Byron Bay Chemtrails - Australians
Are Doing Something About It!
By Gary Opit <>
Environmental Consultant
Environmental Chemtrails Broadcast on 2NR North Coast Regional ABC Radio, Lismore
Byron Bay Chemtrails Information Center (BBCIC), Australia
Open Letter To Janelle Bankroft Senior Environmental Health Officer
Byron Shire Council
02-6626-7000 Mullumbimby NSW 2482
Dear Janelle,
Thank you for calling Shlomo Arnon, former President of the Upper Main Arm Landcare Group, on 26 July expressing your concerns about the Chemtrails spraying.
A great many members of our community feel that this Chemtrails spraying could pose the most serious public health disaster in the history of Australia. We have already received reports from people suffering from symptoms commonly associated with the Chemtrail spraying. At least one health professional has informed us that he has had an increase in patients complaining of these symptoms.
Shlomo has alerted and informed the Meadows Medical Center, Mullumbimby, some months ago, to the potential respiratory epidemic associated with Chemtrail spraying and requested a Community Medical Watch for an outbreak of classical Chemtrails health problems. Dr. Mark Abriel of Byron Bay has observed and photographed many of these Chemtrails (as have I) on several occasions, and he is also very familiar with the medical symptoms. He is currently researching natural herbal cures for Chemtrail toxicity and we would advise that you to consult him too.
We note that you have already read the article on Chemtrails by Eve Sinton in 'The Echo' and which is available on the internet at the following address : We note that you have assured Shlomo that you will read the URLs at the end of Eve s article. We are confident that you now understand that the Chemtrail Phenomena is occurring in all western countries with disastrous results and the observations and photographs listed in prove that it has been occurring in other countries for some time.
Analysis of Chemtrail fallout overseas have shown up a biochemical-warfare soup of toxins, pathogens, fungi, moulds, and genetically-engineered organisms such as Mycoplasma fermentens incognitus and Pseudomonas flourescens. Some of these organisms have been linked to the 'Gulf War Syndrome.' Most are extremely antibiotic resistant. You may note that Councilor Jan Mangelson s own son, Adam, confirmed to Shlomo that he had identical Chemtrails symptoms to those mentioned in this letter.
The spraying appears to be a planned operation occurring in many different parts of Australia. In order to be better informed, it would be wise to contact Ms. Julie King, 08-9887-0050, in Western Australia, for first hand accounts of the health problems. She and her children, as well as many others in her home town of Pingally, became very sick with symptoms leading to pneumonia shortly after spraying took place 3 days before the Easter holidays finished. The local school s entire complement of students were unable to attend for some period of time because of the epidemic of respiratory complaints and the hospital was filled to capacity by patients all suffering from pneumonia.
Symptoms include continuous mucus discharges in the nose and throat, with patients repeatedly coughing up green material with blood, followed by short-term memory loss, lethargy and fatigue continuing for several months and pneumonia in those patients with a less than extremely healthy immune system. Of interest is that there is generally no increase in normal body temperature during the infection. Local Doctors in W.A. have found that only extremely heavy doses of certain antibiotics provide relief, though fatigue will remain a symptom for extended periods of time. The Doctors have apparently identified the organism as being responsible.
Whilst you advised Shlomo to contact Don Page M.P., and Councilor Jan Mangleson maintained that this is not a council problem and that we should contact Larry Anthony M.P., we would like you to know that American politicians are NOT being informed about these Chemtrail spraying and so we have reason to believe that our own politicians will also have little knowledge of the situation. Besides, Shlomo has already sent information about the Byron Bay Chemtrail spraying as soon as it was posted worldwide on the internet. We have the urgent responsibility to alert the community to the extreme dangers these illegal high altitude spraying operations may have on the health of population and not get involved with politics.
It is also possible to listen to Julie King s interview with the USA-wide Jeff Rense nightly radio broadcast (3 hours). This interview which was heard by many millions Americans and worldwide on the Internet, is available free on the internet, just go to the Jeff Rense Website: , click on Archived Shows , click on 2000, then click on July 24. If you will click on July 23, you can hear Clifford Carnicom, the world s best expert on Chemtrails
Since Jeff Rense is in contact with Shlomo, Shlomo has arranged for me to appear recently on the Jeff Rense Show regarding Australian Fauna. Shlomo has assured me that it will be no problem for him to put you too on the Jeff Rense Show when we begin to implement some of the suggestions below. This will give a worldwide exposure to Byron Shire as the most advanced shire in Australia to many millions of Americans, and Shlomo have also suggested to include Mayor Tom Wilson and Dr. Abriel too.
After listening and talking to Julie and Clifford, you will understand that you are now facing probably the most difficult task of your life, how to inform and protect our community from the plagues that have already occurred in other cities.
As this is the most urgent health disaster in our shire history , I suggest the following:
1. For those who don t have computers, setting up a Chemtrail File in your office and publicizing it in the local papers, so that you will have the best input from the public. I have requested Shlomo Arnon who is well informed, to coordinate this project for you and he has agreed to do it at his own cost as a free community service.
