Coca-Cola, The CIA,
And The Courts - Part 3
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>
This series is dealing with the type of harsh realities uncovered by our research and investigation group over 4 arduous decades of our work.
1. Sometimes whole groups of court cases are assigned, not by random selection, but random magic, intentionally to one or more judges part of "big fix". And involved is a malign, if not corrupt, influence upon the judge. Knowing who it is that bought the chair for the Judge is one type of influence. Straight out bribery, another. And the major corruption, as we have repeatedly shown, is not in the state courts, but the big bucks federal courts. We have been showing as an example a group of cases assigned to Chicago U.S. District Judge Blanche M. Manning [(312) 435-7608. FAX: (312) 435-7578.] We have more details on her. And she is not the only one, just an example of the corrupted federal judiciary.
2. Worldwide, major enterprises are secret adjuncts of the American CIA. Privitizing the spy agency avoids Freedom of Information disclosures. One example is Wackenhut. An example dealt with here is The Coca-Cola Company.
3. Government agencies are supposedly set up to protect witnesses from harm in very sensitive caes. For instance, the Federal Witness Protection Program. But they seem to have been penetrated by criminal interests, so that key witnesses, that finger corruption of top IRS and DEA officials, are NOT protected, but terrorized, and on occasion, snuffed out. As we have specified, Judge Manning is covering up this situation in the case of USA vs. John Serpico et al., No. 99 CR 570. Serpico, a union purported criminal boss, is reportedly a business partner with a top official of the Federal Witness Protection Program.
4. There are places that operate reportedly as a criminal immunity zone. Anything goes. The state and federal authorities play the part of the three monkeys. One such that seems to fit that description, reportedly is a business on the property of the Lansing, Illinois Airport, a suburb of Chicago. Called Shannon's Landing [(708) 895-6919], it is an Irish pub. Who seems to use that place? Corrupt top IRS officials blackmailing their way into all kinds of deals. [Visit our website series on the crooked IRS bosses and their ocean-going money laundry boat, "California Rose".] Dope traffic through the airplanes there and such is used reportedly to raise funds for gun-smuggling, for purposes of the Irish Republican Army, IRA. Agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration often sit at that pub and hear and see nothing. The owner of the pub, Danny Harkenrider, is reportedly himself in the Federal Witness Protection Program or being considered under the criteria for such. Another one in that program reportedly or being considered for such, is a purported lawyer {he does not seem to practice much law), Daniel V. Hanley, of Lansing, Illinois [(708) 474-6633].
Hanley is a purported spy inside the camp of a fellow, Robert E. Kolody, who sued Coke for theft of storyboards and designs, that is, his intellectual property. Apparently threatened from all sides, Hanley as the supposed "local counsel" for Kolody, confessed and volunteered to me, in the presence of witnesses, that Kolody's court opponent, The Coca-Cola Company, gets to know his confidential legal strategies through Hanley's sister, Mary Hanley, who is the media buyer for Coca-Cola. She is with a huge worldwide advertising agency in Chicago, DDB [(312) 552-6368. FAX: (312) 552-2394. E-Mail:].
5. Federal judgeships, like state judgeships, are bought and sold. A known reputed criminal type bought Judge Blanche M. Manning the federal judge's bench and chair she occupies in the U.S. District Court in Chicago. [Visit our website for our story on Buying Judgeships.] A million dollars or more was laid out.
6. A major dope trafficking case, by random magic, was assigned to Judge Manning. She covered up the involvement of "mules", dope couriers, some of them women, who also do espionage for the American CIA. USA vs. Joseph Jerome Miedzianowski et al., No. 98 CR 923. The Chicago Tribune are fakers. As shown in the court record they are privately blackmailing Judge Manning, lambasting her for holding without notice or formalities, secret proceedings, censoring court transcripts and papers. Why does the WORLD'S GREEDIEST NEWSPAPER remain silent about all this in print or on their TV Station in Chicago, Channel 9, WGN-TV, or on their radio horn WGN Radio?
