Horowitz Agrees With Leahy:
'West Nile Probable Bioattack' News Release No.44-DIA/4
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SANDPOINT, ID -- Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has called for an investigation into the possibility that recent West Nile Virus outbreaks were initiated by bioterrorists. Suspects include Iraqi terrorists who apparently received their initial stocks of the West Nile Virus from the United States, according to public health officials, as recorded in the Congressional Record.
Among experts providing Congressional testimony in support of Sen. Leahy's thesis is, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Harvard graduate and independent investigator whose thirteenth book, Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare, predated the 9-11 attacks by three months. The book focuses on the West Nile Virus as part of a biological weapons arsenal shipped to Iraq during the 1980s.
Dr. Horowitz testified before the Government Reform Committee on Capitol Hill on April 18 of this year regarding evidence he compiled showing that vaccine makers for the West Nile Virus and anthrax were suspects in the outbreaks and mailings. Supportive evidence includes records from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, submitted to Congress, showing that a pharmaceutical industry and bioweapons supplier - the American Type Culture Collection in Maryland - shipped Iraqi laboratories more than nineteen shipments of anthrax and two containers of the West Nile Virus, during the 1980s. Dr. Horowitz believes that the recent outbreaks and anthrax mailings, including the ones to Senators Leahy and Majority Leader Tom Dashle, are part of a "fear-rousing bioterrorist agenda" solely benefiting a consortium of mostly foreign-owned vaccine, drug, and chemical companies historically linked to such activities.
"An excellent example," Dr. Horowitz said, "is the Michigan-based Bioport company. This infamous producer of America's anthrax vaccine, vigorously sanctioned in the past by Congress and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their untrustworthyness, is directed by a wealthy Saudi industrialist with purported ties to the bin Laden family or their investments." Bioport's operating plans were discovered by American forces when they took control of an Osama bin Laden encampment in Afghanistan.
News reports about West Nile Virus (WNV) spreading across America have also missed obvious links to the global biological weapons trade. Dr. Horowitz, who urgently alerted the FBI concerning what he viewed was a "developing anthrax mailings scam" a week before it was announced in the press, shared views supportive to Senator Leahy's during an nationally televised interview on FOX News last month (See August 23rd segment at During a meeting with Senator Daschle's staff on April 17, and again the following day before the Government Reform Committee chaired by Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN), Dr. Horowitz alerted officials regarding a possible profit motive for recent epidemics, outbreaks, and anthrax attacks. His written testimony
(Available at: s_epidemic_autism.html ) reflected on Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Tommy Thompson's unprecedented half-billion dollars worth of anthrax and smallpox vaccine purchases, made shortly after the anthrax mailings. Dr. Horowitz noted with suspicion that these exact purchases fulfilled the request made by the chief anthrax vaccine developer at Bioport, Dr. Robert C. Myers, as entered into the Congressional Record in 1999. The mailings, he believes, provided the perfect "wag-the-dog" impetus for the government expenditures.
Senator Leahy referred to an October 1999 issue of The New Yorker that disclosed that the West Nile Virus arrived in New York (other reports specify Rockefeller University labs) closely following the germ,s isolation in 1937. It was shipped to New York by virologists working in northwest Uganda - precisely where the Ebola virus, known to be the world's best biological weapon, is believed to have originated.
This area of central Africa is also known as the "heart of the African AIDS belt." Classified government documents unearthed by Dr. Horowitz during a three year investigation, along with eyewitness testimonies published by the doctor, evidence this area,s use in American military medical experiments from the 1950s through the 1970s. This research, he believes, is linked to the origin of HIV/AIDS according to a scientific report published in May 2001, in the esteemed journal of Medical Hypothesis. The paper summarized the evidence compiled by Dr. Horowitz for his national best-selling book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola"Nature, Accident or Intentional? (Tetrahedron, 1998; 888-508-4787).
The man-made origin of AIDS theory was recently investigated, and rebuked, by the Congress, investigating arm, the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO). Dr. Horowitz was among a handful of experts interviewed by GAO officials during their inquiry into the possibility that HIV, or its precursor, was constructed by biological weapons contractors during a "Special Virus Cancer Program" beginning in the 1960s. Their brief report of expert testimonies, including his, dramatically differed from his recorded statements. He plans to file a legal complaint later this year.
Likewise concerned about the official suppression of truth in this area, Senator Leahy's office released excerpts from previous news and congressional committee reports saying public health officials had too hastily downplayed the possibility the spreading West Nile virus, like the anthrax mailings, might be the work of bioterrorists. The Judiciary Committee Chairman countered by saying, "In the times in which we live, questions about our vulnerabilities are unavoidable, and finding all the answers we can is more important than ever." Leahy concluded, "I have no way of knowing what the answers are, but some legitimate questions have been asked, especially before September 11 last year, and no doubt they are being asked anew by the agencies that are working on this.''
In The New Yorker article Sen. Leahy referred to, a book by an alleged Iraqi defector, was discussed. The author suggested Saddam Hussein might have developed the ATCC supplied West Nile Virus to use as a biological weapon against the United States. The article also cited the work of a Russian defector and anthrax expert, Dr. Ken Alibek, who independent investigators, including Dr. Horowitz, have urged the FBI to interrogate regarding his possible complicity in the anthrax mailings.
Besides being a contractor for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Battelle Memorial Institute, and Hadron Advanced Biosystems - a bioweapons defense contractor, Dr. Alibekov (his real name) does sophisticated anthrax work. All three entities maintain close industry ties to Bioport, and according to national news reports, the CIA and Battelle have been under suspicion in the anthrax mailings. Dr. Alibek, now President of Hadron, oversees millions of dollars in bioweapons defense and pharmaceutical industry contracts, including an $800,000 federal grant to develop anthrax protection technology. The grant was awarded at the precise time the anthrax letters were being mailed to Senators Leahy and Daschle. Both Democratic majority leaders are staunch critics of the pharmaceutical and defense industries.
Among the committee investigations Leahy criticized was that issued by the Republican minority staff of the Senate Government Affairs Committee in July 2000. It said "law enforcement, public health, and intelligence officials have investigated the possibility that West Nile virus resulted from a bioterrorist attack but believe that this is very unlikely.''
"Very unlikely? Hogwash!" Dr. Horowitz returned. "This possibility best explains the mountain of advancing evidence in both the anthrax mailings and sudden emergence of the West Nile Virus." The award winning public health authority believes Senator Leahy,s concerns are extremely valid and politically urgent. "I applaud the senator for working to protect the public,s health, not lull legislators and people to sleep with baseless assertions that deflect critical analysis away from where it should be - on the military - pharmaceutical complex that supplied Saddam Hussein with his bioweapons."
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