Dragon Lady - Part 2
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>
In Part One of this series, we drew a comparison between Madame Chiang Kai-shek and Madame Hillary Rodham Clinton. The power behind her husband, the Generalissimo, as dictator of China, Madame Chiang was highly skilled at using private secret police. They black-mailed, terrorized, and strong-armed the criminal bankers of Shanghai, to fund and solidify her husband's political ambitions. Madame Chiang used them against her enemies, perceived and actual. Murder and mayhem were just another way of means to an end.
In a like manner, Madame Clinton reportedly uses her private secret police to strong-arm and blackmail the criminal bankers on the commodity and currency markets in Chicago. It is an open secret that the Red Chinese, overlapping on the Taiwanese, have a dominant presence on the Chicago futures and options exchanges, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and somewhat lesser on the Chicago Stock Exchange. [By a massive embezzlement scandal, not adequately publicized except by our TV Show in Chicago, the Midwest Stock Exchange, about 1991, to get the stink off themselves, changed their name to the Chicago Stock Exchange.]
The monopoly press has near totally censored the open secret of the Red Chinese laundering billions of dollars through the Chicago markets, in open defiance of U.S. Treasury regulations requiring records of where cash over ten thousand dollars comes from. The cash torrent is the reported proceeds of "China White", high quality heroin from Southwest China, flooding into the U.S. via Chicago as an intake point, through small airports encircling the Windy City. [Our public access Cable TV Show has done several one-hour shows on this since 1994.] The huge cash flow is also the proceeds of harvesting human body organs from young, healthy dissidents in mainland China, condemned to death as the parts are ordered reportedly by the Rockefeller hospitals in Chicago, part of the University of Chicago. [Visit our web series, "Red Chinese Secret Police in the U.S."]
Madame Clinton's private secret police are headquartered, among other places, in Chicago, as Investigative Group International, also called Investigative Group Inc. [20 So. Wacker Drive, Chicago IL 60606 (312)236-6363]. Chairman of the reputed private spy operation has been Terry Lenzner. He has powerful friends, such as in the monopoly press. Such as Cokie Roberts. Another crony has been Strobe Talbott and his wife Brooke Shearer.[Time Magazine, 7/10/2000, page 95.] Talbott was Deputy U.S. Secretary of State in the Clinton Administration. Of course, the pressfakers leave out revealing details. Talbott with Bill Clinton endeared themselves at an early age to the American CIA. Under the auspices of the CIA Station Chief in London, they went to Moscow as purported American dissidents and somehow extracted a secret transcript of Krushchev lambasting the old-line Stalinists.
For reportedly helping cover up a political murder, Cokie Roberts was rewarded with a million and a half dollar a year a job as ABC Anchor Face on the network's Sunday morning propaganda hour. Her father, Cong.Hale Boggs [D., La.], sat on the Warren Commission proclaiming a lone assassin murdered President John F. Kennedy. In later years, her father began to have misgivings about the lone assassin story, some of which he started to make public. He disappeared a month before Nixon was re-elected President, 1972. The press whores say his plane disappeared on a flight to Alaska and was never found. Cokie Roberts made a public statement that she was satisfied on the story that her father's plane was not found. Yet, she reportedly was in a position to know that the U.S. Military recovered the plane which apparently had been sabotaged. That is, her father had been murdered. [Cong.Boggs knew about Tricky Dick's role in and near Dallas leading up to the cabal to murder JFK.] Cokie's mother, the widow Boggs, was rewarded for her silence by being paid off as apparently the first U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican. Being a theocracy, the Vatican previously did not have a U.S. Ambassador, only an unofficial Delegate.
Head of the Alaska Military District, General David McCloud was apparently murdered for two reasons [1] He knew the details of the Boggs plane and [2] he was reportedly part of a group of 24 flag officers, Admirals and Generals, who vowed to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Clinton pursuant to documents they had showing his treason with the Red Chinese. If charged with mutiny, these flag officers planned to defend themselves, if not assassinated, at Courts Martial with their proof of Clinton's high crimes. As we have stated in earlier stories, 10 of the 24 have already been murdered, their patriotic plan and sacred honor stopped by bloodshed.
So, Madame Clinton's private secret police chief, Lenzner, does he with cronies like Cokie Roberts, understand about political assassinations? By the way, some contend that Cokie privately blames Nixon for his complicity in the murder of her father.Cong. Boggs' disclosures could have wrecked Tricky Dick's re-election campaign. And, Lenzner deeply hated President Nixon for firing Lenzner in 1970 as Director of Legal Services for the Office of Economic Opportunity. For revenge, Lenzner was the very one who served the Watergate subpoena on President Nixon.
Starting at the time Clinton failed one-term to be re-elected Arkansas Governor, his campaign wizard who revived Bill's political hopes, was Dick Morris. By the 1990s, Clinton reportedly owed Morris over eleven million dollars. To stop Morris from trying to collect, Cllnton apparently used Lenzner's group of dirty tricksters. Planted in the press, starting with grocery store scandal magazines, was a picture of Morris cavorting with a prostitute. This gave Clinton an excuse to fire Morris and not pay him the sums owed. [Morris was lucky. Look what happened to Campaign Security Chief Jerry Parks, owed 80 some thousand dollars for his work. When he demanded payment, he was murdered, gangster-style, near Little Rock, shortly after the apparent murder of White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr. in 1993.]
