The Rabin Murder Express Rolls Along
-This Time Its Eliahu Ben-Elissar
By Barry Chamish <>
A week after PM Ehud Barak fired seven foreign diplomats, one of them, the Israeli ambassador to France, Eliahu Ben-Elissar was dead. According to the Jerusalem Post, "The circumstances of his death have sparked a number of rumors. 'The rumors surrounding his death are vicious,' a Foreign Ministry spokesman said."
And why shouldn't they be? Here is what we have been told.
In the morning of Saturday, Aug. 12, Ben-Elissar arrived at the Hotel Atala, a rather obscure and unimposing establishment which for years has been where the Israeli embassy has put up guests and arranged meetings. He was not accompanied by his bodyguards. As Maariv observed, "In Israel, questions are being asked about the ambassador's security arrangements. The central question is why Ben-Elissar arrived without his bodyguards, which according to regulations, must accompany him every time he leaves his apartment."
Missing also, was his French police protection. According to the Jerusalem Post, "A special branch of the French Police usually shadows every move made by VIPs at risk." But Ben-Elissar's Israeli and French bodyguards were not anywhere near him, "apparently at his own request."
At noon, Ben-Elissar, aged 68, told hotel staff he wasn't feeling well. By 1:30 he was dead of a heart attack, though according to one embassy employee quoted by Marriv, "He was in the peak of health. He never complained of poor health and was rarely ill."
French police conducted a most perfunctory investigation and within hours declared Ben-Elissar's death natural. Of course, these same police similarly concluded that Princess Diana died in "an accident."
Call it a coincidence, but on the day of Ben-Elissar's death, I received the following e-mail, paraphrased because of the halting English: "I just read your article, "Rigged." How did you know about the French connection to Rabin's murder? I discovered it three months ago after a discussion with an agent of French Intelligence. It's all true."
I suspect, so did Ben-Elissar. The only possible reason he would have interrupted his sabbath to go to the hotel was to meet someone. Yet not one press report reached this obvious conclusion, thus no one is asking who the ambassador met on his final morning. Whoever he was, either he was a guest of the Israeli embassy staying at the hotel or was familiar enough with embassy habits to choose it for a fatal meeting.
The following scenario makes the most sense to me with the paucity of information available. At least one French intelligence official has been leaking the fact that his government helped murder Yitzhak Rabin in order to place their agent, Shimon Peres in the Israeli Prime Minister's office. Word reached Barak that Ben-Elissar had been apprised of the truth and he had him recalled. To avert suspicion, he recalled six other diplomats at the same time. But in his last days in Paris, Ben-Elissar continued gathering the facts.
Ben-Elissar was lured to the hotel with the promise of additional proofs and told that he must arrive without any security. Once there, the "informant" spiked his coffee or utilized another means to initiate a mortal cardiac arrest.
One more influential individual, who knew too much about Rabin's assassination, then bit the dust. And when will it all end?
The panic to stanch the Rabin truth can be gauged by my experience. Last month, an attempt on my life was made by sabotaging my car. The next day, I had a long talk with my insurance adjuster who explained in detail how the sabotage was accomplished. Two days ago, the insurance company sent a letter explaining my accident was the result of mechanical failure. I phoned my insurance company and demanded the adjuster's report. It has not been forthcoming. Photographs of the car's damage, sent last week from Bet Shemesh, have not arrived. Nor have photographs of police surrounding me at a Tel Aviv rally, sent two weeks ago by a correspondent, arrived.
Yesterday morning there was a knock on my door. I looked through the keyhole and saw a husky young man. I asked who he was. He answered, "A friend." I replied, "Which friend?" Then he ran away. I opened the door after a few seconds and he was nowhere to be seen.
The Rabin truth must emerge before more people, yours truly included, are murdered. To that end, several people have suggested convening a public forum on the assassination on the Hebrew anniversary of Rabin's murder this October. If anyone can help with a suitable facility, advertising or any other relevant contribution, please contact me.
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