Chemtrail Plane Emergency
Landing In Newark NJ?
From Linda Aliberti <>
Hi Jeff,
I live in central NJ, about 15 miles southwest of Newark Airport. I took this chemtrail photo directly over my home for our builder's files (we are renovating our home and the builder keeps a photo album).
The sky in this picture is what I see DAILY in Woodbridge Township, NJ for the past year or so. Just about every day, approximately four to seven chemtrail planes fly at a very high altitude. They first travel east to southwest without making artificial clouds, and then fly back from west to northeast making the plumed white artificial clouds as shown in the picture. Then eventually, all the plumes meet together and form one giant whitish elmer's glue goo color in the sky, so not a trace of our beautiful blue skies are visible. Since I see this on a daily basis (unless it is raining outside) I was curious about the frequency of the sightings of other people who have writte to you.
This past Saturday at approximately 12:45 p.m. I have never seen this in my one year of watching the skies for chemtrail activity. I was weeding in my backyard and heard this tremendously loud aircraft flying overhead - most of my backyard is wooded, and I recall thinking to myself that this aircraft is going to crash and I was looking for my kids around the yard to gather them up. The jet noise was louder than the airfare planes that at times fly out of McGuire AF base. Anyway, when the plane appeared in the clearing I almost died - here it was - this extremely low flying chemtrail plane - and here I was with no camera!
It had to be making an emergency landing in either Newark Airport (approx. 15 miles away) or Linden Airport (about 5 miles away). This aircraft was unusually huge - and forgive my non technical description but it had thin boomerang like wings, two large tanks underneath, no markings on the belly or tail whatsoever, the plane was painted a light grey/whitish color, and had a bit of red color-stripe like on the belly. This was definitely NOT the normal flight pattern into Newark or Linden airports. I sensed the craft was in distress and was making an emergency landing.
Also, at exactly two hours later at 2:45pm EST a commercial plane (non-chemtrail) flew the same low flight pattern as the chemtrail plane over my house. The second plane was not as large as the first plane, but did fly at the same low altitude and flight pattern over my backyard and home. I should mention that within the two hour time lapse, many other commercial aircraft flew in a different (yet normal) flight path over my home to land at Newark, NJ.
I found all this odd - especially the second plane - as if it flew to cover-up the first one that had to land. I would appreciate anyone who saw this particular chemtrail plane in PA or in chemtrail N to contact me at
Thanks again Jeff - if it weren't for your site we wouldn't get the 'real news'!
Best Regards, Linda Aliberti (click on 'renovations' or 'contrails' menu options for additional chemtrail pics/information)
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