Chemtrails Over Holland, Michigan


From Tom G. <
Mr. Rense,
I took these chemtrail photos over Holland, Michigan, Monday August 21st at about 12:15pm. Myself and co-workers have noticed that "they" pelt our area with chemtrails at an average of once every week to two weeks, sometimes more often on holidays and such when there are more people outdoors. Holland is a small city in west Michigan, bordering Lake Michigan, and the skies directly over the shoreline are sometimes sprayed where winds carry the trails right into town.
I've noticed chemtrails practically everywhere I go... In Chicago on a business trip a couple months ago, in early morning rush-hour traffic, the skies were just deluged with chemtrails. I don't bother to mention what's going on to people, since there seems to be a built-in denial. Whoever is behind the spraying program is obviously bent on carrying this on at all costs.
Anyway, best of luck to you, and your site. I'd appreciate it if you'd post this.
Thanks, Tom G.
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