Comment On Chris Dunn's Brilliant Discovery
From Stephen Mehler
We have great reason to celebrate and be joyful. While everyone else has been moaning and making jokes about the Fox-National Geo special, Chris Dunn has made one of the greatest discoveries in the Great Pyramid ever found.
As we revealed on the Jeff Rense show, there is indeed evidence of a vertical shaft going down in the small chamber behind Gantenbrink's slab. Chris has a digital video capture of the TV image that shows a small dark area on the left hand side on the floor which definitely appears to be a hole and shaft going down. Chris is preparing a press release and statement with enhanced visual images and diagrams to be released to the world that should be on everyone's Web site.
I, for one, am honored and proud to be a friend and colleague of Christopher Dunn. Without any degrees in the sciences, he has consistently proven himself to be one of the worlds great scientists in the last 100 years, without a doubt. I propose that a whole new discipline has been introduced by Chris, Archaeo-engineering!! From an engineering perspective, Chris has made of the greatest archaeological finds in the history of the Great Pyramid!!
Dr. John DeSalvo, one of your Research Directors has brought great recognition and honor to the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association and we are all better people for knowing Chris and having him on the planet at this time with us!!
Did you see the great images shot of the sub chamber by the TV crew? I nearly fell of my couch in joy at seeing that--what those idiots called "an unfinished chamber" clearly showed massive erosion patterns!
Respectfully submitted,

Vertical Shaft
Chris Dunn

Screen capture from live broadcast

Computer recreation of Beyond the Door
Color enhance for visual clarity
Applying Filters
Construction lines overlaid to verify geometry of Vertical Shaft


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