Beware Lieberman
By Barry Chamish <>
VP Candidate Joseph Lieberman is a member of the Council On Foreign Relation (CFR), as are Dick Cheney, and Al Gore. The only candidate not on the members list is G.W. Bush Jr. who is a member by proxy. His grandfather Prescott was a CFR pioneer, while dad, George Sr. was an executive of the accursed cult whose aim is a one world government. With only 3000 members, it is clear that only CFR members and loyalists may become President. Last time around the figures were the same, Gore, Dole and Clinton were CFR members. The story has been similar for the past two generations.
Rabbi Marvin Antleman has been fighting the CFR for three decades. In 1972, he submitted a proposal to the Rabbinical Council of America to condemn the CFR and prevent its members from infiltrating Jewish institutions. In 1974, his book To Eliminate The Opiate was published. Long considered a classic in many circles, the book exposed the CFR's program to wipe out Judaism by planting its members throughout Jewish media, charitable and educational institutes.
He called last night to tell me that, "I just went through the CFR roster. Lieberman's name is on the membership list. We're being sold a bill of goods again."
The CFR's Middle East Task Force Report of July 1996 spells out the organization's position in no uncertain terms; Israel must return to its undefendable 1948 borders and Jerusalem is to be divided into two national capitals. Rabbi Antleman thus doubts the authenticity of Lieberman's commitment to Orthodox Jewry. "How can you be Orthodox and belong to an organization which promotes the division of Jerusalem and which, in the past, has financially backed such irreligious movements as communism and nazism?" he asks. "The CFR's purpose is to promote and arm violent and disruptive national movements in order to upset the world's status quo and replace it with their alternative world order. There is no place within for a religious Jew unless he is dangerous window dressing."
What that will mean for Israel is more suicidal concessions with American Jews unable to accuse the administration of being anti-Israel. The same trick was used in 1972 when CFR executive Henry Kissinger was named Secretary of State. Equally proud of Kissinger as they are of Lieberman today, the Jewish community could not accuse the administration of deliberately trying to eliminate Israel in the Yom Kippur War of 1973, nor could they find sinister motives for the isolation of Israel in the peace process which followed it.
This time around, not only does the current "peace" process get a boost, so does the Hillary Clinton campaign for a New York senatorial seat. And the Jews, so excited by Lieberman's nomination, as usual, do not suspect how cynically they are being set up.
The signs are there for anyone to see. Last year Lieberman welcomed Arafat to America and even prayed for the success of his mission. And he initiated a publicized letter to President Clinton nixing any chance of CFR victim Jonathan Pollard's release from prison. As the Jerusalem Post noted, Pollard's website has long accused Lieberman of being "a willing tool of the CIA."
Sooner of later Lieberman's possible dual allegiance to America and Israel will become a debating point. Observes Antleman, "And that will miss the real issue, which is Lieberman's allegiance to the CFR. It will prove stronger than all his sentimental ties to America, Israel and to Judaism itself."
A reader writes to correct me on a vital point. I have assumed that Shabak officer "Yud" or "Y," who the Shamgar Commission of inquiry called the "security chief" of Rabin's last rally, was Yoram Rubin. Shamgar condemned his performance and recommended his suspension from the service. Rubin was head of Rabin's immediate security detail but says the correspondent, Yud was someone else named Yuval. The writer's friend served in Golani at the same time as Yigal Amir and Yuval was their commander during an intensive training course, another vital tie to setting up Amir as the patsy for the assassination which I will attempt to nail down in time.
Another correspondent notes that the government has lost all restraint and is exacting revenge on all who stand in its way. Hence the suspension of seven David Levy appointees and the police investigation of Moshe Katsav's brother. He warns that vengeance is now policy.
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