Mass Chemtrail Spraying Over Spokane
From Thomas Bry
9-23-2 saw the satelite pic of the Spokane spraying on 9/21. I am in Northern Idaho, very close to Spokane (the 2nd county down from the BC Canada border)...very close.
I was driving across the long bridge that crosses our huge lake here, on my way to a see a client. Heading south, I looked to the left over the mountains that form the Montana border with Idaho (east), and saw a plane making a chemtrail...and I saw others to the south (ahead of me) and to the west. There were tons of them...and they were spreading trails - and ruining - an otherwise perfect fall day.
Then I looked back to the plane on the Montana border, and to my amazement it did a sharp almost U-turn. Tell me that a jetliner does THAT. Further, I KNOW that we have NO major commercial major jet traffic over this area. No way.
I have been aware of the chemtrails for some time now, and had seen a pretty long break in the frequency of spraying here lately. I immediately called my mom, who lives in the area as well, by cell phone. She is also aware of them and had noticed them as well that day.
I am not sure you know that Fairchild AFB is just west of Spokane. Known as one of the biggest air refueling bases in the US. Anyway...I am sending this as confirmation of that Spokane spraying report. Thanks for a GREAT site, and show.


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