Skolnick -
The Blackmail Business - Pt 1

By Sherman H. Skolnick

What really makes the world go round? What is the key factor in foreign relations? What is the important consideration for the aristocracy in deciding who, if anyone, is to run for high office? What is it that the liars and whores of the press do not like to publicly discuss?
If you are that rare person, an independent thinker, somehow not already brainwashed, you guessed it! The Blackmail Business. A potential candidate for high position must first of all, be blackmailable. So that if he or she were to ever later have an independent thought cross their mind, the Establishment, the Ruling Class, "the powers that be", whatever you call THEM, could pull on the chain and discredit and silence their chosen stooge.
One of the most significant investigative journalists of the 20th Century was George Seldes. Fortunately for those who like to read his works, Seldes lived to be over 100 years old. One of his books, originally out in 1935, was "Sawdust Caesar---The Untold Story of Mussolini and Fascism", at a time when, unlike now, there were numerous more independent book publishers.
In telling about the iron fist way of ruling, Seldes told how the New York Times printed monstrous lies by way of promoting and whitewashing Mussolini, dictator of Italy. Joining with the New York Times in sanitizing Mussolini, called "Il Duce", was British Intelligence, according to Seldes. Because Seldes exposed this major U.S. newspaper, the New York Times vowed to never mention him in their publication.
[On a lesser level, the Chicago Tribune vows never to mention me anymore. Why? The Tribune is angered how I finger their criminaltiy, going all the way back to Al Capone. "Scar Face" in 1930 was hired by the Tribune as a supposed "labor consultant", to terrorize Tribune workers on strike. Likewise in 1986, the Tribune used mafia goons, with attack dogs, to rip the workers away from their machines in a looming strike. We were about the only ones daring to mention this. Scroll down our website for a related story about the Tribune.]
[Our weekly non-commercial public access Cable TV program at times out-pulls the Tribune's Channel 9, WGN-TV, causing them to lose ad-bucks. Also the Tribune got plenty sore when our tv program spotlighted their highest paid columnist, John Kass, as a reputed blackmailer in with the Mob, similar to the Tribune's Mob-linked star reporter, Jake Lingle, who was blown away about 1930.]
In his book mentioning his early years, George Seldes tells how he worked for a newspaper. His editor ordered him to go and dig up a scandal on a local department store. In coming back to the office, Seldes was ordered by the editor to type up two carbon copies of his story. He found out later that the newspaper advertising manager took one of those carbon copies and visited the bosses of the store. Seldes' proposed story was used to strong-arm a lucrative advertising contract out of the store owners. Of course, Seldes' factual story, scandalizing the store, was never published.
[Incident mentioned in "Tell the Truth and Run" by George Seldes. His life's work he detailed in "Witness to a Century---Encounters With the Noted, the Notorious, and the Three Sobs" was written when Seldes was just short of 100 years old.]
Some years ago, NBC Television network's outlet in Chicago, Channel 5, WMAQ-TV, was sore that Sears Roebuck & Co. changed their advertising policy. Headquartered in Chicago, Sears decided to cut back on TV ads and do more print ads. To motivate Sears to resume television ads, Channel 5's so-called "investigative team" put together a series on the tube. They showed that Sears reportedly used their security personnel to mistreat people, many apparently Afro-American. Sears got the message. They resumed tv ads on Channel 5.
Likewise, Wal-Mart had a policy to use few, if any, television commercials. One of the television networks set about to correct this. The electronic blackmailers told a little bit, not too much, how Wal-Mart strangles and destroys local business. And how in one part of the nation, some local people started a campaign against Wal-Mart. The discount monster, headquartered in Arkansas and reportedly started with Rockefeller secret funding, and relying on cheap if not slave labor from Red China, relented and began some tv ads.
[Numerous related details in our website series "Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police".]
Starting long before Internet became popular, and the advent of public access Cable TV, we used a group of phones to play a recorded message of our work. A food store chain in the Chicago-area has been "Dominick's Finer Foods", originally owned reportedly by Cleveland-based mobsters. We interviewed a close relative of the family members who then owned the food chain. On tape, he told how CBS's Chicago outlet, Channel 2, WBBM-TV, blackmailed them to force them to sign a highly profitable advertising contract.
Channel 2's so-called "reporters" in one outlet of the then 68-store Dominick's chain, found one package of mis-labeled meat. On their evening news, Channel 2 trumpeted this as if they had uncovered a massive fraud. They even told how they reported this to the U.S. Attorney in Chicago (not mentioning that office is most always headed by a highly-politicized, most always corrupt office holder fingering weaklings not major corporate criminals).
