Pre-Emptive Self Defense -
Just Don't Call It War

By Edgar J. Steele

Gonna kick Saddam's butt. Gonna root out terrorists. Gonna make the world safe for democracy.
Whoa, you say. Starting a war is illegal under both the UN Charter and the US Constitution? No problem. We just call it self defense! Yeah, that's it! We're just defending ourselves. Don't need to bother with them pesky congresscritters, either. Thus has evolved George Bush's newfound doctrine of self defense by pre-emptive strikes upon Iraq. War, it used to be called. But, America does not initiate war, by definition, so it must be something else, of course.
This is the latest Orwellian doubletalk coming from Washington. Conjures up images of the playing cards painting the Queen's roses red.
Excuse me while I take a couple of aspirin and lay down for a while. Maybe this headache will just go away. On the other hand, maybe what we're having is a brain aneurism. A nationwide head case is what we've become. Just ask almost any European.
Bush and Blair, the current sock puppets for Greater Israel's NWO hegemonic ambitions, leaders of the free world and protectors of democracy, claim to have the goods on Saddam. As with Osama, though, the goods are not for our eyes. In fact, Blair urges, merely having established a connection between Osama and Saddam should be enough. No, we can't be trusted with the proof of that, either, of course.
Every time I become self-righteously indignant because these guys actually expect us to believe this tripe, I am stunned anew by the realization that, apparently, most Americans actually do believe it! Hope springs eternal, but I fear that P.T. Barnum was right.
It's tough being among the awake in the early hours. Actually, these aren't really the early hours, anymore. While more and more are tumbling to what's going on, it doesn't seem to be nearly fast enough to save the Union. Increasingly, I doubt the worth of saving it, anyway.
If George Washington and Thomas Jefferson suddenly were brought to life today, I like to think they would buy a bazooka and a road map to Washington, DC. Throw in a red '61 Cadillac convertible and you've got a toga road trip to make Hunter S. Thompson proud! Now, there is reality TV that I might actually watch.
Bush says we should invade Iraq because it has violated 16 UN Security Council Resolutions. But, not a peep about over a hundred resolutions being ignored by Israel, of course, or America, for that matter. Then he says the UN will be irrelevant if it doesn't sign on to our war against Israel's enemies. More of that "If'n you ain't with us, you be agin us" business.
Will we be strafing the UN building next?
Put it back in your pants, George. ___
"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth." - Morpheus
Copyright © Edgar J. Steele, 2002


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