NOAA Satellite Photo Of
Massive Chemtrails Over
Pennsylvania And Maryland

From Lorie Kramer <
Dear Jeff,
Thank you for posting the NOAA image of chemtrails over Pennsylvania and Maryland. I found it interesting that the air traffic in Maryland didn't seem to be able to continue to fly into Virginia. Is that a "normal" flight pattern? I think not.
We in CTTUSA have observed numerous examples of chemtrails in satellite photographs in our year long investigation of this phenomena. This picture for some reason reminded me of another one that NOAA took a few years ago.
We came across this one early on in our investigation. Most chemtrail researchers are already familiar with this picture, but I thought many of your listeners new to the issue would appreciate seeing this comparison.
This picture was also taken by NOAA, but on January 28, 1991 over the Gulf War theatre. I suppose these are "normal" contrails as well?
Interestingly, this Gulf War picture demonstrates two things about the chemtrail issue that we have discovered. As you can see, the majority of the trails in Saudi Arabia are in the vicinity of existing real clouds. The trails are being laid above the real clouds, just as we observe here in the United States and the other countries enduring this dilemma. This seems to have the effect of drying up the clouds when we observe that happening here.
The patterns over Iraq are more like what we see when grids and loops and lines are laid. They spread out and form fake cirrus-type clouds which become a haze. This often results in a "canopy" of the particulate matter over large areas, generally well populated. This is also when the effects like "sundogs" (a "rainbow" or prism-like area on a cloud), and the rings around the sun or moon are reported.
These two manifestations of chemtrails lead us to believe that there is probably more than one program utilizing chemtrails in operation over the US and elsewhere. Each for it's own specific purpose.
For our government to deny that chemtrails exist, and to try to explain it away with a pat on our heads by saying they are water vapor and jet exhaust is patently ridiculous. I am outraged that this assault is continuing across the planet with no accountability by persons and agencies responsible. This effort is no "test". Millions of dollars must be funding these exercises and the people of the United States are probably footing at least part of the bill. In addition they are being lied to on a massive scale. Meanwhile "flu-like" deaths, from an "unknown pathogen" are being reported by the CDC at epidemic levels across the country, and it isn't even flu season yet. There has been no informed consent or environmental impact study done for these programs. This alone should be enough for an investigation.
The time for accepting this lack of response is past. The 840+ members of Chem Trail Tracking USA, urge your audience to demand an answer from their representatives and government officals about this assault on our nation. Contact your local media when you observe spraying in your area. Ask your weather folks to get out of their doplers and go look outside and actually look at the sky.
For more information please direct your audience to our Yahoo Club, Chem Trail Tracking USA, Clifford Carnicom's website and Blue Skies International, a grass roots non-profit organization recently formed to assist everyone in getting to the bottom of this increasingly worrisome situation.
Thank you for your courage in continuing to report on this issue. Your Chemtrail Data Page has been a marvelous resource for many club members.
Lorie Kramer
CTTUSA & Blue Skies International
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