The Overthrow Of The American
Republic - Part 17
By Sherman H. Skolnick

White House and network reporters as well as U.S.-based foreign journalists are using national security leaks to pursue proposed stories about George W. Bush's reputed relationship with a male sex-mate since his college days up to now. So contends the Federal  Bureau of Investigation, in a Justice Department request to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act secret court that met in sound-proof facilities in the Justice Department Building, Washington, D.C.
The Bush reputed male sex-mate details have enabled Red China, perceived by some as a sworn enemy of the U.S., and others reportedly to blackmail or otherwise unlawfully compromise the current occupant and resident of the White House, causing the disclosure of U.S. industrial, financial, and military secrets. Various reporters, including those of British Broadcasting Company, BBC, and Canadian Broadcasting Company, CBC, have, on their own, verified and corroborated the exclusive stories by this reporter as to the Bush relationship causing a breach itself by Bush of national security.
The FBI/Justice requests to the secret court acting as a type of U.S. District Court under FISA, included:
[1] that the FBI/Justice Department be empowered and authorized to use all means necessary to surveil the reporters, foreign and domestic, working on the story;
[2] that the FBI/Justice Department be authorized and empowered as to the War Powers, or similar provisions, to forcibly or otherwise stop the publishing and electronic transmission of any stories or pictures relating to George W. Bush in a Skull & Bones Society satanic ritual coffin engaging in homosexual acts with his reputed male sex-mate.
The controller of satellites, the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office, NRO, to be ordered to block and obstruct all satellite transmissions of related news and pictures and graphics.
[3] That the FBI/Justice Department be authorized and empowered to block by forcible and other means any print or electronic news dissemination mentioning of the photo editor, Robert Stevens, of American Media, Inc., Boca Raton, Florida; of Stevens having been murdered by anthrax-by-mail, on or about September, 2001, through the aid, complicity, and connivance of U.S. Government civil/military covert operatives. And any mentioning or dissemination by news and other outlets, that the FBI by closing down the American Media, Inc. headquarters up to date, was thus blocking retrieval of reported pictures and supporting authentication as to George W. Bush in a coffin engaging as a proposed new member of the Skull & Bones Society, in a satanic ritual, in homosexual acts with his reputed male sex-mate who has numerous times visited Bush since that time; such rituals having been conducted at a building called "The Tomb", at Yale University.
[4] That the FBI/Justice Department be authorized and empowered to block phone, wire and wireless data, and other transmissions including microwave, between U.S.-based foreign journalists and their out-of-U.S. offices. And to block and obstruct, by means not disclosed to persons involved, of phone calls, data transmissions, and such, from such out-of-U.S. offices into the U.S. And to block phone calls, data transmission, and such, from outside the U.S. to U.S. phones and instruments used by reputed sources of data as to the Bush male sex-mate stories and pictures and authentications, and their national security implications.
[5] That the FBI/Justice Department, without such authorizations to be disclosed, to be authorized and empowered to shut down websites and other computer-linked and computer-generated means, used to disseminate such stories and exchanges of data, pictures, and graphics.
The secret court, as a form of U.S. District Court, under FISA, granted such requests by the FBI/Justice Department. The orders of the secret court went into effect on September 9 and 10, 2002. Thereafter, however, their Court orders were in part affirmed and in part reversed and/or vacated, by the secret Appeals Court provided for under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The secret Appeals Court meets in sound-proof facilities in Baltimore, Maryland and their appeals decision was not publicly disclosed.
Who says there is no secret political police, no Gestapo, in the United States?
More coming....
Stay tuned.


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