On tape, we confronted the head of CBS's Broadcast Division. He alleged he would look into this situation of one package of ground meat erroneously labeled. He was angered when I mentioned that shaking down stores for advertising contracts is a long-time historical policy in the mass media. He told me he is not going to inquire into any historical policy of the press.
Like the Chicago Tribune, CBS Network and their local outlet in Chicago, put me on their s--t list. For example, in 2001 was published a book detailing how I as head of our investigation and research group opened up the biggest judicial bribery scandal in U.S. history, causing the downfall of Illinois' highest tribunal, the Illinois Supreme Court. "Illinois Justice" by Kenneth Manaster.
Notice how CBS reacted. They were figuring maybe to run a few minutes locally and/or on the network about the book. On the cover of the book is a picture of me talking to John Paul Stevens, a lawyer appointed at the time of the 1969 scandal to present my charges to a special state commission. He became thereby famous and ended up as where he is at the time of this writing, Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. He wrote a forward in the book, saying something good about me, a rare thing for a member of the judiciary to do about a judge-buster like me.
CBS more or less wanted me to agree to have them cut me off the picture. Nowadays, they remove someone from a picture almost completely untraceable, by a digital process, not as crude as taking a scissors and chopping me out. Of course, I could not agree to such.
Then there is the outfit some call Canned Noodles News, stale squishy stuff, CNN. They like to somehow persuade the War-Mongering Department to give CNN some exclusive role in covering a war-like situation. With the escalating war-talk about invading Iraq, CNN reportedly wanted to influence the Pentagon and the White House. But how?
So, early in September, 2002, CNN repeatedly announced for hours and hours, that they were going to present that night, a documentary by Connie Chung. They said the subject was going to be the role of the Bush Family in the Skull and Bones Secret Society. CNN advertised that just about the time of my exclusive stories about how George W. Bush was being blackmailed by certain doings by him, part of homosexual satantic rituals, part of the way members are initiated in Skull and Bones in their window-less building, called The Tomb, on the campus of Yale University.
The CNN program never went on the air. It apparently was cancelled. A question remains, of course, whether the mere mention of such a controversial phantom program was to extract and strong-arm some exclusive favors for CNN out of the Bush Family War Department. [In the Illinois legislature, it is long-known they introduce phantom legislation, called "Fetcher Bills", designed to extract blackmail money by threatening to proceed to pass such laws damaging some industry or commercial group.]
[Visit our website series, "The Overthrow of the American Republic" particularly parts 14 through 17 inclusive.]
There certainly are other examples of media blackmailing. Also,visit our website story "Buying A Media Job". And "Liars and Whores of the Press", how some reporters are pushed to the top for covering up political assassinations, a form of blackmail.
Threatening to run a television program to dirty up someone of high position, some stooge of the aristocracy like George W. Bush, is just another way of using a carbon copy of a typed up story scandalizing a Department Store. George Seldes, as mentioned, learned about this rotten procedure early in his journalistic career.
Over the years some radio stations had a group of good-hearted volunteers who answered and wrote down consumer complaints during certain hours of the day. Such as grievances that certain stores refused to properly give refunds for defective goods. Such as certain businesses and stores charging much more than the already advertised price of certain items. Such as complaints about shoddy merchandise not remedied by certain merchants.
The volunteers in good faith made notes of the incoming consumer complaints and turned them over, as they were instructed, to certain key employees of the radio station. Here is what we found out later from some of the volunteers who began quietly inquiring what was happening with the consumer complaints. Some advertising sales people at the radio stations used the complaint data to urge various businesses to clean up their images by contracting with the radio stations to run one minute commercials, at about two hundred dollars per minute for each time the ad ran on the air. Those who did not buy ads were given an implicit warning that the station may run a series on consumer complaints, which, of course, never ran.
No one in government authority was interested in what some of the volunteers compiled. Namely, the volunteers were misused to shakedown certain merchants to get radio advertising by the radio stations threatening to scandalize such businesses.
More coming.
Stay tuned.


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