ISS Photo Of Chemtrails Over France
Rick Kruer

Chemtrails photo from Space taken from International Space Station!
I found this Chemtrails photo on the NASA Earthweb site, but was blocked from downloading a Hires version until I got special permission from NASA. I thought NASA was owned by the American taxpayers?
Small photo is attached - for LARGE version:
Earthweb wrote:
From Earthweb Tue Sep 10 14:29:43 2002
From: Earthweb
To: "'Rick Kruer []'"
Subject: RE: request hires large digital image
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 16:29:43 -0500
Thank you for your message. Currently free download access to digital astronaut photography of Earth for non-scientific, personal use is limited to low-resolution images on the web. NASA is considering ways to provide this service directly on a fee basis. Because of your obvious educational uses, we will make the image available for you on our FTP site at, and the image will be available there for two weeks.
The filename of your image is:
07/11/2002 06:49AM 1,524,905
For more information regarding the conditions for using our imagery, please visit the following link:
Thank you for your interest in astronaut photography of Earth!
The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth
NASA Johnson Space Center
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From: Rick Kruer [] []
Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 4:26 AM
To: Earthweb
Subject: request hires large digital image
I am interested in printing a poster size photograph at the best resolution possible for my elementary school science discussion on weather and strange cloud formations.
please tell me the URL for this photo:
Large image
ISS004-E-11807.JPG 152490530322064 No No Public Affairs
Office (PAO)
Download access to high-resolution (large size) versions of digital
imagery has been suspended while NASA evaluates the public, scientific,
and commercial value of this service. For high-resolution digital
images, questions or comments, please contact Tell us what your application is!
From Tony Kimball
Your correspondent writes: "I thought NASA was owned by the American taxpayers?"
I think it should be clear that, in practice, NASA (or rather, the federal government, of which it is a part) owns the taxpayers, not vice versa. Taxes and, in this example, fees, are just part of the mechanism whereby the Feds promote labor and economic activity, in order to benefit the true owners of the federal government, the treasury bond holders and the investment banks which hold shares in the Federal Reserve system.
In practice, most adults in the U.S. labor at least 5 months of the year in service of the Federal system. To the degree to which you serve another involuntarily, you are to that degree enslaved. Your great-grandparents were free. Your grandparents were 90% free. Your parents were 75% free. You are 55% free. Your children will be 30% free, and your grandchildren will be wholly owned chattel, to be destroyed if inconvenient. The pattern is persistent and indisputable, and it's future path all too predictable.
A. Kimball
From Swan 9-20-2
Dear Jeff,
The area pictured by the ISS is the Rhone Alps area. The lake you see at the top is the Geneva Lake (Western part of Switzerland, which is where I live). The con/chemtrails on this snapshot seem to concentrate over the town of Lyon, one of the most populated urban area of France.
I would guess that this picture was taken in mid spring, taking into consideration the amount of snow still covering the Alps (that you see on the right hand side).
It would be interesting to know exactly when this picture was taken or if any other would show that kind of pattern again in that region, in the light of the unusual storms which have recently flooded three french departments which lay directly south of the area shown by the ISS picture.
The storms broke out in the evening, on september 8th, 2002. In 24 hours, the heavy clouds have poured as much water on this region as Paris would normally get in one full year. The floods killed over 20 people and caused several millions euros worth of damages.
I am personaly getting increasingly curious about the reasons why so many flooding occured this summer in Europe. For some reasons, I keep on thinking back at the cartoon of Mickey Mouse in Fantasia.
Go figure why.


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