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Chemtrails Over Oz
From Nev Mitchell <>
Dear Jeff,
As I write this letter, I am observing what appears to be systematic laying down of contrails over one section of the sky. I have been following your reports about this phenomenon with great intrest and have been disturbed to hear that sightings of contrails in unusual patterns have recently appeared over Australia.
I have been watching today's event for over an hour...since I walked down to our letterbox to collect the mail, and it still continues. Row after row of these contrails are being formed South East of my position, towards the horizon, over what would be the Latrobe Valley, East of Melbourne City.
On one occasion I observed the high flying arcraft bank slowly to the left, shut off the contrail, and begin a new trail a little further south of the first and parrallel to it. So far there have been seven or so trails dumped in this one portion of the sky since I have been watching. The sky is mostly clear and blue apart from a few whispy, high clouds to the North.
I am fully aware that commercial airliners use this area of sky to approach Melbourne Airport, however, I only observed one Jumbo jet actually descend below the clouds towards the city. All the other trails remained in this one section of the sky being caused by one very high flying aircraft. These contrails remain intact for a very long time, and drift slowly in a Northerly direction.
After writing the above statement I went back outside to see if there were any more contrails. I again witnessed another trail form in the same portion of the sky. The trail ended abruptly as the aircraft banked to the left leaving a kink in the end of the contrail. I apologise for not enclosing a photograph as I have no film for my camera.

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