Chemtrails, Contrails,
& Relative Humidity
At Altitude
From Clifford E Carnicom <>
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Thought you might be interested in this post that I recently posted on the message board attached to site.
I believe this argument is extremely strong, and is getting stronger all the time. This time it's the folks from NASA and NOAA that help educate us...
As posted on the meteorology forum:
The following reference summary on:
...brings to four the number of references that repeatedly and consistently state that cloud formation (specifically cirrus cloud formation at flight altitude in this case) is not expected to occur with relative humidities (with respect to water, per conventional and standard measurement) of less than 70%. And yet repeatedly since the early part of 1999 such formation of cirrus - cirro-stratus - and cirrocumulus cloud decks are observed forming repeatedly as a direct result of aircraft activity in conditions of extreme low humidity in the southwest desert. It is noted that the source stated here is from both NASA and NOAA researchers.
The four sources that are completely consistent are now:
The United States Naval Postgraduate School Atmosphere, by Vincent Schaefer, inventor of cloud seeding Meteorology, The Atmosphere and the Science of Weather, by Joseph M. Moran Referenced NASA - NOAA study below.
Variance from these expectations, i.e., repeated, extended and sustained cirrus, cirro-stratus, and cirro-cumulus formation under conditions of extreme low humidity (avg. 30%, range 10%-60% predominant) in Santa Fe NM as a direct result of aircraft activity is most reasonably explained with an alteration in traditional modeling techniques. Such an alteration would reasonably consider the effects of the deliberate introduction of aerosol particles within that extreme low-humidity environment at flight elevations.
The relationship between relative humidity with respect to both water and ice is understood, and does not affect the conclusions reached herein.
"Andrew Heymsfield, Larry Miloshevich, and Steven Aulenbach, along with Glen Sachse (NASA Langley) and Sam Oltmans (NOAA) found that the relative humidities with respect to water which are required to form ice crystals in cirrus clouds decline from almost 100% near 40 degrees C to 75 or 80% from -55 to -65 degrees C. This is consistent with their earlier measurements and the notion of homogeneous nucleation of solution droplets. But it is noteworthy that high relative humidities, approaching 90%, were measured in clear air at -52 degrees C off the coast of California and relative humidities approaching 100% were observed in orographic wave clouds between -62 and -65 degrees C. These results indicate that very high relative humidities can build up at low temperatures in instances with high vertical velocities and possibly with depletion of cloud condensation nuclei, thus retarding the formation of ice crystals. These regions provide conditions highly favorable for contrail formation by aircraft."
Posted by Clifford E Carnicom
August 4 2000

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