Chemtrails - JP8 & EDB
By Margareta-Erminia Cassani
> 8-4-00
Since early on in the Chemtrails investigation, it was reported that JP8 fuel, the fuel used commonly by military jets, contained EDB, ethylene dibromide, a known carcinogen. And, necessarily then, if Chemtrails were made by military jets, we, an unwitting public, were breathing in EDB. This was, in part, based on the report of a laboratory sample of "aviation fuel" that was cited in an early Chemtrails investigation story.
It is hard to know exactly what transpired with this sample of "aviation fuel", whether it truly was what it was purported to be by the source who offered the sample, or if that sample was "spiked" with EDB somehow before it reached the lab. Although the source who offered the sample was originally thought to be credible, and the results of this sample were reported as was stated on its laboratory analysis sheet as containing EDB, it is possible that this sample of "aviation fuel" and/or the laboratory results of what it contained, may have been altered by a person, or persons, with questionable credibility, who thereby, perhaps, created the now legendary idea, that has been spread far and wide across the Internet, that jet fuel contains EDB. Extensive research has proven that this is not fact.
All the research that I have done on this subject has turned up nothing to support the claim that JP8, or JP- 8+100 (military jet fuels) or any other military or commercial fuels, contain EDB now, nor did they ever.
So, again, to set the record straight, I am sharing some of my research notes on this subject with readers to allay any fears that Chemtrails are causing us to breathe in carcinogens in the form of EDB. This is research gleaned from interviews with Mr. Chuck L. Davis of NASA,s Fuel Propulsion Studies, the United States Air Force, an independent researcher at the University of North Carolina, and the Environmental Protection Agency.
Because JP8 and JP-8+100 are military jet fuels, necessarily, my sources regarding the contents of JP8 were government/military sources. No commercial airlines uses JP8, therefore, no commercial airlines were contacted. Commercial airliners use a derivation of JP-8 - JP5 and/or JP6, et al, none of which contain EDB either.
Ethylene dibromide was used as an additive in aviation gasolines during World War II. It should be stressed that the terms "aviation" and "jet" are not synonymous with each other as it seems that some information put out over the Internet seems to blur the two terms together as if they are one and the same. They are not. The additive EDB was used to help stop lead in aviation gasoline from plating out on valves, or what is more commonly referred to as "engine knock" or "knocking". EDB was an anti-knock additive. The additive was never needed for jet fuel since jet fuel does not contain lead and therefore does not "knock". EDB was an additive in leaded automobile fuel (most readers will remember "anti-knock formula" gasolines pre-unleaded gas era at their local gas station) until it was outlawed by the EPA in 1984. It has not been present since in any automotive or aviation fuel. It has never been present in jet fuel, Jet A-1, which is the precursor to JP8 and JP-8+100.
Ethylene dibromide, pre-EPA ban in 1984, was also used as an insecticide, pest, nematode fumigant sprayed on citrus, vegetables, and grain crops, and as a fumigant used on golf courses. The EPA ban in 1984 prohibited the use of EDB as a soil and grain fumigant. The EPA ranks ethylene dibromide as a "probable human carcinogen (cancer-causing agent)" and has ranked it in EPA's Group B2. The term "probable carcinogen" had been assigned to EDB because studies done on rats indicated that EDB was carcinogenic to the rats tested, however, two studies done on humans revealed conflicting results and it was thought that some factors in those studies might have been flawed. However, the EPA ruled on the side of safety and banned EDB as a carcinogenic agent.
Ethylene dibromide is STILL currently used in the treatment of downed logs for bark beetles, termite control, wax moths, Japanese beetle on ornamental plants. It is also used as an intermediate for dyes, resins, waxes and gums [EPA IRIS Fact Sheet, ethylene dibromide, 1999].
It has not been determined what Chemtrails contain either chemically, bacteriologically, or virologically as, to date, no aerosol testing or spectragraphic analysis of Chemtrail aerosol has been done. However, I cannot stress clearly enough to an increasingly worried public that Chemtrails cannot contain ethylene dibromide as the jet fuel used in either military or commercial jets do not contain EDB.
EBD has been present in the environment much longer than Chemtrails, in the form of ambient (surrounding) air emissions from production/processing facilities, i.e., industries that use ethylene dibromide (e.g., dry cleaning establishments, manufacturing plants). It is thought that EDB exposure from industries occurs in two ways:
Inhalation of ambient air near industries that use ethylene dibromide The most common route of exposure, however, for the general population is the drinking of contaminated water, especially well water. Another possible exposure method is near a chemical waste site where EDB has leached into the soil and/or into nearby water sources.
