On 'Disappearing' Chemtrail
Aircraft & Virus Dispersion
From Harry Mason <>
Hi Jeff, Here are some Australian considerations re the disappearing chemtrail aircraft etc.
Dear George (Filer),
I just caught your article on Disappearing Chemtrail Aircraft - kindly forwarded to me by your recent guest Betty Daly King. I have some input for your consideration on this issue.
1) Re "Disappearing Technology" ???
I have a friend in a foreign country who is their top english language translator. I will not name her or the country for her safety. In the early 1980's she went with a foreign military delegation from her country to the USA to meetwith top US Military. She translated everything that was seen and said by both sides. One aspect of their visit was to observe film and hard technology of the operation of a "cloaking device". This made ships, aircraft, or even entire airfields totally invisible in reflected light and radar wavebands. It was being offered to her country as an inducement to back US policy. The device was capable of retrofitting to any aircraft etc.
There is "eyewitness" evidence of such a device in operation at an RAF -NATO airbase on the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland. This base contains the longest runway in Europe and is supposedly closed down - on care and maintenance. The airstrip points out to the west and is separated from the Irish Sea by a golf course on sand dunes next to the beach. The base is suspected of having large underground storage areas. It has a permanent force of US "gold badge" delta force "space troops" in hiding on the base area.
One day a bunch of golfers noticed a vee shape wave rushing across the calm sea surface with a vague shimmering space in the air above it - similar to that seen in the movie "Predator" as created by a "cloaked alien". The vee wave of unsettled water and the shimmering air space shot towards them at a fair speed and the shimmering went over their heads accompanied by a loud roaring noise - exactly in line with the airstrip. They concluded logically that a high powered invisible aircraft had approached low over the water and landed at the airfield. Locals and Scottish UFO researchers believe this airbase is used by covert US space planes of the Aurora type on a weekly basis. The dlta force troopers are often involved in fights with locals in the pubs and apparently do not know about such local tribal fighting techniques as the "Glasgow Kiss" and thereby take considerable casualties in street fights. So the moral from all of this is - Do not conclude that the US or other nations do not have visual cloaking devices for aircraft such as tankers.....................
2) Possible Exotic Alien Aerial Tankers ??? In support of your thesis re possible exotic (alien ???) technology involved with Chemtrail spraying is a sighting report that I received from some reliable friends who were holidaying east of Esperance (Central south coast of Western Australia) last Xmas-New Year. They camped at an isolated spot called Israelite Bay - about 200km east of Esperance (eastern end of the Recherche Archipelago) and some 140km south of Balladonia - on the western end of the Nullarbor or Eucla Plain. This area might have about 3-5 persons camped out there on fishing trips - that is it.
They saw on several days fleets of three-four tanker aircraft of DC-10 size rising at high 45 degree angles >from their north. These aircraft travelled at very high > than normal jumbo jet speed, and reached very high altitude out over the Australian Bight before turning back inland running north and then turning west to run towards Perth. They were laying out a single large "contrail" from their immediate rear end all of this time. These sightings correspond with other later sightings by other persons of presumeably the same tankers much further west.
Now the odd thing is there are no large sealed airstrips known to exist around Balladonia. My friends believed that these aircraft were taking off from a strip out near Balladonia because of the very low level when first seen and their initial nose-tail formation followed soon after by a wide spaced wingtip-wingtip formation. This region has only got small isolated dirt strips for mustering aircraft such as Cessna 182's etc.
The Nullarbor plain is well known for many odd UFO events involving family cars and trucks. Cars have been reportedly lifted up and swung round in the air, by bright ufo flying saucers with tractor beams, before being dropped to the ground in nearby bush. The interstate highway runs over the desolate plain from Norseman Western Australia for some 1200km to Ceduna in South Australia. The Highway is not far from the coast and many sightings have been made on it, and by fisherman operating further out to sea in the Bight. I also have reports of silver-orange beams descending from very high altitude and hitting the ground NW of Balladonia on the western edge of the plain. This desolate under populated region is part of a larger similarly underpopulated area that connects to Woomera, and Alice Springs. This area contains large covert US "Communications" bases at Pine Gap near Alice Springs, and further south but NW from the Woomera Rocket Test range (I cannot rember this much larger than Pine Gap base's name).
There are at least two possible conclusions (may be others !!!) on all of this:
1) Aliens have secret land base facilities around this western edge of the Nullarbor Plain from which they are running "cloaked" DC-10 "look-a-like" tankers to spray us with noxious biochem material.