7. In an extremely important anti-trust conspiracy case assigned to her, again by random magic, Judge Manning tried to go easy on top officials found guilty by a jury; top officials, that is, of the worldwide farm products refinery, Archer-Daniels-Midland. ADM is a super-duper advetiser in the monopoly press and controls numerous TV talk shows and such. They have as their puppet the "Jim Lehrer News Hour" on PBS. And ADM is big with supposedly "non-commercial" radio stations, NPR. Since a Rockefeller holds the key position with NPR, we call them National Petroleum Radio. ADM, like Coca-Cola years ago, is trying to put a grab on Cuba's agriculture by forcing the U.S. to drop the embargo.
By the way, the whole Elian Gonzalez Affair, played out on the ADM-dominated monopoly press, was to soften up the American know-nothings for ADM's scheme being big investments in Cuba in food refineries to take advantage of Cuba's agriculture abundance. Working on the other side of this propaganda trick reportedly was Jose Basulto, reportedly tied to the criminal combine that includes the family of George Herbert Walker Bush and his criminal-linked, oil-soaked sons. And linked to the American CIA.
The case of the ADM officials is USA vs. Michael D. Andreas, Terrance S. Wilson, and Mark E. Whitacre. Michael is the son of the long-time ADM dictator Dwayne Andreas who should have gone to jail in the Watergate Affair. The government whistle-blower, Whitacre, himself an ADM official, wore a wire, and aided the FBI in setting up clandestine video and audio recording of the monopoly crimes. He was done in apparently with the connivance---here it comes again---of the Federal Witness Protection Program. It is case No. 96 CR 762.
After a jury verdict finding the defendants guilty, Judge Manning nevertheless gave a light sentence to Andreas and Wilson and a more severe jail sentence to the whistle-blower, Whitacre, to scare such finger-pointers to shut up in the future or be dropped down the chute by the criminal-combine running the Federal Witness Protection Program. And as mentioned, Judge Manning in various cases is covering up the criminals supposedly dedicated to protecting government witnesses, actually persecuting and terrorizing key government witnesses. If that does not work, well, snuffing out witnesses is also the answer. Whitacre rots in jail.
In June, 2000, the banker-judges on the federal appeals court in Chicago, did their own blackmail job on Judge Manning. They publicly ran over her in the case of Andreas and Wilson. They want to be sure she stays shut on the corrupted Federal Witness Protection Program in the several cases put on her docket by random magic. The appeals judges, primarily tied to the Rockefeller interests and not ADM, slapped her down, saying she gave too light of jail sentences to Andreas and Wilson, and sent it back for her to fix it up. Whitacre was not part of the appeal and is left as a thrown-in-the-garbage whistle-blower.
ADM supplies the corn and other sweeteners to The Coca-Cola Company. So you see the common link to the cases on Judge Manning's docket. ADM is a spy-apparatus themselves, just like Coke. In 1989, ADM wanted to put an armlock on the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. They were countered by the independent-minded young "pirates" who as speculators were running the places. ADM arranged to "buy" the federal prosecutors office to frame up 46 of these "pirates" on measly five dollar discrepancy matters. In an unusual procedure, ADM supplied to the federal government prosecutors undercover spies, trained by and for ADM in commodity and other dealing. ADM's undercover provocateurs got "evidence" of the five dollar matters which was and is a common, accepted practice on the exchanges, not considered a crime at all. The federal prosecutors, practically on ADM's payroll instead of Uncle Sam's, destroyed the 46 young people quicker than shooting them.
In 1992, I was sitting in my wheelchair in the front of the front row of the packed courtroom of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago. Before the oral presentation of the appeals, I tried to tell the wives of some of the Soybean Ten, that the three-judge panel to hear the appeal, was headed by a conflict of interest. That was Federal Appeals Judge Richard D. Cudahy. According to his mandatory financial disclosure, he is the richest judge in North America and owns and operates the Patrick Cudahy Trust, which is a speculation instrument in the commodity industry. Judge Cudahy upheld the severe jail sentences of the soybean traders.
The relatives of the doomed speculators had hired, for about a million dollars, Alan Dershowitz, to argue their appeal. Before the hearing, when I tried to warn the relatives, they just insulted me: "Who the hell are you, Mr. Skolnick? I answered, I am just a voice for justice in the wilderness, that's all."
Hey, maybe you are floored by all these details. Maybe I should not tell you that the Russian mafiya plays a part in some of Judge Manning's crooked decisions. Like Harkenrider is purportedly in with them. More coming.
Stay tuned.

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