Stealth Tech: An Explanation
For Disappearing Aircraft
& Persistent Contrails?
Brenda Livingston
Living-Tracer Enterprises
Human Made High Technology is being presented as an explanation for "disappearing aircraft" witnessed by myself and other researchers studying persistent contrails. One must consider both prosaic explanations and exotic Defense R&D before concluding what some report seeing is taken as conclusive evidence of alien technology.
Electrochromatic panels (tiny video sensors) on the skin of aircraft is one such exotic technology which could explain as least some of the sightings reported.
It might be enlightening to visit the Project Chameleo/Richard N. Schowengerdt's website which presents papers, videos and drawings explaning some of the more recents research projects conducted by research scientist and the Air Force...
and take a look at the following patent:
Cloaking Using Electro-Optical Camouflage Patent No. 5,307,162 issued 26 April 1994 Patent Renewed in 1997 - Next Maintenance Fee Due 26 April 2001
In addition see the follwing articles on Camouflaging as stealth tech:
Electrochromatic Panels in May, 1997 POPULAR SCIENCE article)
GROOM LAKE TESTS TARGET STEALTH (Aviation Week of February 5, 1996, pp 26-27, by David A. Fulghum/Washington).
While it is possible that many experimental missions and varying atmospheric conditions are occuring in our atmosphere and that stealth tech/camouflage undoubtedly is being developed, one must ask the following questions: What would be the purpose of using such stealth tech (if economically and technologically feasible) in non-combat situations in the skies above populated areas? If it is feasible, why would it be necessary? Who are they hiding from?
And if it is indeed human-made technology in use and in some way connected with the creation of persistent contrails, why cloak the aircraft and forget about the billowing emissions stretching out for miles behind?
Perhaps one explanation for my sighting of a blinking out "craft" and its persistent contrail is the experimentation of 'emissions cloaking' along with aircraft camouflage. Much R&D is taking place in radar jamming and emissions control...but why would our military be testing or using such cloaking devices over a populated area in mid day?
Again: Who are they hiding from?
I also wanted to address a comment Gordon Scott made regarding sightings of disappearing planes in his article "Disappearing Planes: Not An Off-The-Shelf Technology" appearing at
"I have been following the various reports of the disappearing planes and have yet to find an observer who said "I was watching it with binoculars, never took my eyes off it for a moment, and it just blinked out and is totally gone".
It is evident that Scott has not seen my report on a "craft" and its miles-long persistent contrail that winked out as I was watching it through binoculars last December. (see report below)
Certainly it is most important that observers who feel they have witnessed a disappearing aircraft to consider that aircraft can make sudden moves --shifting in altitude and direction. In addition, clouds or obscuring haze (particularly what we are seeing out there now apparently resulting from persistent contrails) and lighting conditions can appear to change the color and reflectivity of craft traveling through the atmosphere.
What I witnessed was in a clear blue sky and I was intensely watching this "craft" and its dashing persistent contrail through binoculars coming toward me.
Though I feel that witnessing this event is a rare occurence (I have spend hundreds of hours skywatching over the last year and a half and have only witnessed a 'wink out' of a PC aircraft before me one time) -- I certainly will be out watching with video camera in hand in hopes to capture this event on video. And I encourage other researchers and the public to do the same.
Regarding Disappearing Aircraft And Human Technology...
While I think it is very probable that our government has developed much stealth and camouflage technology, there are a few things that this explanation of disappearing aircraft does not take into account... "aircraft" which apparently disappear along with their persistent contrails being one of them.
Myself and others have witnessed not only something looking like an aircraft suddenly and inexplicably vanish before our eyes...but have witnessed the craft and its miles-long persistent contrail vanish simultaneously.
One of these startling events took place on 12/23/99 at 8:10am CST near Lake Lewisville, TX just north of Dallas. My account is as follows.
The Not So Persistent Contrail...
During the last part of December 1999, I decided to go out into my unfenced yard which ajoins a wooded area and lake to do a bit of skywatching. The day before this particular day I had seen many persistent well as some very peculiar looking multiple contrails with no apparent craft in front of them.
It was a cool morning with a few clouds to the southeast--otherwise a fairly clear sky. As I watched to the east, I spotted an aircraft flying east just south of my position creating a broad white persistent contrail at about 15,000 feet. I noted a very slight haze in that area of the sky but had no trouble seeing this craft clearly through my 10x50 binoculars.
Just as this aircraft moved out of view into the cloud bank to the southeast -- I spotted what I thought was another aircraft spewing out a persistent contrail moving from the southeast toward me taking a NW heading. The contrail behind this apparent aircraft was broad but fairly thin as compared with the other one just formed and seemed to be on an upward incline.
What I saw in front of this persistent contrail appeared to be oblong but had no distinct shape, no glints from the sun and looked more dusky pink than white or silver. I watched this object intently through my binoculars noting that the persistent contrail "cut out" on occasion leaving a blank space a couple of times in the clear blue sky.
I kept thinking that it would "clarify" as it got closer. This one was higher by 10,000 feet but I had seen other aircraft that morning in the same area which were very distinguishable and identifiable.
As this object was to the ESE moving within range for identification, its contrail stopped and started repeatedly.
This particular contrail had to be many miles in length with breaks.
Suddenly, while I had the object and part of the persistent contrail in sight with my binoculars -- the object or aircraft inexplicably disappeared-- blinked out totally not to return.
This was mind-blowing enough to absorb -- but what was really beyond my ability to explain with either a prosaic or exotic explanation was the fact that the entire persistent contrail "blinked out" along with the craft. I am sorry to say that I was not taking a video or photos at the time.
I searched the clear blue sky for a possible reappearance of the strange object or aircraft and saw nothing but the slowly spreading previously laid contrail to my right and clear blue sky where the object and its not-so-persistent contrail had been.
While I have seen various "camouflaging" effects of aircraft creating persistent contrails and the contrail related "haze" -- white aircraft becoming darker in different lighting conditions, aircraft moving through a thin haze becoming white then blue and back again, even contrail shadows bouncing in front of aircraft.
Although I have not witnessed the complete disappearance of an aircraft/object with its persistent contrail since--I have witnessed a very long persistent contrail across a clear southern sky no longer there having looked away for only a few seconds.
I have two questions for cosideration:
1) How is active camouflage technology applied to persistent contrails to make them disappear simultaneously with the "aircraft"?
2) What purpose would it serve to be visible then suddenly become invisible during a PC run (in supposedly non-combat, non-experimental situations)? From whom are they hiding?
If one takes into consideration that some rather odd-shaped "aircraft" (eg. oval, teardrop, spherical) might themselves be creating persistent contrails (see -- then the reports of anomalous objects appearing in front of persistent contrails would certainly provide an explanation for disappearing "aircraft" and their persistent contrails... and also provide a reason for the necessity of military aircraft or extraterrestrial craft to suddenly camouflage themselves in the open skies.

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