Dear Mr Blair...
From Mr. Stanton <>
Dear Mr Blair...
From Mr. Stanton <
I seen you on TV and my support goes out even more for those who have organized the blockades. This has been a legal and peaceful protest. When I first bought my latest car it cost me about £20.00 to fill it up. Funnily enough it was not long after you were in power.
It now costs nearly £60.00 to fill it up.
You blame the people doing the blockades for the problems. Have you forgot about the lorry protest? Did you listen? Have you forgot about the dump the pump? Did you listen? Did you listen over two years ago when you were warned?
Are you listening to the people? Who have voted by over 90% by the action? Why Mr Blair do you think they are so in favour?
I have just had to explain to my 6 year old what it is all about and this hits home very well. When you came into power Mr Blair, a mornings work would fill my tank, now it is a day.
My tax rate has dropped by a miserly couple of % but my costs have increased overall by 40%.
Yes the problem has bought home just how much we rely on fuel. But it has also bought home just how much your stealth tactics on tax have increased costs. For everything has to be delivered.
Dear Mr Blair, I put it to you that you could have done some thing months ago. I put it to you that you did not expect the British public to protest as they normally put up with things. Mr Blair it is a warning to you that the long suffering people in the UK have had enough.
They are fed up with the highest taxes in Europe. They are fed up with the worst roads.
You go on about a better health service, when we find that the services we need are cancelled. we have to wait.
I'm sorry Mr Blair, getting to the Doctors for my wife is not a problem, she has to wait 2 to 3 weeks any how.
I'm sorry Mr Blair that you think the country is such a good state. Well Mr Blair it is in a sorry state. You see Mr Blair people have to work even harder just to make ends meet and pay your high stealth taxes.
Mr Blair, did you realise that this then leads to more stress more divorces and more under handed stability?
Dear Mr Blair did you not know the British people are working themselves to death and debt just to have a living?
Perhaps we would not mind road tolls, if we had decent roads. Mr Blair we noticed this when we went to France nice smooth roads nice journey. Then the English roads bump after bump.
Mr Blair, by not "giving in" as you put it you have made a grave mistake. You have ignored the people.
Over 90% want a lower price, a better deal on fuel. 90% would not support an minor group doing the same.
Mr Blair you have lost my vote and everyone I know. Your actions now and in the past three years have spelt your downfall.
Yes the Tories bought in the scale on fuel and tax. Mr Blair you could have stopped that straight away when you came into power.
"No increases in taxes" was your cry.
Mr Blair why should we have to work harder to put more money in your purse? What is the use of having a good school system when the parents have to work so hard they do not have the time for their children.
Mr Blair don't blame those in power before you. You could have done more but like most things you have lost touch with the people.
People who are using their democratic right to protest. People who you represent but you ignore.
Well Mr Blair I'm sorry to say you have lost my respect. You have lost my faith. The fact that you have made me work harder so I spend less time with my family amounts to one thing.
Come the next election you won't get my vote.
Dear Mr Blair you also say that the cost is necessary for the environment, to stop us using our cars etc. This is not only restricting our freedom you are also covering up.
There is a clean fuel that no one will give a licence to. It is 80% cleaner but you won't give it a licence because you cannot tax water.
We only pollute to this extent because you and the oil giants refuse to give us freedom. Freedom to use our cars and freedom to use "clean" fuel.
Mr. Stanton,

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