Harvard's Alan Dershowitz
Promotes Torture

Dear all,
Today, 9-24-02, MSNBC allowed Alan Dershowitz to promote his book on why terror works.
The first question posed to him was "Why do they hate us?" to which Dershowitz stated:
"They hate us because we are Christians, because we are Jews & because we are not Muslims".
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Letter 1
I just changed turned off my TV set after feeling sickened by Alan Dershowitz's comments endorsing torture in America. "Using sterile needles under the finger nails to get people to talk - as long as it is done legally"
Since Early 2001 he has been described as a supporter of torture and collective punishment and an alleged 'civil libertarian.'
Alan Dershowitz endorses every murderous Israeli policy, regardless of international law, human rights, American values and American interests. His integrity is no better than that of war criminals. As an 'intellectual' however he knows how to manipulate the media to present his fascist views so eloquently. I am shocked that MSNBC continues to give this American Traitor Air Time. Isn't the damage he has done to the integrity of American Journalism through the Boston Herald & Washington Times enough? Don't put this guy back on please.
Letter 2
Alan Dershowitz is a long time friend of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. While Pollard was in prison he spoke to him every day. Both of these are men who have betrayed America and gotten away with it. Pollard endangered lives of American intelligence agents, cost America dearly, and compromised American National Security particularly with the Soviet Union at a very critical time in history (the cold war was not a joke) and with China. Dershowitz has betrayed America by putting Israeli interests first and completely disregarding what is best for America. Dershowitz pressured the American Government (in his eloquent way) into releasing Pollard.
When the Monica Lewinsky scandal was at its prime the White House became aware of information that Israeli intelligence had tapes of phone calls which could be damaging to the ex president. Dershowitz prepared a letter to the White House asking for a meeting and visits to the white house by members of the Jewish community such as Elie Wiesel, World Jewish Congress President Edgar Bronfman and himself. Steinberg, executive director of the World Jewish Congress, said. "Our hope is that the president, more than anyone else, knows the value of mercy," Steinberg said, referring to the Monica Lewinsky affair. "What Jonathan Pollard did was utterly contemptible, but this delegation will appeal for his release on strictly humanitarian grounds, essentially asking only for mercy," Steinberg said. How quick we forget Dershowitz's role in the Lewinsky affair. Blackmailing the President of the USA to get an Israeli spy out? The fact that this American traitor is allowed to promote his book on MSNBC disgusts me. The idea that given his fascist background he is allowed to present his thoughts on fighting terrorism scares me.
Letter 3
On MSNBC today Alan Dershowitz states, "They hate us because we are Christians, because we are Jews & because we are not Muslims".
This man is a well-known supporter of apartheid in Israel, he is a Zionist, and he makes factually incorrect statements without so much as being questioned by your anchor. Eric Alterman on March 28 2002 on your own MSNBC labeled him as a "columnist and commentator who can be counted upon to support Israel reflexively and without qualification"
Muslim reverence of Jesus and Moses and all the Prophets of the book is well known. Tolerance in Islam is a well-documented subject and it is very clear that there is no compulsion in religion. The Jewish and Christian civilizations prospered under the Islamic Nation and took part in the advancements of arts, science & medicine along side Muslims. Muslims consider them as people of the book. Alan Dershowitz is a known fascist he is promoting hatred distrust and enmity towards Muslims and American citizens based on their religion and ethnicity. Alan Dershowitz does not represent the principles America stands for. Why is MSNBC helping Dershowitz promote hatred?
Letter 4
Alan Dershowitz is an extremist who has used the tragic loss of life of September 11th to promote hatred against Muslims. He has wasted no opportunity to be nasty to a people resisting Israel knowing full well that it is in violation of United Nations Resolutions, International Conventions, and in violation of basic human rights. His fascist views have him waging a hate campaign against fellow citizens of Arab descent and he has constantly put his fascists interests at the cost of American interests. Dershowitz and his gang of 'Israeli firsters' have intimidated politicians, squashed dissenting voices, and they have certainly degraded the profession of journalism in America.
Letter 5
Dershowitz's agenda to promote Zionism regardless of how it hurts America is taking its toll. This time he is using the guise of America's War on Terror to justify Israeli genocide & war crimes. The fact that MSNBC continually allows this hard core Israel 'Firster' whose tainted journalism is obviously coordinated with the Israeli Lobby to promote his hatred against American Muslims and those of Arab descent undermines the very values of our media here in America at the least. Where is the balance in MSNBC's report? Where is the counter view?
The Israeli Lobby, and fascists like Dershowitz undermine our democracy and diminish the very value of basic liberties.
===== Ibrahim S. Koshy


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