Ichilov Hospital. Yasir Arafat expresses his condolences.
Peres: We went to the room where he was lying on the bed. His body was covered in a sheet up to here.
Peres indicates to the chest.
Peres: On his face was an expression of peace and maybe irony. It was his typical Rabin smile.
Peres chokes up.
Peres: I kissed his forehead and said goodbye.
Announcer: Peres was now prime minister.
In this interview Mr. Peres states that he was in Rabinís room, saw the corpse and there were three bullets in it, one shot from the front. If there was a shot to the upper lobe of Rabinís lung, Mr. Peres would have seen it as he says.
Then we must ask, why did Mr. Peres not testify to this fact at the Shamgar Commission? More seriously, why, as Prime Minister did Mr. Peres approve the Shamgar Commission findings of two shots to the back when he knew better? I request that these most serious questions be investigated.
The Song Sheet
Mr. Peres states that Prime Minister Rabin folded the song sheet and placed it in the side pocket of his packet. Then a bullet pierced the song sheet.
This is not true. Document eleven is a photo of the song sheet. In the left bottom quarter we see what looks like a bullet hole, but in fact, is a stain, likely caused by someone trying to make it appear to look like a bullet hole. But the sheet was folded in quarters and a real bullet would have left four holes in the sheet. The song sheet was on display at Mount Herzl for two years and currently sits in the Prime Ministerís archive in Talpiot, Jerusalem. Many thousands of people have viewed the sheet and have seen that there is no bullet hole in it. I request that you investigate why Mr. Peres claimed there was.
There is no doubt that the documentation submitted to you justifies an investigation. If you do go ahead with such an investigation, I have much more evidence to present to you. I await your positive response.
Thank you.
Barry Chamish

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