The Smallpox Vaccine And HHV-6
By Charles Ortleb

On September 24th, The Boston Globe reported that 20,000 health care workers will receive the smallpox vaccine. Michael Kranish wrote that "Doctors, nurses, and others who receive the smallpox vaccine might need a three week furlough because, in rare cases, the vaccination could spread sickness, the plan says. Under the draft plan, the vaccine would be given on a voluntary basis to health workers in emergency rooms or ambulances and specialists in skin disease. The main risk of the vaccination is that a small number of people who receive it could have severe side effects or, in 1 in a million cases, die from the dosage."
Actually, the number of health workers who suffer adverse side effects could be far worse because the Centers for Disease Control has yet to level with the American public about a massive epidemic of immune dysfunction associated with a virus called Human Herpes Virus 6. This major epidemic has been hidden behind the euphemism of "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome." The dirty little secret that threatens the health of every American, especially health workers, is that HHV-6 is widespread in the population (especially nurses) and it links AIDS with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It's a link nobody wants to talk about, especially the AIDS establishment that has convinced most people that HIV is the key to AIDS. HHV-6 is capable of doing everything HIV supposedly does and most people who have active HHV-6 infections--including thousands of health workers--are unaware that they may be living with immune systems that it has compromised. Ignorance about HHV-6 may turn the smallpox vaccination program into a major public health disaster. Class action litigators should take note of what could be called "HHV-6gate."
"HHV-6gate" is a term I use for the unfortunate combination of mistakes, cover-ups and outright lies about the HHV-6 linked epidemic of AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I say "epidemic" rather than "epidemics" because the evidence that they are part of the same epidemic and linked (that is, probably caused) by the same virus (HHV-6) is overwhelming. Before any nurse or doctor receives the smallpox vaccine, they need to review the literature linking AIDS to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and HHV-6. Only then can they make an informed decision about whether to receive the smallpox vaccine.
While most doctors and nurses may be aware of their so-called HIV status, not many are fully aware of their HHV-6 status--and many have serious active infections. Thanks to the CDC's unwillingness to admit the obvious, that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also more aptly known as "Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome") is at best a mild form of immune dysfunction and at worst a major part of the AIDS epidemic, many health workers will receive an unwelcome surprise when they receive their smallpox vaccinations. They will personally suffer the consequences of a virtual cover-up of the HHV-6 epidemic in America. Studies (do a Google search) have suggested health workers are among the hardest hit groups by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which has been linked to HHV-6.
One of the hallmarks of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and HHV-6 infection is the loss of natural killer cell function (an important frontline defense of the immune system) which also happens in AIDS. Health workers should certainly check to see if their natural killer cells are in working order as a way of telling if they have a mild form of immune dysfunction that could effect the outcome of their smallpox vaccination. Kranish reported that the smallpox vaccine "can cause the death of patients with weakened immune systems." Just because a health worker tests negative for HIV doesn't mean that they don't have an HHV-6-weakened immune system.
The Centers for Disease Control has been playing games with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for almost 20 years. My conclusion from studying the politics and science of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the last fifteen years is that they don't want to admit that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is part of the AIDS epidemic and that both are caused by HHV-6. Health workers who are about to be vaccinated without knowing the truth about HHV-6 had better pray that I'm wrong. And if I'm right, they'd better call their Congressperson and find a good class action attorney.
Charles Ortleb was one of the first publishers to cover the AIDS epidemic. His most recent book, "The Closing Argument," is a novella about the politics of HHV-6, AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The book can be found at


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