In later years, angry over what was done to him, Dick Morris wrote a column for the New York Post, entitled "Call To Ban Secret Police in America", New York Post online, 6/12/2000: His opening statements, "The time has come to absolutely prohibit the growing use of secret police in our political system. For those unfamiliar with the secret police, they are elite private detectives secretly hired by politicians to do only one thing: dig up dirt- especially about the personal sex lives- of elected officials, journalists and private citizens who get in the pols'way. This revolting technique was perfected into a new art form by Bill and Hillary Clinton." He goes on with details.
Morris only scratched around the subject. He left out that Madame Clinton's "Gestapo" overlapped onto the doings of supposed political enemies of Bill, such as Congressman Henry Hyde [R.,Ill.] from the Chicago-area, long head of the House Judiciary Committee with vast blackmail power against federal judges and other U.S. government officials.
The private secret police working for both Lenzner/Hillary and Henry Hyde include Ernie Rizzo and Tony Pellicano. For Hyde, they reportedly sought ways to silence and punish Hyde's critics. Hyde certainly understands high-level gangsters and espionage. Earlier in his career, Hyde was reportedly the "bagman" and "fixer" to those former top lawmen running the gambling casino on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The traditional mafia types running the operation were removed, framed, or murdered, and a team of former top Justice Department honchos took over. Including William G. Hundley and Robert Peloquin who had been the top officials of the Organized Crime Section. This happens to be the neatest trick of all: top lawmen framing or murdering gangsters and taking over their game. [Extensive details in the book "Spooks-The Terrifying True Story of Spies-For-Hire and Their Secret Dirty War" by Jim Hougan. Also: visit our website, where we have several stories on Hyde.] Note that Hyde only pursued Clinton on impeachment charges having to do with sexual matters not the serious matters of treason jointly with the Red Chinese Secret Police and the dope traffic. By the way, Hyde has also been at the same time as Congressman, head of the CIA's "black budget", funds for murder and mayhem against those the CIA perceives as unfriendly.
Using Ernie Rizzo, Madame Clinton/Cong.Hyde's private secret police tried to get "dirt" to intimidate a Hyde critic in the Chicago-area, Tim Anderson, a long-time bank consultant who knew a lot about Hyde's crimes as a Director of Clyde Federal Savings & Loan, a Chicago suburb operation now defunct. According to a federal agency lawsuit against Hyde, he as Director of Clyde caused it to go under. Among other things, he reportedly caused 67 million dollars of their depositors funds to be transferred to Arkansas where they were plundered or disappeared. Madame Clinton/Cong. Hyde blackmailed a federal district judge in Chicago, Judge George M. Marovich, to turn Hyde loose. [The Judge owned a suburban shopping center reportedly used by known hoodlums as a money laundry jointly with corrupt top officials of the Chicago IRS and the Illinois State Revenue. Visit our various stories on our website, such as series on IRS Corruption.]
Ernie Rizzo is quite a character, useful to Lenzner, Madame Clinton, and Hyde. He started out as Chicago suburban supposed reform-minded policeman, claiming the department was riddled with mafioso. In 1970, believing his assertions, I permitted Ernie to monitor the classes I was then teaching on civic investigation at a Chicago-based broadcast school. Little did I understand early on that Ernie was reportedly WITH the hoodlums while claiming to be AGAINST them.
Hyde and Madame Clinton have had a joint interest to try howsoever they could figure out, to interfere with our popular public access Cable TV Shows, cablecast within Chicago. We have often discussed their criminality on our show. To try to stop us, Hillary put me and a TV associate of mine, Joseph Andreuccetti, on her "enemies list" to be subjected to numerous dirty tricks by the private and federal Gestapo. Our lawsuit against her ended up with the same federal district crook, Judge George M.Marovich, who turned loose Hyde. As we confronted the Judge in his court with his ownership with criminals jointly with corrupt revenue officials of a shopping mall, the Judge dismissed our suit without legal formality. The federal appeals court in Chicago, highly corrupt themselves as we have pointed out, as a reprisal, refused to hear our appeal and banned us from all the federal courts in the 7th Circuit, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.
Ernie Rizzo from time to time is reportedly observed in his car in front of Andreuccetti's residence, writing down details of the house and vehicles parked there. This is a form of overt intimidation on behalf of his patrons, Hillary/Hyde/Lenzner.
A confederate of Madame Clinton/Hyde/Lenzner is Rahm Emanuel who off and on for six years had been Clinton White House Senior Advisor. He went on to become managing director of Wasserstein Perella & Co., with reputed secret links to the Red Chinese Secret Police operating on and through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Rahm is, in effect, with his dual citizenship, the Deputy Chief of Israeli intelligence, the Mossad, for North America. [As we have told you, the Monica Lewinsky Affair was part of an intelligence agency manipulation of Clinton.] Rahm Emanuel's doings apparently interface with those of Terry Lenzner and his private secret police.
