Coca-Cola, The CIA, And
The Courts - Part 5
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>
The Blackmail Machine Rolls On
It was set to be a crucial hearing in the media-ignored Coca-Cola case in Chicago's federal district court. U.S. District Judge Blanche M. Manning [(312) 435-7608] was determined NOT to hear in open court on August 22, 2000, that Coca-Cola had a reputed spy in the camp of their opponent, Robert E. Kolody, who was sueing Coke for theft of his storyboards and designs. In law, his claim is called theft of intellectual property.
The monopoly press, beholden to major advertiser Coca-Cola, has purposely evaded reporting on this case. Kolody's out-of-state attorney, Dan Ivy, had on August 9, bravely filed a Motion demanding the Judge expunge all her rulings favoring Coke, since the reputed spy reportedly conveyed confidential legal strategies of Kolody to his opponent, Coke. It is called Fraud Upon the Court, an unusual procedure that makes most of those of the bench and the bar plenty nervous. Kolody's required "local counsel", Daniel V. Hanley, the reputed spy, in the presence of witnesses, had confessed to me that Coca-Cola knew Kolody's court strategies because Hanley's sister is media buyer for Coca-Cola.
The court-filed Motion with my signed Declaration attached, among other things, pointed out: [1] That power-broker, and gambling casino overlord, WILLIAM F. CELLINI, reportedly paid one million dollars to buy in 1994 the federal court judgeship for Blanche M. Manning. The pay-off reportedly made through then-U.S. Senator Carol Moseley-Braun. [Braun lost the re-election in 1998 because of growing scandlas she could not explain away. As to Buying a Judgeship, visit my website.] Cellini reportedly is linked to the nationwide criminal cartel. [2] My Declaration transcribed two interviews, done in the presence of witnesses, of Daniel V. Hanley. [3] That the Tribune Company, parent of the Chicago Tribune, and their media empire, have been blackmailing Judge Manning by seeking to intervene, as of right they claimed, without publicity, in another one of Judge Manning's cases. To point out that the Judge engaged in secret proceedings without notice, and censored and redacted court records, as part of an apparent cover-up. As later determined, the Tribune Company wanted to pressure Judge Manning, and Coke's media buyer, MARY HANLEY, so Tribune would get more advertising bucks from Coca-Cola. With the merger with the Los Angeles Times, Tribune Company got more heavily in debt. Getting a big share of Coke's billion dollars a year advertising slush fund would help Tribune Company and their banks.
Prior to the show-down August 22 hearing, Judge Manning jumped the gun and rejected the Fraud Upon the Court Motion out of hand. The Judge issued a ruling loaded with what Dan Ivy later on August 22, described in court to her face, as her "judicial perjuries". Identified by Dan Ivy were how, to try to cover up and evade, the Fraud Upon the Court, involving the Judge herself, that she sraight out lied. The Judge falsely described the Motion as one to disqualify herself. No such thing in the Motion. Ivy confronted the Judge with a string of her lies. The Judge resisted allowing the witnesses against the reputed spy to be heard. The witnesses were all present in the courtroom.
Notice the time-line: Prior to the key hearing, Daniel V. Hanley informed Kolody that Hanley's sister, Coke media buyer Mary Hanley, is going out of the country, to Ireland. Would she be available as a witness? Her testimony could scandalize her company, DDB advertising agency, in matters that involve both Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola. [More later.] Prior to the key hearing, in a business column 8/15/00, in the Chicago Tribune, it is announced that Mary Hanley of DDB Chicago has been elected Senior Vice President and is a group media director.
By the way, as Coke's media buyer, Mary Hanley has tremendous clout as to who in the mass media get part of Coke's billion dollars a year ad bucks.
After resisting hearing the witnesses, Judge Manning suddenly leaves the bench, presumably to get instructions from "higher ups". In the recess, six federal security patrol officers enter the Courtroom. An excuse supposedly is that the Judge will briefly divert a few minutes to sentence a jail-bird, in an orange prison jumpsuit, brought in through a side door. After the brief diversion, however, the federal police do not leave. Judge Manning then tries to intimidate me demanding I roll my wheelchair to the rear of the courtroom. I told her I am an electronic journalist and wish to be upfront to observe and hear good. One of the federal police stands up and started over to me, to forceably remove me. Under threat, I rolled over to sit right near one of the federals with his intercom in his ear.
Suddenly the Judge changes her mind and the witnesses were called such as me. I was asked what I do. Looking right at Judge Manning, I told her I investigate crooked judges for the purpose of putting them in jail. Pointing to the reputed spy for Coca-Cola who confessed to me in the presence of others, I detailed what was said. The reputed spy did not, however, appear to deny my interviews with him about his sister.
