NATO Finally Admits
Yugoslavs Carried Out No
Mass Killings in Kosovo
The propaganda - NATO implications: 500,000...then 250,000...
then 100,000...and now..."at most, 3,000 people were killled."
By John Catalinotto
On August 17, NATO officials privately conceded that the figures they released in 1999, allegedly a count of the people killed by Yugoslav forces in Kosovo and repeated in headlines all over the Western world, were much higher than the actual number of people killed there.
Independent findings by forensic teams of many nationalities working for
ICTY, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the Hague, have forced NATO's admission. The ICTY say that a total of fewer than 3,000 bodies were exhumed and all have been examined.
While they have not yet officially released their report, spokespeople for ICTY said that "at most, 3,000 people were killed". They also said that there was no evidence of mutilations, that not all the dead can be proved to be victims of murder or execution and that many among them were Serbs or other non-Albanians.
Last year NATO charged that Yugoslav forces had massacred at least 10,000 people, but only after NATO spokespeople first tried to imply that 500,000, then 250,000, then 100,000 supposedly "missing" people had also been killed.
They used such claims to try to justify NATO bombings, that had in fact no basis under United Nations treaty laws, or, indeed, NATO's own charter.
NATO has now been forced to admit, in effect, that it waged a lying war of deliberate propaganda via the Western media, to win support for its own illegal intervention that is known to have killed over 3,000 Yugoslavian citizens, about one-third of them children.
Washington and NATO have not produced the slightest hard evidence that Yugoslav forces carried out even a small-scale massacre of civilians, let alone anything like the "genocide" which they were repeatedly charged with in the Western press and on TV news bulletins.
The ICTY - itself created and funded by the NATO powers - has now been forced to expose NATO's "Big Lie".
According to a report in the August 18 British Guardian, Mark Laity, the new acting NATO spokesperson, said: "NATO never said the missing were all dead. The figure we stood by was 10,000." Laity even protested, desperately trying to pretend that NATO's intervention had probably stopped further killing.
The truth is that NATO's bombing killed thousands of people, and drove many thousands more - Albanians as well as Serbs - from their homes. And, that only since NATO occupied Kosovo, right-wing Albanian forces have killed some 1,000 people, mostly Serb and Romany, while pushing those of all 23 other non-Albanian ethnic groups - (not one of which had any complaints when ruled from Belgrade ! - for almost a century !) - right out of the region.

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