Oz Continues To Get
Sprayed - Chemtrails Over
Sydney And Melbourne
From John and Chika Patterson <>
Dear Jeff,
I'm both excited and disturbed at the fact that I have just witnessed my first live chemtrail spraying right over the top of Sydney, Australia.
The time is 10:56 AM.Sydney time. The aircraft headed directly over the city in a southwest to northeast direction out to sea. I actually saw the sprayer turn off and then back on again, confirming that this is indeed a "sprayer." I have told a few poeple here to check out your website but as yet to no avail. They think I am crazy.
I will attempt to get photos but I don't have any digital equipment. They are currently spraying as I am typing this. I am so nervous and angry that it is difficult to type. I will continue to keep you informed.
Please tell everybody. I am determined to wake Sydney up to what is going on.
Regards, John _____
Here is a new site documenting the spraying of Melbourne...

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