In the Kolody case, the two defendants are The Coca-Cola Company and their marketing adjunct, Simon Marketing. Simon's alleged attorney was asked why she did not inform the Court that Simon had merged and is now part of Cyrk, Inc. The attorney, Jacqueline A. Criswell [law firm Tressler, Soderstrom, Maloney & Priess(312) 627-4000] told Judge Manning that she did not know of the merger.
Apparently not adequately revealed in the Court record is that Criswell does NOT represent Simon Marketing but rather, the insurance carrier under an errors and omission policy carried by many corporations. And the name of the insurance company has not been disclosed in the Court record. Also, Cyrk has reportedly failed to inform the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission of the Kolody suit as required by SEC regulations.
From all the known facts, it appears that there may be a scam underway to rip off the insurance carrier. No great surprise. Illinois and Texas are havens for pirate insurance companies aand havens for massive insurance frauds, because of crooked state insurance regulators. Coke appears to be fraudulently shifting the multi-million dollar damage claim against them, for theft of intellectual property, so their former marketing adjunct, Simon, would take the blame to be underwritten by the insurance company.
Coca-Cola's advertising agency DDB, may be part of a huge price-fixing and market-tampering mess. Advertising agencies become privy to tremendous financial and political secrets of their clients. Such as: the market demographics. Data on profiling would-be customers. Price trends. Political trends that effect marketing products. Problems needed to be "fixed" and judges and others necessary to be corrupted, for the benefit of their clients. Where the product sells the best, so as to put a related business unit right nearby. Point-of-purchase strategies.
Closely scrutinizing DDB's website is helpful:
DDB, once called Needham, has been trying to stay low-key on the fact that they represent PEPSI-COLA at the same time they represent their alleged "competitor" COCA-COLA. That sort of an arrangement is both unethical and may well be a violation of the U.S. Anti-Trust laws. The purpose is to freeze out smaller companies like Royal Crown Cola and others, with Pepsi and Coke together controlling the prices among themselves, dividing up markets among themselves, setting the wholesale price per-case of soda pop in a way to screw smaller firms, and then jacking up the price for themselves, and similar federal price-fixing and market-fixing law violations. An open secret, never mentioned in the monopoly press, is that Coke and Pepsi are substantially owned and operated by the same people.
Two days after the key hearing on Coke's reputed spy, the Chicago Tribune continues their Blackmail Machine. The apparent purpose is not to help Robert E. Kolody fight the injustice inflicted on him by Judge Manning but rather, for the Tribune Company to continue to shakedown Coke's advertising agency, DDB, to get more ad bucks for the Tribune empire of numerous print media newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, magazines, and a great number of advertising-sponsored websites.
The Trib blackmail story was on their front page, 8/24/2000. The Tribune announced a matter that had so far been kept secret: That there had been a huge Illinois State contract swindle prosecution that actually involved top officials of then-Illinois Governor Jim Edgar [1991-1999]: "The list of those linked by prosecutors to the scandal but not charged included Michael Belletire, Edgar's deputy chief of staff and later head of the ILLINOIS GAMING BOARD; JANIS CELLINI, Edgar's patronage chief AND SISTER OF SPRINGFIELD POWER BROKER WILLIAM CELLINI..." (Emphasis added.)
Notice the tie-in to the Coca-Cola case: A gambling casino kingpin, reputedly part of the nationwide crime cartel, William F. Cellini, reportedly bought the Judgeship for Blanche M. Manning sitting in the Coca-Cola case. One of those reportedly covering up dirty business in gambling casinos for Cellini what later became head of the Illinois Gambing Board is now named as having been an unindicted co-conspirator. That is, the prosecutor, splitting hairs because of being corrupted or otherwise inflluenced, left him off the jhook. And then the Tribune names William F. Cellini's sister, JANIS CELLINI, as one who somehow escaped being actually prosecuted and jailed.
Do you suppose that William F. Cellini and the Coca-Cola gang and their ad bucks controller DDB, and Mary Hanley, media buyer for Coca-Cola, along with Judge Manning, got the message? See to it, they are told, that the Tribune Company gets their "cut" of the Coke billion dollars a year ad bucks, or else, more judicial dirt and Cellini scandals will be published.
So what is next? The WORLD GREEDIEST NEWSPAPER suddenly and belatedly finding out that there is an insurance scam reportedly implicating a marketing adjunct of Coca-Cola? Or that DDB advertising agency is concealing an apparent horrendous price-fixing mess involving both Pepsi and Coke?
Stay tuned.

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