'Now I Understand What
Happened in Germany' -
TWA Flight 800
From Jon Gentry <>
Mike wrote...
I have been an avid student of history for most of my life. I have studied the rise of the Nazi's to power in Germany in the 1930's and have wondered why the German people allowed this atrocity to unfold one step at a time without objection until it resulted in the entire destruction of their country and the death of millions of people.
Yesterday, the United States National Transportation Safety Board announced that TWA 800 was destroyed by the explosion of the center fuel tank from an unknown ignition source. They also stated that there was "NO" evidence to support that the aircraft was shot down by a missle.
Now I understand what happened in Germany.
W. Craig Roberts replies...
NTSB Rules that there is NO evidence of a missile or bomb on TWA 800...
Let me see....
1. Over 200 witnesses saw a missile or "flare" go up from the water and turn, then hit the airplane, which then had a small and following large explosion.
2. Some of these witnesses were military, in aircraft in close proximity.
3. A Stinger missile mortar ejector can was found by a trawler at the site.
4. All witnesses were "interviewed" by the FBI and told that they DID NOT see a missile.
5. The CIA becomes involved and creates a cartoon video that is totally different than the actual event to explain it--in total defiance of the witnesses descriptions.
6. Evidence in the Calverton hangar is altered by bending metal in opposite directions AFTER the reconstruction.
7. The FBI steals all evidence that shows missile evidence and refuses to return it.
8. The NTSB investigation is run by the FBI.
9. Missile fuel residue is found on the seatbacks, but the finder is prosecuted by the government.
10. Author James Sanders questions the government findings, has analysis done on the seatback cloth, but HE is the one prosecuted by the DoJ.
11. Radar tapes are confiscated and sealed by the FBI.
12. Radar tapes showed a missile, and other unusual "watercraft" near the site.
13. The Navy lies and says on Day Two that there were NO military vessels or aircraft in the vicinity. (Forget about the USS Normandy, two UH-60 Blackhawks, a P-3 Orion anti-sub aircraft, and a C-130, not to mention a coast guard cutter and probably a submarine).
And so much more. Once again, the Clinton/Gore gang engages in media mind control for the masses.
"Remember the number of the hook where you hang your clothes before you go to the shower....RAUS....SCHNELL!!! _____
JG says...
To all my dear friends surfing the internet:
This is clever, even funny, but it's not. Pray with me that the American people will wake up. Some of you may have had loved ones on Flight 800. Americans deserve better. Americans deserve the truth. I think the comments above are a "bullseye" of a hit. Only, the German people didn't have the internet. Let's use it, folks, before we all become "comrades."

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