Less Ozone, More Disease,
More Chemtrails
Margareta-Erminia Cassani

I've been getting reports from all over the United States and Europe of heightened Chemtrails activity up from a decreased (but still present) activity over the summer months of June, July and August. I've also been reading reports of the growing fungal-based diseases in humans, plants and animals as well as skin and respiratory cancer rates around the world. Judging by the news that just came out of NASA Headquarters yesterday, September 7th, the connection seems all too clear to this researcher.
On September 7th, 2000, Release 00-137 reported to NASA News that "the largest ozone hole ever was found over the Antartic" and that it was the outrageous size of "three times larger than the landmass of the United States". Measured by a NASA spectrometer, this ozone "hole" (sounds more like a separate planet!) measured a record size of approximately 11 million square miles (28.3 million square kilometers) when measured September 3rd, 2000. This beats the earlier record of 10.5 million square miles (27.2 million square kilometers) measured September 19, 1998. Apparently, the spread of the hole's size has stabilized but the low levels of its interior continue to fall - this is somewhat typical, however, as the lowest readings in the ozone hole are seen in late September, early October.
For those "ozone skeptics" and/or "ozone spin doctors" out there who keep telling us that the growing ozone holes and their concomittent damage are a "normal cycling" and that there's nothing to be concerned about, this researcher would ask them to please answer these questions:
1. Why the frenetic worldwide activity in our skies to create some sort of cloud cover via what we now call "Chemtrails"? 2. Why does the United Nations have extensive Global Warming Protocols in place outlining the real environmental and human dangers of growing ozone holes with worldwide participation of countries involved in ozone measuring, ozone-patching, and ozone-effects related research? 3. Why are the rates of human skin cancer occurrences and deaths skyrocketing? 4. Why the proliferation of fungal-based diseases in both humans, animals and plants? 5. Why are our amphibian populations dying off and becoming extinct with genetic defects? 6. Why are polar animal researchers finding "skinny" polar bears, a phenomena that occurs when their environment becomes too warm, the polar ice melts, the bears cannot get out into the water on ice flows to "fish", hence they do not eat for months and are forced to live off their existing fat stores, thus losing enormous amounts of weight, their young dying from lack of nutrition from their mothers? 7. Why have researchers found newly formed "lakes" at the North Pole from melted ice?
If its all nothing to be concerned about, why is the United Nations spending billions of dollars on an ozone research program when they are financially in the arrears to begin with? One would think that such a seemingly "trivial" and "natural cycling occurrence" such as some ozone critics would have us believe would not warrant a body like the United Nations taking such a profound and expensive interest in. Such acute and widespread activity that just happens to mirror the acute and widespread and has-to-be expensive activity in another area which critics also want to write off to "normal and trivial" activity, and that would be..ta-da! Chemtrails.
Although reading NASA's new spectrographic analysis reports on the new dimensions of the astronomical size of the Antarctic ozone hole lends credence and support to those of us researchers who can connect the dots in the ozone-environmental breakdown-human disease-Chemtrails maze, why do the rocket scientists at NASA have to be the ones to break the news to us in bit by bit sound bites and press releases? Is it the "give them a little at a time" psychology? Too much bad news at once causes chaos? Maybe But, with all those "men" in our United States government, especially the two groups running for Presidential office this year talking about "accountability and morality and honesty" ad nauseam, and in the United Nations even, doesn't any of them have the grande cajones to be honest and just tell us what we're facing with this badly damaged ozone and the Tellerian* attempt to deflect the sun's rays a mere 1% by injecting sunlight-scattering particles via the incessant Chemtrails activity of the last two years? After all, don't these guys and their families breathe the same air we do? Won't the same sun burn their skin? Aren't they going to get the same illnesses we do? Huh?
*Edward Teller, senior research fellow at the Hoover Institute, proposed this "promising approach" to offset any possible ill effects of a damaged ozone and growing global warming problem. See, Sunscreen for Planet Earth, Hoover Digest 1998, no. 1,
Sources: NASA Headquarters Release 00-137. TOMS ozone data and pictures are available on the Internet at:

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