A Solution To The Gulf
War Syndrome Mystery
By Barry Chamish <>
The Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) struck tens of thousands of American, British, Canadian and Australian troops. One fact that has not been properly investigated is why French troops were all but unaffected by the disease. Those who have tried to explain this seeming paradox, have reached the conclusion that vaccinations given the English speaking troops and not the French, must have been the culprit. I have reached a far more sinister conclusion: the French troops were immunized specifically against GWS.
Personal Background
I am considered the leading researcher of the Rabin assassination. My book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin is an Israeli bestseller, now in its seventh edition after barely a year since its release in Hebrew. The book is having a profound influence in Israel, as I indisputably prove, utilizing leaked police, hospital and court records, that the man convicted of Rabin's murder could not have physically carried out the act and that Rabin was murdered in a plot centered within his own political circles.
A year ago, I began receiving powerful evidence that French Intelligence and members of the Israeli General Security Services (Shabak), planned and carried out the Rabin assassination with the goal of placing a French agent, Shimon Peres, in power. This evidence is overpowering but this is not the place to detail the proof. For those interested in the details, Brookline Books will be publishing an updated edition of Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin in late September. Call 1 800 666BOOK or write
The point is, I discovered an immoral French government, using murder to advance its agenda in the Middle East. The French sphere of influence which includes Lebanon, Syria and Iran differs from that of the Anglo-Americans, whose focus is Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. The genesis of this rivalry begins at the San Remo Conference of 1922 when the Middle East was divided between the French and British, with the latter acquiring the prime properties, including the rich oilfields, and the holy sites of Jerusalem. The French, with their imperial pretensions, have been trying to redress, what they perceive as an injustice, ever since. Mostly, they have suffered setbacks, such as American pressure removing them from the Suez Canal in 1956 and the defeat of their Christian allies in Lebanon in 1985.
Nonetheless, French mischief-making resulted in the fall of the American-backed Shah of Iran by the Paris-based Ayatollah Khomeini, and the building of an Israeli nuclear bomb factory at Dimona. Their current goals are to wrest the Old City of Jerusalem from the Israelis and place it under Vatican control and increase its share of the region's oil resources. These and other aspirations can only be achieved by drastically undermining American/British influence in the region.
The murder of Rabin, for instance, was approved only after Peres agreed to transfer Jerusalem's Old City to Vatican control. The elimination of Rabin, who despised the French and was solidly in the Anglo-American camp, paved the way for the furthering of French religio-national policy. By joining the Gulf War coalition, the French saw an opportunity to advance their economic and strategic interests. This too, would require murder on a far uglier scale.
The Disease
GWS is clearly a genetically engineered malady, a close relative of AIDS. It attacks the immune system and clears a path for any virus, germ or cancer with the opportunity to sicken and destroy its host. Like AIDS, it requires an incubation period before it strikes and it constantly mutates, making the development of a cure highly unlikely. Such a disease was not and could not have been caused by spent uranium, or any chemical reaction. This is a biologically-generated disease.
If GWS resulted from the bombing of Iraqi chemical or biological warfare sites, the civilian population would have been affected in proportional numbers to the coalition forces. This did not happen though radiation poisoning from spent uranium, a very different and perhaps equally agonizing sydrome, is reportedly widespread.
GSW is almost certainly genetically engineered and very few nations have acquired the technical sophistication to have deliberately manufactured it. France boasts the Pasteur Institute, the leading AIDS research center on the planet, and if there is one facility which could have cooked up GSW, this is the number one candidate.
GWS victims and their supporters are convinced the US Army and Pentagon is covering up the true cause of the malady. Indeed, it looks that way since one possible cause after another has been dismissed as the culprit. One possibility has not been examined nearly enough; perhaps the DOD, Veteran's Administration, and the Pentagon are telling the truth. They really can't identify the cause of the disease because the American military didn't produce or administer anything which caused GWS.
And no combination of vaccines, spent armor, bombed factories or poison gases will ever produce the right solution because they are not the real cause of GWS. In short, the researchers are looking in all the wrong places. They should be looking, instead, in the direction of France.
It boggles the mind to think that France's traditional resentment of being left out of the Middle East goodies would lead them to a sadistic massacre. Nonetheless, French troops were not profoundly affected by GWS and try to find an explanation why not. The most logical explanation remains that they were vaccinated against the disease before it was targeted against the English-speaking soldiers.
The French had ample opportunities to transmit the malady to its allies. They shared facilities, they participated in joint planning sessions, they landed at the same bases. A capsule in the soup or any other similar act would start the transmission process.
The result would be a deep demoralization of the Anglo-American armies leading to the ultimate takeover of France as the leading military influence in the Middle East. France hasn't the power to win a fair fight and may well have decided that mortal cheating was in its longterm strategic interests.

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