Strange Fossil Rock Formation
From Robert Weese <>
Hello again Mr Rense,
This is Robert Weese, I am the person who discovered the rotated mountain in the new mars photos and fyi it has resulted in not so much as a peep from any credible sources, no comment seems to be the result. Of all the so called discovered shapes forms ECT, it is the most solid undeniable proof of photo tampering found. But that is not the reason for this E-mail.
I am sending you these photos to make everyone aware of something I found. The photos depict what has baffled and fascinated me since I found it. I am not the first to discover it but I am the first to bring it to the attention of the world thanks to I am the first to deduce that, as they say, something is amiss here. Wwhat follows is all the info I have on it.
Source : tourist brochure for Jennings Randolph Lake.
This is a boulder on display at Jennings Randolph Lake in Mineral County, West Virginia. There have been numerous theories and speculations as to its origin, ranging from a pictograph made by prehistoric man, an indian carving, the impression of the skin pattern of a giant lizard, or evidence of a visit to earth by an early travelers from outer space.
After examination of the phenomenon, Corps of Engineers geologists and those of other agencies have concluded that it is a natural geological formation. Although such formations are not common, similar patterned boulders were found on the east side of Tea Creek Mountain in Pocahontas County, West Virginia. Dr. Jack B. Epstein of the Geological Survey, U.S. Department of the interior, explained that the waffle rock is part of the Conemaugh geologic series that was deposited about 300 million years ago during the Pennsylvanian period. It is surmised that the waffle rock is a large loose boulder that fell from a parent outcrop somewhere higher up the slope, many decades ago, before the present trees grew.
Sounds to me like the standard answer to anything that screams NOT NORMAL! Its just a 'natural formation' just like the stuff on mars. NOT!
Glad to share this with you. Ill be looking very hard for more things as I always am.
Keep it up,

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