*NOTE: There are no reliable medical tests to assess if someone has been exposed to ethylene dibromide.
WHAT IS JP8, JP-8+100 JET FUEL? As mentioned above, JP-8, and JP-8+100, are jet fuels used in military jets It is primarily kerosene, a petroleum distillate. It is manufactured by the fuel producer who must meet both chemical and physical properties which ensure proper aircraft (jet) operation.
Fuel additives allowed in JP8 and JP-8+100 include: the use of antioxidants and metal deactivators and for some aircraft fuel systems icing inhibitor and static dissipater additive. None of these additives are, or contain, EDB. [Re: Memorandum: To Whom It May Concern PROM: AFRL/PR, Subject: Public Release Statement on JP-8+100 fuels, United States Air Force, ASC/PA, phone (937) 255-2725]
I hope this information helps to dispel the rumors circulating on the Internet and on certain radio talk shows that EDB is, or was, present in military or commercial jet fuel and this is the agent in "Chemtrails" that is making everyone ill. As I have noted in a previous article, it is my belief, derived from extensive interviews of people claiming to have "CRI", i.e., Chemtrail Related Illness, that the illness and/or symptom causing agents in "Chemtrails" is a mixture of possibly several elements which can cause allergic-type reaction symptoms such as headache, tightness in the throat which later progresses to a very sort throat and/or ears, loss of voice, either temporarily or for days, coughing, runny, watery eyes and nose. These allergic reactions are frequently accompanied by bacterial, viral and/or fungal infections that set in along with them as allergic reactions can set the stage for any ambient microbes (either bacterial, viral or fungal) which may be circulating at the time of the exposure that make it very easy for infections to more easily take hold.
It is my thought, at this point, that these allergic-symptom-causing agents are possibly mixtures of aluminum particulate which is perhaps being used to deflect damaging UV rays backward from the earth; and a high carbon burn-off particulate from JP-8 or JP-8+100 fuel used in the jets involved in placing the aluminum reflectant into the atmosphere. Note: Aluminum has NOT been found in Chemtrails to date. This is at the time- being a speculation based on rainwater samples that showed an increased level of aluminum. However, the source of that rainwater aluminum has not, to date, been identified as a contrail. Possible other chemical agents may be present in contrail/Chemtrails. This is only a research-to-date best-conjecture based on the vast amount of health reports compiled from around the country of symptoms people claim to suffer after exposed to unusual contrail/Chemtrail activity in the skies above their neighborhoods, etc.
As stated before, to date, no specific, objective, quantifiable data is available regarding the chemical (if any) content of Chemtrails. Until that information can be obtained via either spectragraphic analysis and/or actual Chemtrail aerosol capture, to reveal exactly what chemicals (or any other substance) are present in Chemtrails, it is impossible to know what is the exact mechanism that is making some people sick. However, as contrails/Chemtrails are caused by jets using jet fuel, and jet fuel (either military or commercial grade), does not contain EDB, it is a very safe and logical assumption that Chemtrails do NOT contain ethylene dibromide - EDB.
I hope this information allays at least some of the fears and worries people have regarding contents of Chemtrails known to date. For further information regarding the health hazards of EDB, please visit the Environmental Protection Agency,s IRIS site listed below, or do a search on EDB and/or JP8 at the Environmental Health Services website.
The following is a list of sources I contacted regarding both JP8 fuel and EDB. Anyone may contact them, as I did, and ask about the validity of what is contained in this report:
NASA Jet Fuel Propulsion Studies, Chuck L. Davis,
United States Air Force, John Tews, Public Information,
Professor David Leith, University of North Carolina,
Environmental Protection Agency, Integrated Research Information Sheets [IRIS ]Fact Sheets, via Environmental Health Service,
I welcome all feedback regarding the above statements which are true and verifiable to the best of my research sources. or
Hi Jeff,
I thought I'd tell you this....earlier this evening, Thursday, August 3, I was out in my backyard, looked up and noticed some huge, frothy-looking "trails" directly over my house in a huge X. I stood there staring up at it, then went in and got my camera to photograph them. As I went to the front of the house, I noticed several other huge, billowy trails crossing the X. They must have been there for a while, judging by others I have seen like this in other places, at least an hour, as it was spread out pretty wide, but it was not disseminated - it was hanging together in the middle, just spreading at the edges....I shot about 12 takes of them from several angles. When I went in I noticed my neck was stiff, I had a headache, and a sore throat coming on in my right ear/throat area. An hour or so later, I started getting a low grade nausea and just general "ill' feeling. The last time this happened to me was last year in May, when out under a similar contrail, not over my house though, somewhere else. So, see, even the least controversial of the chemtrail trackers gets sick from them too.

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