Sierra Chemtral Photos
(name on file)
Here are the photos I wrote you about. The photos were taken on Wednesday, September 13, 2000. The lake is an unnamed lake in the headwaters of the East Fork of Cherry Creek, in the Northern Yosemite Boundary region. The altitude was around 9,200 feet. The time was approximately 11 A.M. As usual, the weather was nearly clear when I began my day hike around 9 A.M. By the time these pictures were taken, one can see that the sky had clearly become "cloudy."
I've been watching this phenomenon for well over two years now, and I've never witnessed such heavy aerial spraying activity as I did on that morning. It was profoundly upsetting to me to be at such a pristine and remote High Sierra lake, and witness this kind of unknown and ominous aerial spraying. The interesting thing about this particular incident, was that being so high up, I was able to discern certain physical details of the contrails that I've never been able to see so clearly before. I watched as the contrails were initially deployed, and then spread out as usual. But in this case I was astonished to watch as distinct funnel like formations appeared immediately below the initial contrail lines, and material dropped into the funnels and then smeared out into more "natural" cloud like formations. I'd never witnessed this kind of physical dynamic before. I took two pictures of two different contrails, separated by about a half an hour. Both photos clearly show the funnel formations, and the subsequent smearing out effect below the funnels. The plot thickens.


Chemtrails in Southern California Desert
From Bob Lewis
On the night of Sept.13 the rascals were at it in full force over Apple Valley Ca. I didn't believe anything underhanded was going on with these "Chemtrails" until then but I certainly believe now. I woke up the next day sneezing like crazy and generally feeling crappy. They continued to spray the following morning. What the hell is going on?
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