2. Requesting our medical personal to give you weekly reports. In the USA, many doctors have to report results of Chemtrail spraying back to authorities.
3. Set up Chemtrail Alert. When Chemtrails are spotted, all schools should not allow the kids to leave their classrooms. The public similarly will be advised to stay indoor and close all windows, as it is done with the smog problem in Los Angeles.
4. Inform all school teachers and principals about this hazard and teach the children to distinguish between Chemtrails and Contrails. I have requested Shlomo Arnon who is also the P&C Vice president of our Mullumbimby Primary School to give free public lectures at all our schools at his own cost, and he has agreed.
5. Research websites and Internet Discussion Groups on Chemtrails worldwide, and publish a Weekly Council Health Advisory on Chemtrails.
6. Contact immediately all our politicians and organized a meeting with our community.
7. Inform immediately all neighboring councils to report back to us, as most spraying is done now north west of us and sometimes at night too.
8. Organized an immediate urgent community meetings as former Councilor Ian Hoskins have suggested. Shlomo has promised Ian to give free lectures.
9. Councilor Jan Mangelson has background in health issues and her son Adam is now sick with symptoms similar to classical Chemtrail symptoms, her husband Jim is the owner of Chincogan Real Estate in Mullumbimby. Jim saw the Chemtrails several times and photographed them too, he offers his photos free by email to anyone.
10. Alert all Landcare groups and other community groups to watch the sky as Shlomo, former President of the Upper Main Arm Landcare Group suggested.
11. Council personal are already well aware of the Chemtrails. Shlomo has met Wayne Thompson and his crew of Council employees in Mullumbimby, next to the video shop, while working on the road, and pointed to them the Chemtrails in the sky. Wayne was amazed, and told Shlomo that he will keep watching the sky.
12. We and Eve at The Echo, can provide you with a long list of people in our community who will give you descriptions of the Chemtrails.
13. Alex Benham, Principal, Mullumbimby Primary School, has already seen the Chemtrail himself. Alex & Shlomo have already studied together the phenomena on the Internet.
14. We already have a network of Chemtrails Watchers who are in constant alert with cameras at their cars, ready all the time.
We are very pleased that The Echo newspaper has proved its responsibility to our community by publishing Eve s article. We are very concerned that the Byron News and Bay FM radio who initially, as The Echo, showed enthusiasm to print/broadcast the Chemtrail information, reversed their minds after one day and refused to release any information to the public.
Now that you read Eve s article, our community will hold you personally responsible should we have the same diseases that Julie is reporting in her community. We wish you success and we assure you that our community will support you.
Yours faithfully,
Gary Opit Environmental Consultant
Environmental Chemtrails Broadcast on 2NR North Coast Regional ABC Radio, Lismore Byron Bay Chemtrails Information Center (BBCIC) <
BBCIC would like to thanks 'MAP Internet Services' (02-6684-3899) in Mullumbimby for their support and setting up a special Chemtrails Community Discussion Board for Byron Shire. We invite Jeff Rense listeners/friends around the world to read and participate:
Over the last few weeks we have received reports of practically daily Chemtrail spraying over Byron Shire. In the last few days, the usual 'lines in the sky' are not always visible, instead, the spraying seem to be done over the hills to the west in the early morning or night, and it is slowly drifting to Mullumbimby and Byron Bay during the day. This is turning our normally blue sky in the morning to an unnatural 'flat carpet' of clouds and haze, which does not raise any suspicions to the untrained eye, and we never have rain. Jim Mangelson of Chincogan Real Estate and others, have alerted us yesterday, when they noticed a spectacular straight line in the middle of the 'carpet'. You can see similar 'carpet' photos at this website from location south of Perth, Western Australia: Also, council employees has alerted us that while we have ONLY one flight path, South-North, from Sydney to Brisbane, which we are all familiar with, many Chemtrails are East West !!!
BBCIC NEWS: A professional photographer in Byron Bay took two rolls of films last Thursday of a very heavy Chemtrails activity over Byron Bay. When he developed the films he found many 'floating objects' between the Chemtrails. Shlomo, who was formerly with the Israeli Air Force and was teaching UFO's at UCLA, California, inspected the slides and determined that the 'floating objects' are classical UFO's. As the Australian public is not very familiar with the subject of UFO's, Shlomo has decided not to discuss the UFO's locally in order not to confuse the Chemtrail issue at the moment. Shlomo is now negotiating to post these spectacular UFO-Chemtrail photos on the Jeff Rense website soon.
BBCIC is pleased to inform Byron Shire residents that our brave and uncompromising investigative journalist Eve Sinton, the Environmental Editor of our Echo read this open letter to Janelle Bankroft and considered it to be news and therefore she told Shlomo that it will appear in the next issue of 'The Echo' on 8th of July. BRAVO EVE.
BBCIC would like to thank Jim Mangelson owner of Chincogan Real Estate (02-6684-3300) in Mullumbimby, for supporting, encouraging and financing BBCIC, and alerting our Byron Bay Shire community to the potential problems with Chemtrails. Jim, the husband of our Councilor Jan Mangelson took this photo in Mullumbimby, Northern New South Wales, Australia, 25th July 2000

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