Chemtrails Now Over
Melbourne, Australia
Horrible Chemtrails Now In Melbourne Australia!
From Paul and Julia Cadwallader <>
Dear Jeff,
I have followed the chemtrails' rapid escalation globally, and I am extremely concerned about the whole issue. What the reason is for the spraying? What is happening that requires the spraying of the earth's atmoshere all of a sudden? Is something about to happen?
On August 3, my wife witnessed large and horrible looking chemtrails over Melbourne, Australia, while returning home from work. It caught her attention easily because it was so ugly, and so visually obvious in the sky. The time of this event was between 4 p.m. and 5.30 p.m.
The recent excellent photos of chemtrails in Daylesford Australia, on, were very similar to the sight over Melbourne. Planes were seen spewing out white chemtrails, while trails laid earlier were dispersing into wide bands. The sun had a red haze over it, and there were dirty rainbow colours here and there. The whole sky and the atmosphere itself looked greatly disturbed, apart from the developing chemtrails everywhere. Other people we know noticed it too, because it stood out so strongly. Unfortunately, we didn't get a photo, but the recent excellent photos of chemtrails over Daylesford fully explains how bad it was. And in this regard, they were much worse than the usual range of chemtrail photos.
The next morning at 8.30 a.m. there were more planes spreading chemtrails further east over the Yarra Valley and Healesville. So, the spraying continued on August 4th as well. Recently, there was large scale spraying at another location in Australia at Byron Bay, in New South Wales. So it would appear that now Australia has been targeted for heavy spraying as well.
I decided that I have had enough of this, and rang quite a few different types of weather stations, scientists, radar weather centres and the CSIRO. All had no idea. Amazing. You ring the experts and they don't know anything! However the person I spoke to at the CSIRO, was very interested and asked for the web sites!! I put him on to, of course.
The next day I decided that I would ring the television stations instead. I rang channel 9 and spoke to someone at "A Current Affair", who also had no idea, but took all the details, and was quite interested in what I was saying. Perhaps it will make it onto the television news? Finally.
So, as this is all getting out of hand, I suggest that everyone who is concerned about what is being done to your atmosphere with your tax dollars, ring television stations, radio stations, news papers, to get the subject of chemtrails into the public mind, and to finally get the truth of what is going on.
Paul Cadwallader

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