2) There is a secret underground Australian Defence base in this area which has been used to test exotic US space planes and "ufo" types over a fairly long time frame (sightings seen for say 20 years), and it is now being used as a refueling stop for US "cloaked" DC-10 type tankers, who are also spraying us with noxious biochem material. My own and others research has suggested (not proven by any stretch of imagination) that a cloaked US base also exists in the Gibson Desert area of Central Eastern WA. Military Shuttle Flights might have utilised this underground base to land after spy missions against Soviet Russia during the Cold War. My favourite is (2) above - but who knows for sure ??? Other correlations of possible interest are :- 3 We have had massive 60% of biomass extinctions of pilchards and other fish washing up on our Southern Australian shores over the last couple of years. These started over near New Zealand in 1995 but have spread all the way to Albany in south-western WA last year. The timings of these events fit fairly closely with recent known chemtrail mass sprayings. The extinctions are thought to be due to virii introduced in ships ballast, but three years of intense research has failed to provide an exact positive thesis ................. ie which virus and from where ???? There might be a horrible connection to chemtrals - by accident or design ???
4) We have a spreading disease called "Ross River Virus". It is said to be mosquito borne and has been increasing it's area of operation over much of WA and other parts of Australia over the past few years. It is said to be the cause of ill effects experienced here over the last several years (ever since the Gulf War in fact) and produces violent aches and extreme tiredness - a-la "Gulf War Syndrome". The general effects are very much like the flu or "ague".
Recently even more exotic cases involving death are said to be "encephalitus" caught from Mosquito bites but carried by herrons and cranes. None of these diseases were around before the Gulf War. Recent press claims on research into Ross River virus and influenza had me telephone the medical researchers concerned. They do NOT culture the victims blood they purely make a diagnosis on the basis of their reported symptoms. They rely heavily on US and UK research involving actual blood culturing to make their ID of the alleged virus !!! Now I hear of other "New Virii" spreading around the USA, UK, and Europe eg Nile River Virus. The effects of all of these supposed virii are similar to bad flu and our Ross River virus. My nasty mind says what if this ID is bullshit and just for each countries home public spin-doctored consumption. What if something escaped from Iraq (accidentally or with help ???) and is raging around the world. Is this why they are spraying - in an attempt to innoculate us and kill it ??? Or is this what someone is adding into the world population to reduce human numbers - a-la Club of Rome type thesis ??? The local names of NEW virii being part of the World Health Authority spin doctored explanation.
There is evidence that the World Health Authority actually spread AIDS into Africa via mass Smallpox innoculations, and into the West Coast USA population via early Hepatitus B innoculations. Somewhere on the net I have seen a connection made between Chemtrail fluid and the World Health organisation - as it's supplier from certain large chemical manufacturing plants.
What I suspect, but cannot yet prove, is that this "UN" organisation is run by elitist 'Club of Rome" NWO fascist types who have hidden agendas to reduce world population, effect their control over valuable resources in countries with high third world populations, and at the same time leverag their covert control over all the peoples of this planet by creating illness epidemics that require purchase of "their" drugs to cure same............... .Who knows what else might also be being spread - rather like Bromide in UK Army Servicemans Tea - to reduce their sexual desires. Exactly what are we getting from the chemtrailers ???
If I am right then they have access to the best technology and this may include "cloaking devices". So Do not immediately jump to Alien Attack scenarios. However, one could make out a good case for the purveyors of hypno-drugs and a drug dependance low life culture in the USA and elsewhere being ultimately connected off planet to an age old group of alien "Implanters" - but that's another story.
Best Regards,
Harry Mason
Disappearing Chemtrail Planes - Possible Explanation
Regarding the post by George Filer ( on 8-1-00 "Disappearing Chemtrail Planes", I have a possible explanation.
It is possible that two air masses with two different temperatures will cause a "light path boundary interface" wherein two outcomes are possible:
1) Light strikes the interface (thermal boundary) and has a sufficient incident angle in order to penetrate through the boundary
2) Light impinges the thermal boundary below the "critical angle" and is therefore completely reflected upward (and does not penetrate the thermal boundary).
Imagine that a cloud free mass of air with a different temperature (perhaps cooled by the shadow of a chemical contrail) meets up with a (higher) air mass in which a "chemtrail aircraft" is flying and also in which there are no clouds. In other words, imagine a hot and cool air mass in contact with each other but still free of clouds (in which case you could not "see" the interface until perhaps condensation starts to appear perhaps {depending on humidity, etc.} ).
Depending on a ground observer's position relative to the location (altitude) of the cloud free thermal boundary and an aircraft flying above the "different temperature" air mass, one can expect that at some of the time the light reflecting off the airacraft will fall below the critical angle thus giving the appearance that the aircraft has disappeared (when in fact those light beams are being reflected upward off of the thermal boundary).
One could test the hypothesis easily and especially by having a ground radar available to determine "truth" as the aircraft appears to diappear. Of course, one could argue that the radar waves may also suffer the same effect but I believe the geometry will tend to, on average, not allow a "disappearing" aircraft on both phenomena simultaneously.
I hope that you'll post this on your website as I'm sure there may be some easily scared souls out there who are prone to believe anything posted on just one reading. Having said that, I also want you to know that I appreciate what appears to be an honest posting by honorable gentlemen who are determined, as well they should be, to "get to the bottom of the matter".
This is quite an admirable undertaking for them.
"Physics First"
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