Feds Open 'Total' Tech
Spy System On US Citizens
From Steve Meyers


1) "Under the Combating Terrorism Act, prosecutors could authorize surveillance for 48-hour periods *without a judge's approval.*

Warrantless surveillance appears to be limited to:

a)  the addresses of websites your visited,

b) the names and addresses of your e-mail correspondents, and so on

The legislation would cover URLs, which include information such as:

c) what Web pages you're visiting and

d) what terms you type in when visiting search engines."

(source article,2100,54342,00.html )

2) "Senate OK's FBI Net Spying" 'FBI agents soon may be able to spy on Internet users legally without a court order.'

(source article,1283,46852,00.html )

3)  Constitution of the United States of America - Supreme Law of the Land:

Article [IV.] "The right of the people to be secure in their persons,

houses, papers, and effects, **against unreasonable searches and seizures,

shall not be violated** and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause,

supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to

be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."


1) The present government (Congress, Judiciary, President) is out-of-control....totally. They are violating Law; are ignoring the Law; are violating their Oath of Office, they are committing treason against the American People - The Sovereigns.

2) The intended 'check's and balances' on our system of government are NOT working.

- the three branches of government (blackmailed / bribed)

- the media (corporate owned - disinformation, misinformation, non-information)

- fully informed jury (destroyed; obscured)

- principles and maxims of Common Law ("Show me the damaged party...")

- state (sovereign) Citizenship (destroyed; obscured) 

- Right to Privacy (Article 4) - ignored and 'technologically' destroyed; systemic malfeasance

'Malfeasance': 1) Illegal or unethical conduct; wrongdoing beyond simple negligence, especially on the part of governmental officials.  2) Failure to perform, or complete neglect of, a required legal or contractual duty. 3) Negligence, incompetence, or the improper performance of a legal act.

3) There appears to have been a "silent-coup" - from the deliberate set-up, enticement, entrapment and subsequent blackmailing of key US government officials. 

(see: Senator John DeCamp's "The Franklin Cover-up" and "Transformation of America")

Franklin Cover-up "...a minefield of information that cannot and must not be ignored."

also Google search on: "Trance-Formation of America"

4) Our Constitution - the system of checks and balances are being ignored...not only by all branches of the government (individuals who swore an Oath of Office to defend and uphold the Constitution and Rights Of The People) and they have individually and collectively violated that sacred oath.  i.e. 'treason'

5) More importantly - the American Public themselves have been traumatized, numbed-out, or dumbed down - (TV/flouride/chemtrails/?) into a state of sheer apathy, powerlessness and/or forgetfullness.

Very dangerous.

How ironic: visit

(Declaration of Independence) at the House of Representatives website - and 'see for yourself.'

How many American Citizen's see...much less care....about what's happening before our eyes? Or what this is leading to for our Children and future generations.

Steve Meyers


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