Dear Mr. Blair - Part Two
From John Stanton <>
Dear Mr Blair,
You and the press have ignored the letter that was posted. Well, it has been posted on the world wide web for all to see at
Messages and support have been coming in from around the world. It seems that even in Australia they have had enough as well.
Mr Blair it is not just the tax on fuel it is the reasons for it. What has happened in the UK has high lighted just how dependent we are on fuel. Now all the services that have suffered all the people who are affected are the same ones that suffer all the time every day every year from the high cost of fuel.
The clean fuel (90%) cleaner, was shelved because of the amount of water in it and the fact that no duty could be put onto water in the same sense. No doubt it has now been bought by the oil moguls who in certain areas have more control over countries than the powers that be.
The word greed comes to light and from the emails of support after Jeff Rense published the first letter Mr Blair, there is more than just a high percentage of the English people back the protests. Support is now world wide.
Mr Blair you cannot stop the people knowing you cannot stop the peoples right of freedom you are doing this by keeping taxes high and stopping people truly having a choice on fuel, and freedom to use there cars.
Yes, some people admire you for not backing down and to a certain extent I can see why. In the case of well "every group" will hold the powers that be to ransom. Well Mr Blair, the support is world wide for the UK people, not no minority group.
"about time the English people stood up for their rights"
"There is an incredible injustice taking place all over this planet and it has reached peak proportions in a number of places... including your country. I applaud your position and the stand of your countrymen and countrywomen. This is about abuse of power, greed and control. I'm glad the people in the UK are finally saying... "we've had enough!"
These are just two of many.
The whole issue of fuel and freedom of choice, not only to use alternatives but to have the freedom to use our cars has been undermined Mr Blair by you and all the powers that be.
Just think of the poor disabled person who commented on he had no petrol because of the protest, but he supports it. Why Mr Blair? Because of the price he cannot afford to go far. Mr Blair what about his freedom? He needs fuel to get out and about but he is restricted, yes by the high price he pays.
You say you cannot drop the price Mr Blair, lets face it you won't. What about all the money that is wasted Mr Blair we know about the Dome, but even if the money does come from "another source" for this what happens to all the billions?
Mr Blair you say Europe is more expensive has more taxes then why Mr Blair do the British public get cheaper goods from France and other countries?
Mr Blair are you really telling the truth or Mr Blair are you trying to make the long suffering British public look like thugs instead of hard working people?
People are in serious debt and that is why they are working themselves into an early grave with less time to spend with their families. Mr Blair you put on the working public grab money like it is your money and is a bottom less pit.
Mr Blair the British people are in debt exhausted and fed up. Do some thing about it. Or it could well be that the whole country stops with support.
John Stanton Northampton

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