Some believe that Madame Clinton jointly with her private secret police should be grilled about the following mysteries:
1. Madame Clinton's reputed lover and law partner, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., was apparently murdered in or near the District of Columbia and his body parked in Fort Marcy Park, Virginia. Foster reportedly was about to be implicated in treasonous doings he did jointly with Madame Clinton as to selling nuclear missile tracking secrets to a foreign power. Some contend Terry Lenzner and his group know plenty about all this.
2. A leading critic of the Clinton White House was U.S. Senator James M. Inhofe (R., Okla.). While going in his private one-motor airplane, the propeller fell off. Luckily for him, he was somehow able to glide his plane to a safe landing. Is it true that Lenzner's group reportedly has available experts on airplane sabotage? Aviation experts contend the propeller incident is unheard of in airplane history.
3. What do Lenzner and his reputed sidekick Rahm Emanuel know about the demise of Clinton White House intern Mary Caitrin Mahoney, murdered in a Starbucks Coffee Shop in the District of Columbia, July, 1997 and blamed onto a "lone assassin"?
4. What do Hillary/Lenzner/Emanuel know about the National Reconnaissance Office satellite video images of Foster's body transported from in or near the District of Columbia to Fort Mark Park? Do they know about the murder of NRO video imaging expert, Daniel Potter, snuffed out in March, 1998? Potter knew too much about the Foster images.
Are the following merely Dragon Lady-type coincidences, sort of a French-style connection?
===Just as important, scandalous testimony is about to surface about Madame Clinton and her White House "strong arm", Craig Livingstone, TWA Flight 800 crashes offshore New York, July 17, 1996, the apparent victim, according to some counter-terrorist sources, of two submarine missiles. The White House scandal is blanked out by the mass media coverage of the airplane disaster. The plane was Paris-bound. Of the 60 French nationals onboard, 8 were members of the French CIA. A top official of the French spy agency, however, refused to board Flight 800 and took another flight instead. WHAT DID HE KNOW? The French were the first to send in their divers who reportedly retrieved pieces of plane wreckage and OTHER ITEMS, from the ocean bottom, proving missile attack.
The French threatened the Clinton White House prior to Clinton's 1996 re-election, with an international scandal. In a much watered down version, the French, through Pierre Salinger, former ABC Network Paris reporter, said a few days AFTER the election, that apparent "friendly fire" by some mistake by the U.S. brought down Flight 800 and that the White House was covering it up. Counter-terrorist experts, however, have contended it was two missiles shot from an Iranian submarine. The sub was a former Soviet one, bought from the Moscow government, and operated by a Russian mercenary crew. It was an apparent revenge attack for the U.S. by accident or otherwise, years earlier, having shot down an Iranian civilian airplane over the Persian Gulf. In 1996, President Clinton was planning friendly relations with Iran. Further, he did not want the missile mess to interfere with his 1996 Presidential re-election campaign.
Between the French threat of scandal and the White House cover-up, a stand-off was created when the Clinton Justice Department reportedly threatened the federal criminal prosecution of 14 top-level French nationals, on U.S. soil, some in Chicago, of having reportedly stolen U.S. industrial, financial, and military secrets. By the year 2000, the French CIA and other French authorities were publicly accusing Microsoft of being an espionage proprietary and adjunct of the U.S. National Security Agency. Microsoft, according to the French, was reportedly assisting NSA in the "Echelon" program, to spy on the Paris government and French business, as to French industrial, financial, and military secrets. Among the accusations, that the U.S., with Microsoft's aid, interferes with French business contracts with other nations and foreign firms. Such as, wrecking an Airbus zillion dollar contract with Saudi.
===Just as the Barak/Arafat Camp David peace propposals were about to be announced as having failed, July 25, 2000, a French Concorde airplane crashes right near Paris. Clinton intended as his "legacy" the now failed peace plans. So news negative to the CIA created couple, William Rockefeller Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, is subdued by the Concorde disaster.
Aviation and other sources point to the possiblity of sabotage. As the Concorde started to take-off, with its usual tremendous force, the plane's wheels reportedly stopped turning as if the brakes were on, and pieces of the rubber tires and the highly flammable, explosive magnesium wheels disintegrated, shot like bullets into the plane's engines and fuel chambers. So that the Concorde was on-fire even before take-off. The landing gear would not retract.
Cynics passed off the incident as apparent sabotage, commenting in cruel terms: "So the Frogs(the French) threw away 96 Krauts(Germans). So what? It is time the Concorde is sent away to the old people's home." The Concorde flight was chartered primarily for well-off Germans on the way to South America as a tour and then elsewhere later by a German boat.
In covering up White House scandals and White House foreign and domestic policy disasters, have there been numerous murders, strange "suicides", and air crashes, and convenient bombings of Iraq and elsewhere? How big a list of these do you suppose we can put here?
Stay tuned.

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